Childhood reading

There is a book I have always remembered from childhood.  Except I could not remember the name.  I could tell you about the plot and that the characters in the book picked things off the land to survive and hid the death of their father.

Can you name that book?

Last week I googled the premise and it was no mystery that Google knew all.  Where the Lilies Bloom  by Bill and Vera Cleaver.

In one of those impulse buys I picked up the book.  I nearly got through the book already and will probably finish it off tonight.  (It is meant for Jr High school level is my guess)

It is interesting re-reading it.  I can’t tell you when I read it as a kid.  At home or for school?  I couldn’t have told you the name of the characters before but it is so familiar.  I keep having these “oh yea” moments as I get through it.

It makes me wonder why it left such an impression on me.  Probably the survival mode that the kids had to be in.

What book do you remember from childhood?


Audio (Book)

I do love listening to audio books on my commute.  The only problem is I lose track of NPR and the goings on in the world when I am engrossed in a book, sometimes that is good because the goings on can be quite depressing.

When I am reading a book, I tend to flip back to pages I have read in the past.  To remember a character or conversation.  I am not a skimmer, I tend to read every word and although not a super slow reader I am not a speed reader either.

One issue with the audio book, is if I am distracted by say some turkey who cut me off or very busy traffic that needs all of my attention, the book just keeps playing on and I miss little bits.

Well I enjoyed this fictional historical account of the real Sarajevo Haggada that when disc twelve was complete, I started right back on disc one and listened to the entire book again.

I love historical fiction.  The joy of this audio book included the voices and accents of the reader.  The main character is an Australian book conservationist and the telling of the centuries of this books history and all of the tragic periods it survived including the Spanish inquisition and the Holocaust.  Edwina Wren’s reading of the book was so enjoyable I listened to it twice through in a row.

One benefit is I got all the little nuances I had missed because of driving, it was just like being able to flip back in the book like I were reading it.  However if I had read it, I would not have nailed the Aussie accent that is now stuck in my head!



Yesterday after work I went to an olive oil tasting with my friend Jan.  The class was at a local store and included both history, health benefits and definitions of different varieties of olive oil.  I knew quite a bit about olive oil but still learned a lot and had a good time.

One of the facts that I found interesting is that a one tree only makes about three bottles of olive oil.  Three.  So a thousand tree orchard is considered a hobby.

We had three oils and three balsamic vinegars set up for tasting when we got there.  One of the oils had a polyphenol count of 645, it was very peppery and what I described as green.  This was not my favorite but Jan got this one just to have a tablespoon every day for those polyphenos.  After the class we could taste as many of the oils and vinegars as we wanted.  I tried a few of the vinegars and oils but not to much because until I brushed my teeth my mouth was still fully coated with oil.

I left there with a free bottle of olive oil, a bottle of vinegar I bought, a bunch of pairing and recipe ideas and a couple hundred calories added to my count for the day.  Oh and two books I bought as well one is Extra Virginity and The Pink Ribbon Diet…..what can I say its hard to say no to a good book, or good oil and vinegar for that matter.

photo(231) photo(232)


This was almost a perfect day.  Work was busy, but I got a lot done and had a walk outside in the middle of the day.

The weather was sunny and crisp.  True I had to scrape my windows this morning but the mountains were beautiful with the sun shining off the snow.

I had time after work to put this veggie lasagna together and bake before yoga and it made a nice light dinner when I got home. 


Yoga was fantastic….except that is the end of the series.  I went in sore from not stretching out properly after Tuesday’s workout and left feeling better, sore but a stretched sore.

Now I have my tea and am heading to bed with Keith Richards…what, did that sound bad?  It’s a great book and makes me want to dig out my guitar.