Sushi and Cupcakes

What a horrid combo if they were actually connected.  But without anything major to blog about I will just fill you in on the minor.

We have a new sushi restaurant in our little neck of the woods.  Here are some of the reasons this is relevant and newsworthy. (Oh and exciting!!)
1) We love sushi
2) There are not a lot of good restaurants in our neighborhood and this is under 2 miles away
3) Our old sushi restaurant was 15 miles away, but closed recently
4) Its really good sushi and related to two restaurants in nearby cities and they have great reviews and reputation

On to the cupcakes.  I do love baking and getting up early this morning to make 8 dozen mini cupcakes for Lori to take to two co-workers for this last weekends birthdays brought up lots of memories of getting up early to bake for the farmers market and making four times as many.  Today’s flavors were lemon and chocolate.  Its a good thing I can make these in my sleep and no taste testing needed as there were no extras.

One of those days…

or one of THOSE days.

I set my alarm for early.  I needed to be up and bake cupcakes before it got to hot.

I make cupcakes for every co-workers birthday and so this bake was planned.  But then the company I work for decided that every office needed to have a potluck for team building.  You know spend your own time and money and energy when directed to build comrade in the office.  This meant some of us had to be to work an hour early to to this. (I think most in our office were just a bit put off because we already do a potluck at Christmas time, one our own, and are not “told” to do it.)

I made double batch of cupcakes and had the oven turned off by 8:30 a.m.  The day was stacked after that.  I made us breakfast, cleaned up from the bake and breakfast. Made frosting, boxed and frosted the cupcakes. Cleaned up from that.  Made chicken for Lori in the afternoon (who is sick and probably not eating it).  Made myself a salad for dinner.  Also put together a lunch as I knew nothing at the “potluck” I would want to eat.  I went out to get us tea and found my car was broken into.* Got ready for work and left to get to the office an hour early.  Transporting frosted cupcakes in 100 degree weather was challenging but it all worked out well.

I ate my lunch (leftover gazpacho) while everyone had sandwiches,  cupcakes and an ice cream sundae bar in our “you will have a potluck and (I don’t know) like each other” and then started my shift.  Our northern office covered during the event and we will cover for them next week in their forced social event.

*So the car, good news is no broken window, no damage at all.  I went out and found the drivers door not quite closed.  My heart jumped and I looked in to see the glove box open as was the center console.  Since I keep very little if anything in my car there wasn’t much to go through.  The gloves and few maps were in the seat, nothing else removed from the glove box.  The center console had the tray in the seat and the Excedrin bottle in the seat but nothing missing.  The only thing missing was a very expensive pair of Maui Jim sunglasses that I didn’t actually buy, they were a gift from Vicki as she got them as swag from work.  But still a bummer as they were fantastic glasses and retail at about $300 bucks.  (I would never actually spend that on sunglasses.)  As I type this I wonder if they took my phone charger and I didn’t notice.  But luckily its an extra one if they did that and I rarely every use it.

I had gotten home at 12:00 a.m. from work and usually I take my briefcase out of the back and hit the button to close it.  I then hit the lock/alarm button about the time I get to the door and it has finished closing.  I am assuming based on no damage that I left it unlocked and someone was just walking by checking door handles.  Good thing that everything I keep in the car would fit in a sandwich bag.

Oh well, this day is over.  Tomorrow is a rare middle of the week day off to go to a show.  More on that after the fact.



Best Weekend.

What constitutes a great weekend?  Fun at the beach with friends.  Walk on the beach alone.  Going to a movie, a play, your childs recital?

What about a weekend at home, with no agenda?  This weekend was the only weekend for months on the calendar that had a completely empty day.  Saturday.  We left the house briefly in the morning and got tea and a quick run to Lowes.  But then it was a day at home.

I. Cleaned. House.  I had a very productive day and one that I loved.  Lori worked and I interrupted her quite a bit.  But I also dusted everything I could find included all four ceiling fans and frames on the wall and door casings.  I also took down the living room curtains and washed all eight panels and hung them back up.  Washing two at a time and no drying needed.  They hang in the very sunny window and dried generally before the next set when up next to them.  I cooked yummy meals.  I vacuumed, changed bedding, sorted and tossed lots of things that “do not spark joy” any longer.

