Guest blogger here

Hello everyone this is V’s wife. I thought i would join the party to help give ideas to V.

Well there is the cat – not the outside cat but the black cat. The outside cat has come back just so you know, Food seems to be a good way to forgive and forget…seems like some people I know. Anywho, inside cat is high strung if V hasn’t mentioned that in the past. She jumps at anything new. Not jump at it but jump from it…straight up in the air usually or the cat slink. Either one quite fun to watch

Then there is me…always working or making V join some other crazy new hobby. Ikebana is the newest and V is fantastic at it. She wouldn’t tell you that but she is. I may sign us up for blacksmithing…could be fun, I like fire. Well not in the kitchen where most of my fires seem to happen when I try and cook. Good thing I learned to put out ceramic fires when I did sculpture so it comes in handy — have a lot of salt around….just saying.

I work a lot so does V. My time is often at home prepping for class. I teach a lot of classes from science to art so I’m constantly refining. V gets to be home some Friday which makes the weekend nice and long. When we are in the same room its kinda like a project is being done. Now I’m not the best office mate…I make a lot of noise and often it startles V and the cat…both jump up…makes me laugh but doesn’t help sharing an office ’cause I get the hairy eyeball from both of them.

We we had a great weekend…we were in LA hanging with all the in crowds…class, museum, dinner and concert. Today just hanging. Anywho I better give up the reins and let V finish her blogs. Thanks for letting me play.

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