Saturday we went to Ikebana and stopped for lunch before class.  We stopped at a place called Falafel King.  Lori had falafel and I had chicken shawarma. I even checked the rating (A) when we walked in the door.

Well by the time we were in our concert that night, about 8 hours later, my intestines were not happy.  I didn’t know what was going on, just that I was in pain and since I have never had a bladder infection thought that might be what was going on.

Sunday I woke up with incredible crampy pain in my belly. I took the first of several doses of probiotics that we happened to have in the fridge. I reposed every four hours throughout the day. So a day of being completely uncomfortable. No so much that I didn’t get the laundry, bedding and house vacuumed.

So we are guessing i got a touch of Salmonella on Saturday. Everything we ate on Friday and Saturday were pretty identical except except for our choices at lunch on Saturday.

Today I’m still taking the probiotics, but managed to go buy a turkey and wash both of the cars before work. I also made it to work even though two employees were sick. These two often suffer from “one-too-many-itis” on Mondays however.

More probiotics and off to bed. Lots going on this week and I’m gonna need my strength.

One Response to “Salmonella”

  1. salpal1 Says:

    Hope you feel better! I used to work with a lady who named a special disease suffered by some of our co-workers “Fri-Mon’s Disease”: they were allergic to Fridays and Mondays. 🙂

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