Anther week

What a week…..

It was another week of yard work, but not enough.  House work, but not enough.  Crazy days at work and plenty of baking.

The “boss” was in town for part of the week.  It just makes work more stressful and lots of ‘busy tasks’ while he was there.   We are still in peak so no busy tasks were actually needed.  Also there was an ask to go to Hong Kong for three full weeks and I was not interested it volunteering for that.  What happened however is our third shift project manager did volunteer.  So now the month of May has each of us working some strange shifts to cover our 24 hours.  My 3rd shift stint starts on the 6th working from 10:15 pm to 6:45 am for a week.  I only agreed to this if I could work from home, I fear falling asleep driving home in the morning and getting in a wreck.

This week also was a co-workers birthday so I also baked on Wednesday and brought lemon and chocolate cupcakes in.  I also had extra frosting so Friday I baked another batch of chocolate and brought them into work as well, all in little extra pink boxes from the bakery days so people could take them home.

The weekend is upon us, it looks to be full of the same and nothing really exciting to blog about.

A little pre-work bake

My co-working is turning 40 on Monday and will not be in.  So today I made cupcakes and brought them into work.

I am still doing Whole 30, today was day 100 in fact, so I couldn’t even taste test them.  Luckily I have made so very many cupcakes while I had my little bakery there really wasn’t a need.  While putting the cream cheese in the mixer however, I was tempted.

Today was one of those pre-work errand days as well.  Payday, so I needed to run to the bank, also fit a quick run to Costco in between the baking and the frosting.  No way I am going to Costco on a weekend.  By the time I got done with the baking, shopping and banking I just had enough time to eat breakfast and pack dinner, (not very inspired or pretty dinner but yummy) before getting ready for work.

A rare day off

I had today off from work.  Technically we are still in peak and time off is not allowed.  The main SEC filing deadlines are over and we are on to the proxy printing portion of peak.

However I stopped accruing time in my floating holiday bucket in January because it maxes out at 32 hours.  So my boss let me have today off.

I slept in, until almost 10:00 a.m.  Granted I was up at 6:00 with Lori to actually see her for a moment and make her breakfast.  But when she drove off, I dove back into bed.

After I got up I baked a cake.  Yep, still on whole 30, couldn’t even taste it.  My co-workers daughter turned 22 today and he asked if I would bake a cake.  I of course agreed because I love to bake and it sounded fun.

While I was baking it I also cooked breakfast and sat outside and had a lovely relaxing breakfast.  Granted this was all before I would usually get ready for work, but just not having it out there was a nice change.

Once I was done with the cake I texted my co-worker that I was going to run a couple of errands and I would be back at 12:30.  He would be by at 1:00 to pick it up.

Off I went to wash the car and pick up tea.  When I got back I started working in the yard.  This is where the day off really starts because this is when I would be driving to work.

I finished the Agave project from a few days ago.  The pathway that has not been visible for a couple of years is completely usable.  I also weeded.  And Weeded.

My co-worker did not show up until almost 4.  He did let me know and asked if it was ok to pick it up after he picked his daughter up from work at 3:30.  Funny he is late almost everyday to work so I was not surprised at all.  I was weeding anyway, I did take a couple of cool off breaks inside and did things like vacuum and dust a little.

I finished in the yard close to 5:30 and came in for a much-loved shower with the new faucet that now puts out HOT water since it is no longer installed backwards.

I started some chicken marinating and got the laundry going, ran to target for a few things (nail brush being the most important).  Once I got home I prepped some food for the weekend and made dinner.  Finished the laundry (except towels and bedding that I will do this weekend) folded and put it all away.  Clearly I also found time to blog.

It was a fantastic day off:
Yard Work
Washed my car
Blogging and now to go read a little.

Prep – Cakes

My sister had been making Prep-Cakes for over a year now.  She has built the business from her home to a rented kitchen, hired an employee and can’t keep the refrigerators at a couple of local body building full.

After a 20 year career in the Air Force she is retiring today.  Her next endeavor is to open a store from for her Prep-Cakes.

Sugar free, low carb, macro balanced cupcakes and deserts.  She made us some last Thanksgiving and we ended up having them for breakfast, I mean why not, sugar free and macro balanced.  So. Damn. Good.  (Link below takes you to her Kick starter)

Weekday Birthday Cake

I made a cake this morning to take to work,  it is a co-workers birthday and he requested chocolate.

My boot camp appointment is at 9:00 a.m. so by the time I got home I had just a couple hours before needing to leave for work.  Problem was that it was already nearing 90 degrees and I was about to turn on the oven.  YIKES.

I baked the cake as quick as I could and turned the oven back off.  I actually closed all the doors and windows as soon as I was done and turned on the window AC unit because we still had 10 degrees to go today.

When I went to make the frosting, the cream cheese I had taken out of the refrigerator in the morning was actually too soft, the chocolate chips I was going to melt I could actually squish in between my fingers.

I finished up the cake and put it in the fridge while I got ready for work.  Driving it into the office I kept the AC in my car on high just so it didn’t melt all over the place.

I miss baking, however not so much in the 100 degree weather!


A little morning baking

I got home from the weekend away,  Lori had picked a bunch of our prolific zucchini.  I only planted ONE zucchini plant on purpose!

On Monday before we both went to work I made 12 loafs of bread for her to take to her chair, other faculty and staff at school.  From what I understand no one wanted to share.

Luckily she also took some of the zucchini that I didn’t use into school as well (the photo is after I used a bunch for bread.)

Today while watering, yep a bunch more to pick!!



Random Lemon Cake

I made lemon cupcakes for work today.  I bought a different cake flour, from Bob’s Red Mill.  That was the only thing different in my recipe.

Granted, I haven’t looked at the recipe in a long time but having made batch after batch after batch for the farmers market for years it is pretty much memorized….

3 cups of flour; 1/2 ts salt; 1 cup of butter; 2 cups of sugar; 4 eggs; 1 cup of sour cream; zest from 4 lemons and juice from two (at least 1/3 cup)

Needless to say it didn’t rise very much and is denser so I am going with this cake flour instead of just regular all-purpose.

We had a pot luck at work.  I made these cupcakes and then some butternut squash risotto as well.  It was a very busy morning, all of that cooking/baking, three loads of laundry and I washed my car.

I had to leave for work at noon because the pot-luck was starting at 1:00 pm.  I cleaned up most of my mess at home while I baked the left over batter and left it for Lori.  She is not a big fan of cake but may eat a little before we toss it.  (In looking at these photos, it is quite deceiving, that cake is only 1/4 inch thick you can see fits on a small cutting board)