Fires and the Santa Ana Winds


IMG_3593I can’t describe just how smoky it is at work.  The fires are as close as 50 miles away and you can see and taste the smoke.

The dark band on the horizon is all smoke, there are no clouds out there.  My car was pretty covered in ask this morning at the house (25 miles further away).

There are so many structures lost already a many many more being threatened.  In a state where housing is already hard to come by every loss is devastating but especially the 60 unit apartment building lost today.

I checked in on a friend who lives closer, his in-laws had to evacuate and his car is full of belongings in case they get word in the middle of the night.

The winds are just fueling and feeding the fires.  SoCal needs some rain which is nowhere in the forecast.



One Response to “Fires and the Santa Ana Winds”

  1. Linda M. Says:

    My Aunt and Uncle lived in Santa Paula. (they are no longer living) I hear that all people in that city had to evacuate! In my mind I still see their house (they are the ones who built and sold us the dune buggy), their orange tree — and I wonder if it is still there. So very sad!

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