One would think with a day with nothing on the calendar I would curl up with a book or something but by the end of yesterday I felt as though things were nearly back in order.

Today we drove out to Murrieta to sign the final escrow paperwork.  A drive we gave ourselves two and a half hours for and it took barely one.  The drive home we went through the Cleveland national forest and although it took a lot longer it was a beautiful drive.

By the time we got home I was able to make some frosting for cupcakes I’m making tomorrow and get the bathroom scrubbed.  Made a super easy yet yummy dinner and feel quite accomplished.

Now all that is left is finishing the laundry so I can pack for a business trip.  Tomorrow I’ll pack to go to Palo Alto early on Tuesday morning, returning on Friday.  But at least I’m leaving Lori with a clean house and a fridge full of yummy food.

Pre-Holiday Weekend

Busy busy busy busy busy (and we really didn’t even do Christmas presents) and a nap.

Saturday however we were up SUPER early and to the store 2 minutes after it opened at 7:00.  We made several other stops….three, maybe four more stops and were still home by 11:30 in the morning.  We spent the afternoon doing things like laundry, vacuuming and Lori painted our front door.  ORANGE!!  It is great.

Then we took our friend Kathi to dinner for Christmas.  We went to El Torito Grill and I had a meal that was fabulous and completely OFF plan.  After fresh made flour tortillas and a couple cocktails I over ate and was glad I had to be up for several hours when I got home.  Gave it time to settle before trying to sleep.

I stayed up to bake our friends a Bourbon cake.  We had picked up this cute loaf pan at that 7:00 a.m. stop to bake it in and then on Sunday morning we met them for breakfast.  After breakfast a couple more errands, Home Depot and Michaels and then off to the spa for massages.

The appointments were for noon and we got there just about 11:00 so we could sit in the spa for a bit first.  After our massages and home for lunch the rest of the day can be described as an on again off again nap.

Watching the history channel and napping on our new davenport.  Of course until we got up and went to bed.

Random Baking

The night guard at the building I work for asked me for red velvet cupcakes.  She knows about my cupcakes because I have given them to her before and every time I bake for the office I give some to the guards downstairs.

Well she actually requested red velvet for her son’s birthday.  So this morning once I got home from the gym I whipped these out.  Since I was in the kitchen and making a new mess I used up all of the leftover rice crispy treat stuff and made a batch for the office.

This is all I have to blog about today.  I got up, made breakfast, went to the gym and then came home and baked.  Off to work and then I realized its November 1st.  If I am doing NaBloPoMo as I have the last few years that means I am blogging every day in November.  So here you are for today.  Random Baking.


Project Completed

This morning was assembly of this little project, it turned out to be not so little.  We ran out of both types of pudding and Lori had to make the “emergency” pudding she grabbed off the shelf when we were shopping.  Luckily the gallon of milk still had four cups so we didn’t run out and better yet used it all up without waste.  We haven’t had milk in the house in years and dang it takes up a lot of room.

I did have to run out and buy additional Oreo’s for the “organic” layer.  But Lori kept assembling and I found small gummy worms to add on top.  Cleaned up our ridiculous mess and loaded 50 cups into boxes for Lori to take to class.




They represent the Bedrock (rocky rhode rice crispy treat), Substratum (vanilla pudding), Subsoil (spice cake),  Surface (chocolate pudding), Organic matter (Oreos) and Horizons (coconut).  worms for fun.

By the time I’m getting around to typing this, they have been eaten in class I am sure.  But the kitchen is back to normal and I have a couple workouts to make up.  Going at midnight after work, my friend Kathi is meeting me there.


Soil Dessert

I will post the final of this project tomorrow.  Tomorrow because it will actually be finished.  For a project in the works for a while the actual work only started today.

Until today it had been all planning and shopping.  This morning started with making vanilla pudding.  Before 7 am I was making pudding, once the vanilla was cooling I moved on to chocolate pudding.

After that mess was cleared I moved on to Rocky Rhode rice krispie treats (otherwise known as the bedrock layer).  I wasn’t sure there would be enough so I went ahead and portioned this layer out to the fifty servings I needed.

I still had time to bake four small sheet cakes and tomorrow all of this will be assembled for Lori’s soil science class.  She has 45 students this year and since it’s on Halloween we are recreating this treat from a diagram from class.