Running out of day

So much today.  First thing is it rained.  I mean it RAINED!!!!!  I hadn’t seen any rain since April.  There was a report that we had rain in May but I didn’t see any.

Today it poured and flooded the front walk and back by the porch.  The newest cats in the yard who had never seen rain were quite confused on just what to do and where to hide.

It was some difference from the 90 degree weather we had over the weekend.  It is over and we are back into the 70’s tomorrow.  There is rain again in the forecast next week, guess we shall see if we are needing to have Thanksgiving inside.  Weather here can certainly change in a week and we may not get any more rain.

I went to the gym this morning, cardio and lower body weights.  Then to Costco and back home to unload everything in the rain.   I made a turkey meatloaf because I had both an hour and ground turkey that needed to be used or frozen by this weekend.

Granted I would have waited until tomorrow had I known I will have to work from home (Ah Shucks).  Our building is being fumigated so both 2nd and 3rd shifts need to work from home tomorrow.  But I made it today, so there is now way more prepped food in the fridge then we can even get through in the next few days.  Guess I’ll just be making salad and heating things for the next few days.

Because it hadn’t rained in so long I left for work early just in case people were crazy or slow or wrecked or all of the above.  It was actually quiet an easy commute in.  Then work was so busy I haven’t had time to think up a proper blog.  But here is to NaBloPoMo so that’s what I got….weather, work and turkey meatloaf.


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