Thanksgiving shopping week

I am very excited for Thanksgiving.  I’ve been planning and purchasing all week.  I even picked up a couple of games and for after dinner, along with ten gingerbread house kits.  There are ten of us for Thanksgiving and after thanksgiving dinner we will ring in the Christmas season with a friendly compitition.

The kits come with some royal icing and candies and I have a ton of materials left in with my cake decorating tools.  That doesn’t mean I dont want to swing by michaels for a few frosting tips for everyone to share.  Or is that just an excuse to buy more frosting tips???

I plan to get all of my shopping done before the weekend is over so any last minute things I come up with I can get in the mornings before work but mostly avoid the stores all together.  As it is now I only need the fresh items having wrapped up everything else this week.

It was one of those weeks that after the gym each day I was doing some kind of shopping, trader joes, sprouts, costco, bed bath & beyond for those kits.  Perhaps I’ll get away with only Whole Foods Sunday to get the turkey I ordered.



Sugar, sans Sugar

My morning was a juxtaposition of sugar.

First I made cupcakes and frosting to bring to work for my co-workers birthday.

Then I focused on making a Whole30 compliant cranberry sauce.  It ended up quite thick, very tart and tangy.  I sweetened it with dates and then a little pineapple.  I cooked some onion, celery, dates, ginger, manderine oranges, cranberries and then I tossed in a little pineapple to add another dimension.  I was expecting to put Chinese five spice in but was completely out (how does that happen???)  so I put in all the warming spices I could find, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and ground ginger.


Soil Science in a cup

I made these similar treats for Lori’s Soil Science class last year.  They were a hit.  This year I took a couple days off to shop and make them and the way I did it turned out to be much easier then last year.  I decided no pudding layers so I could pre-assemble them the day before.

Having the two days off worked out for other reasons.  I had a friend coming into town on the 5th but she was evacuated due to the Kincade fire.  So I went and picked her up yesterday as she got a ride to Studio City.  She helped measuring Rice Krispies for the Rice Krispie treats and push them down into the cups as I scooped them into the 50 cups.

Today Lori packed them all up and took them to class for tonight.

That left a random day off today in the middle of the week.  My friend Viv and I ran some errands and went out for Pho’ at a new place near by that I wanted to check out and support.  Finished laundry and getting ready for my two day week that starts tomorrow.

Sushi and Cupcakes

What a horrid combo if they were actually connected.  But without anything major to blog about I will just fill you in on the minor.

We have a new sushi restaurant in our little neck of the woods.  Here are some of the reasons this is relevant and newsworthy. (Oh and exciting!!)
1) We love sushi
2) There are not a lot of good restaurants in our neighborhood and this is under 2 miles away
3) Our old sushi restaurant was 15 miles away, but closed recently
4) Its really good sushi and related to two restaurants in nearby cities and they have great reviews and reputation

On to the cupcakes.  I do love baking and getting up early this morning to make 8 dozen mini cupcakes for Lori to take to two co-workers for this last weekends birthdays brought up lots of memories of getting up early to bake for the farmers market and making four times as many.  Today’s flavors were lemon and chocolate.  Its a good thing I can make these in my sleep and no taste testing needed as there were no extras.