Charcuterie Board

Can’t really say it  “shaar·koo·tr·ee” but I’ve been planning, prepping and BUYING for days to make a kick-butt charcuterie board.  When I usually put together something like this for dinner I usually just call it a picnic.

Inspiration started in Italy this last year.  I mean who doesn’t love olives, cheese, prosciutto and nuts.   The internet has been super helpful this week.  I have continued to add things to the pile to go on this board for Thursday.

The thing is, now I have far more things then I have board real estate for.  The price of buying a pre-made board at this point would have been way cheaper….even to get a super fancy and high end board, but damn I’m having fun.

Lori and I picked up a tray this last weekend for me to build this thing on and I have a list going and little bowls for olives and such.  Today I went to the deli and bought the cured meats for this masterpiece.  The joy I have gotten out of this so far has got to outweigh the price difference because I have been having a blast.  By the size of this board none of us will need Thanksgiving dinner, final pictures on Thursday after I put it together and transport it.  But none of the bowls are gonna fit on there.


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