prep for a weekend away

Here I am blogging on the airport WIFi, heading to the Bay Area to meet up with Lori. This bag doesn’t look like much but the prep to get ready for the weekend takes some effort.

A weekend away means a lot of prep work prior to ever leaving.

I worked Monday and Tuesday but before work each day there was a litany of things I needed to get done at home.

First I am still eating Whole30, but I didn’t really want to defrost any protein nor go shopping.  So there was a lot of leftovers and random meals like this.

IMG_6047The end of the peas, carrots and grapes along with compliant lunch meat.

There was laundry and packing (although its only 5 days so a small backpack is all I am bringing).

Since my darling brother will be coming by for all the CATS, and I now have no food there for him, I went to our favorite Thai restaurant and picked him up some Tofu Phad Thai and Veggie Fried Rice.

I knew I was missing Thai food being on Whole30 since January, but driving this stuff home my mouth was watering.  All is good, I put it in the fridge for my brother to re-heat while he is around this weekend.

IMG_6043What I forgot was the CSA box that would deliver Tuesday night/Wednesday morning so now my brother can eat off of those veggies as well. I got to put all that away this morning as well, time I hadn’t factored in. The bird feathers and skull on the back mat when I went out for the laundry this morning wasn’t factored into the timing either.

There was weeding to do this week. I wanted to finish filling the yard waste bin.  Taking all of the bins to the street for pick up this morning.  I also changed the litter box.  Lori clears it twice a day and I have only managed once each day since Saturday.  Usually in the middle of the day when I realize I forgot to do it.

I made new hummingbird food and cleaned out the feeders.  This has to be done every week because they start to mold hanging out there in the sun.  Since we are not back until Sunday and leave again next Friday I will have to change it again once I get home again.

This morning after the cats were fed, I packed my backpack I ran by the post office to mail a baby blanket for my niece who is due in a few weeks (oh yea, I finished the blanket yesterday as well.)  Now I am just waiting to board. And we are boarding so I will publish this and try to post as some point this weekend.

One Response to “prep for a weekend away”

  1. salpal1 Says:

    Have fun! All will be fine at home, you are all prepared. The blanket looks great, by the way!

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