Meditation Cushions


I bought these meditation cushions from a friend of my sisters.  They arrived in the mail today just before I left for work.  In the spirit of something must leave the small house if anything else is brought in……I did run to Goodwill this morning with some blankets, cloths and other items.  Guess that will have to count for now.

The goodwill run was a last-minute thing during a morning full of paint prep and a long before work list.

Lori and a her student started weeding in the front of the house just before 7 a.m.  They weeded for five hours, during which time I:

  • Ran to Lowes for a disposable putty knife for bondo
  • Stopped and washed car
  • Mixed bondo and mended posts on porch (prepping for painting)
  • Climbed up on the roof and blew off the pine needles
  • Blew the driveway and side yard into the street
  • Taped plastic to the inside of the garage door (prepping for pressure wash)
  • Ran a load of things to Goodwill
  • Made dinner to take to work and food for Lori in the fridge
  • Packed gym bag
  • Showered and got ready for work

Because I didn’t make it to the gym this morning, I am planning on going after work at 11:30.  It is an early morning tomorrow as well.  There is an oil change, sanding of the bondo from today and picking up the yard waste that is in the way for painting.

One Response to “Meditation Cushions”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Those are so pretty!

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