4th of July

Our fourth was spent weeding and pulling out a huge agave.  I pulled out one of the beach umbrellas to try to stay a little cooler.   Granted it was the coolest day of the week, tomorrow is looking to be 107.  Good Grief.

We are making progress and we know this is a Summer project as we eliminate and thin everything and pull the damn grass out.  We are planning to move my garden bed which will be a huge endeavor once we get that far.

Today my sit bones hurt however.  I spent 6 hours on that little grey stool and although I added a pad to it during the middle.  Just another downside of having no junk in the trunk.

The evening on the 4th was spent watching a very loud TV to try to drown out the fireworks.  I left the hose out “just in case” and when I went looking for the outside kitty the air was full of smoke and the street full of rubbish.  I am not a fan at all!  Our city allows “safe and sane” fireworks from July 1st to the 4th so hears hoping no more are going off tonight.

2 Responses to “4th of July”

  1. salpal1 Says:

    what a lot of work, and what awful heat! We aren’t anywhere near that hot, but we are at an absolute standstill with anything that involves moving. My knitting is seeing lots of love as I sit under the fan.

    Sounds like “safe and sane” need a stronger definition!

  2. Katherine Says:

    Seattle bans fireworks, I’m a block from the fire station and a half mile from the po-po, and my neighborhood was a damn war zone. So there you go.

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