Disrupted Blog

So I was writing this bloIMG_1291g on Friday, it started out something, something, something about organic produce and the prices and the dirty dozen.  The only reason I even remember is this photo was still loaded in the draft.  It was about spending $3.99 on celery.  It isn’t even a fun vegetable.  Just one I buy often and part of the dirty dozen so I always try to buy organic.  It didn’t help that this was the only thing I was buying to finish a recipe.

However I didn’t save the draft because just after I started writing it the 7.1 earthquake hit 150 miles away.

I was at work, floor twelve of a high rise and alone.  At first it was fine, but when the building kept rocking and didn’t seem to stop I crawled  under my table.  My water bottle fell off my desk.  A few other things in the area fell.  The window right by me sounded like it was going to break.  I was under my table from 8:21 to 8:26, that is when the blinds stopped crashing against the window.

I know some of this was just inertia and the building slowing down, but I had the closest thing to a panic attack I’ve even had.  I emailed my co-workers in Palo Alto and let them know I was leaving.  I trucked down the 12 flights pretty darn fast.  Our elevators were not working.

Today I brought an old pair of tennis shoes to work and they are now under my desk.  Luckily it was Friday so I was not in heals, but any other day of the week I would have been.

4 Responses to “Disrupted Blog”

  1. salpal1 Says:

    OMG!!!! I would have been even more terrified! And now the aftershocks…. are you and Lori OK?

    • V_Lo Says:

      Yes yes. We are both fine. We are far enough away we have only felt the largest aftershocks. I work alone all week again and my mind keeps going back to Friday even though I try not to. 🙂

      • salpal1 Says:

        It’s hard not to go there when you have no one to distract you! I am glad you are OK… I hope the earth is done shaking for a while.

  2. V_Lo Says:

    Me Too!

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