endless yard work

The yard is OUT-OF-HAND.  We planted pretty sparingly a few years ago.  However all of the specimens have grown, pupped and in general taken over the entire yard.  The gravel pathway is impossible to pass as it is full of Aloes and Agaves and many other plants we are finding.


I don’t actually have a before picture.  This is from the cable exchange a couple of months ago but you can see the Jerusalem Sage, the Aoneums, the rose-bush and several of the Blue Agave’s that pupped from the one I planted.

The sage was the first thing pulled out last week.  I went off to work and Lori continued to tear things out.  All of the Aoneums are gone.  She cut them back and relocated the nice ones in a shadier are.  She also trimmed back the rose.  This weekend she worked on tearing out the Agaves and I weeded grass out of the path.

We have a long way to go, but there is a plan and the yard already feels clearer although it is a disaster.  We are piling up the yard waste and once complete anything that didn’t make it into the weekly pick up we will rent a uhaul and go to the green waste around the corner.



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