Kitty Not

As I  was writing this I realize there needs to be a kitty flowchart at this point to keep them all straight.
CeeCee=Our actual cat.  Lives indoors, is spoiled and has a kennel she can get to through the bedroom window.
Lionel=Adult Male, Fixed.  Showed up a year and a half ago with ligature marks around his neck.  Very sweet but standoffish.  Has been kind of scarce since all the newer cats.
Lolita= Or Lola, This is actually the neighbors cat, which we did not know when I caught her and took her in to have her fixed.  (Not before having two kittens Cynthia and Tugboat (Tuggy)). Have since found out they call her Brandy….yea not in our yard.
Tugboat=Orange Tabby, now a year and a half old, kitten to the neighbors cat but they don’t claim him.  He is sweet, needs to be neutered. (I actually petted him today so catching him is next.)
Cynthia=Lolita’s kitten, Tugboats litter-mate.  She had 5 kittens in May, we caught 3 and took them to the shelter, only to have another show up right after that we haven’t been able to catch. (Oh and she is a B*TCH) (REALLY needs to be fixed)
Winifred=Or Winny, the leftover kitten from Cynthia’s litter that we didn’t take in.  She is so cute, white and grey with blue eyes and also needs to be caught and fixed.

A few nights ago I was awoken five or six times by mewing.  Seriously, it seemed every time I got to sleep I would hear mewing.  Not far away but what seemed like right outside the window.

I looked out into CeeCee’s kennel and saw a teeny tiny kitten.  Black and white, maybe five weeks old.  I havn’t seen it since but Lori did today.  Lori had thought that Cynthia, who had kittens in May was pregnant again but I doubted it based on timing.  Seems she was right and Cynthia had maybe one kitten a few weeks ago. (Fingers crossed its one)

What I did see yesterday was a kitten orange and white about the size of six months old out by the shed, peering in at us.  It ran pretty quickly.  It had the coloring of Tugboat and perhaps is the 5th kitten from May that never showed up.

Sadly that kitten was also hit this morning, or we are at least 90% sure.  Same size as Winny and orange and white.  I feel so bad for the kitten but am glad we hadn’t got to the naming it stage.

The kitten train in crazy at our place.  We need to catch and fix three (or four if this baby sticks around) cats.  Then maybe at least more babies won’t be happening.

This is Tugboat from today.  He got some treats when he showed up, I was just happy he wasn’t the orange cat in the street.  Giving him treats did get him close enough for me to see this wound on him head.  It looks like it is healing though.

4 Responses to “Kitty Not”

  1. salpal1 Says:

    OMG other people are so irresponsible!!! Everyone who owns a cat should have it neutered, certainly if they let it outside!

    • V_Lo Says:

      Sadly there are over 1 million feral cats in Los Angles. Some estimates are closer to 3 million.
      Only one of these cats listed do we believe actually has a home.
      Sadly since the posting of this blog, Lionel, one of my favorites was most likely killed by a coyote.

      • salpal1 Says:

        Oh, no! I am so sorry about Lionel.

        Apparently we have a feral cat problem in the area, but nothing like that. And not for long as we have hawks, and coyotes and fishers all dining quite nicely on them. We are off in the woods, and our cats DO NOT go outside, and both are spayed. But I have a friend who lives closer to town, and she does what you do – catches feral animals and has them spayed, then returns them to where she found them. It feels like a never ending cycle though, as they can have kittens so young.

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