Thanksgiving Prep

Traffic home last night was horrific.  I took the 405 without any thought to all the cars and Ubers heading toward the airport.  However I still needed to be up early today to work on Thanksgiving prep.

My goals for today were to:
Make the Wild Rice and Mushroom stuffing
Prep the Turkey for roasting
Cook and prep eggs for deviled egg appetizer
Prep Brussels Sprouts for cooking tomorrow
Prep Salad for assembly tomorrow and
Make the vegetarian mushroom gravy

Well I started by pulling out the ingredients for the stuffing as that would take the longest.  The Wild Rice has to cook twice, once on its own and once with the brown rice later.  I took this picture to start…….but there was never another picture taken, for a time in fact I couldn’t even find my phone.


I did get the stuffing done!  I found a  really good organic veggie stock called NON-Chicken stock and it added some great flavor to the stuffing.  These Shiitake and Oyster mushrooms Lori and I were on the hunt for last week and all of them went into this stuffing.

I also got the eggs cooked and the turkey prepped.  But none of the rest.  I worked for four solid hours before needing to get ready for work.

The rest I should be able to knock out in an hour tomorrow morning with Lori’s help.  Then we are loading up the electric roaster and food and heading to Irvine where the family is gathering at Vicki and Emily’s place.  We all have our food assignments and I should be able to plug-in the turkey when I get there and not have much to do until right before dinner when I cook up the brussels sprouts.  Well except visit, and eat, and enjoy the day.




2 Responses to “Thanksgiving Prep”

  1. Linda M. Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you! (the mushrooms look wonderful!!)

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