Ikebana #3

I was not the star pupil last weekend.  I was having trouble starting from the beginning of class and it showed during the critique when my feedback was “that is not Ikebana”  because the three elements in my arrangement were not merged but three separate sections.

Granted it wasn’t that clear.  What I have learned from Ikebana in the last three classes has been sort of my watching, listening to others critiques and by osmosis.  Some of those things include:

The three main parts we are working on in the beginning class are The Shin, the Soy and the Hakai.  The Shin, is the longest part but it is not random, the length is determined by the size of the vessel.  The Shin needs to be twice the width and twice the height of the base.  Not longer, not shorter.  Then the Soy needs to be 3/4 the length of the Shin.  The Hakai is then 3/4 the length of the Soy and they all have particular angles compared to each other.

The advanced students in the class have the same materials but were on a free style day so theirs looked much more like sculpture.

Today I made an arrangement at home.  But cut everything way down from where I was starting to get the Shin measured against the size of the vase I was using.  The rest of the flowers went into a standard vase for a “western” arrangement in the bathroom, which I didn’t bother to photograph.

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