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I was done doing exercises anyway!!!

I have been having trouble getting a routine going.  Exercise routine that is.  There has been some random walking, yard work counting in the exercise category but nothing concrete.  Now that Summer is here and its nearing 80 by 8:00a.m. the walks and yard work are even questionable.

Today I pulled out my yoga mat.  At the beginning of this “Shelter-in-place” order when going to yoga was off the table our mats were out where we could use them anytime.

But I have this “put it all away” syndrome and I like things put up.  Even if I am going to use the mat everyday for say an hour I do not want to look at it for the other 23.  So I had stashed them in the closet.

But I pulled it back out today because I have got to get a routine going.  Next week will be four months that I have been working from home and I don’t see any ends to that.  So much time at home has left me actually less productive.

It seems strange, but because there is so much to do and so many hours at home it seems like I should be getting more done.  With the endless list of things to do and chores that need to be started over about the time i finish them, this workout thing has been the low rung on my ladder.

So the mat is out of the closet, CeeCee took it over when I got up for water.

Updates on all the things…

First the CeeCee update.  We got a call from the vet and they found some crystals in her urine and a little blood that they figured was from straining.  But things seem to be back to normal, they suggested changing her food and an antibiotic just in case.

We went and picked up the antibiotic yesterday and this morning gave her the first and ONLY dose.  Don’t get me wrong there are 9 more doses.  But it was beyond stressful.  Lori has a gouged arm that could probably use a stitch.  But most of all she started foaming at the mouth.  She looked rabid and had a full beard of foam all the way to the ground.  Seems she is allergic to the antibiotic.

Needless to say, she is still pissed off.  Wont let either of us near her and has growled at me when I went in the bedroom.  Luckily her litter box antics are over and we are going to try a new food and adding more wet food to her diet.

We are still in “Shelter at home” mode, as are most of you.  We are fortunate enough to both be working from home and I am still having groceries delivered.  I placed a whole foods order and it was delivered yesterday.  There is a delivery tip which I usually double or more because hey they are doing the shopping.  I also don’t have to have many fresh fruits or veggies delivered because I have long subscribed to this CSA box.

Well both were delivered last night so we are good on food for a couple more weeks until the next delivery.  We do not have the food insecurities that a lot of people do.  I am also getting better at doing without and substituting.  Green onions for instance, I use a lot of them and have been out for a couple of weeks but I didn’t go buy any just because I wanted them, I waited for my delivery.


Toilet paper may become a different issue however.  We didn’t have to buy any during the Great Rush on Toilet Paper in March.  We are still working through the Costco package I bought in January.  But it is coming to an end soon.  We have some emergency TP in the back of the cupboard, camping TP if you will.

The figuring out a new routine after Monday’s yoga streaming class has resulted in nothing.  Most mornings this week I spent several hours weeding.  Early mornings are best for that.  Spring is our weediest time of year, there has been enough rain the last few months and then the increased sun and warmth has them sprouting up.  Just as I finish the front and start in the back and then turn around and start all over again.  The one thing about this sheltering in place order is I am (sorta) keeping up on the weeding.

I was awake at 5:30 this morning and had plenty of time to get the a walk in.  But it was slightly overcast this morning and so I got started early and worked until it got to hot.

Tomorrow is……checks calendar….. April 30th.  Forty-Five days of working at home.  Today was our SEC filing deadline for the period and although we have another one coming up on May 15th work should at least even out now.

That is another thing that I feel quite fortunate for.  My work from home situation.  Mine is shift work.  My work starts at the same time everyday, it ends when 3rd shift logs on and takes over.  I was talking to a friend who is working from home and its more of a start in the morning, work all day, but get distracted and end up working more hours then usual but getting less done.  Except for where I am working, mine has not changed much.  I am saving several hours a day in commute time.


Distancing socially at the vet

We have been worried about our cat CeeCee.  She is the actual pet and not one of several ferals in the yard that we feed and fix and shelter, yet are quite feral.

CeeCee has been going in and out and in and out of her litter box.  We thought maybe she was constipated and upped her wet food.  That seemed to help but the box shenanigans continued, especially in the middle of the night and in the mornings.  So we made a vet appointment.

Today we captured her and put her in a pillowcase.  I know this seems strange but she will not get in a kennel.  Not without shredding my hands and arms and hurting herself.  But picking her up and then putting the pillowcase over her is about 40% easier.

We drove to the 10:00 a.m. appointment and sat in the car and talked to the Vet over the phone.  A tech then came out and got her (in her pillowcase) and commented on it.  We sat there while they were doing the checkup.  They phoned us back, still sitting in the parking lot, and everything seems fine but they were going to keep her until they could get a urine sample.

We went to collect her a couple hours latter.  Again calling from the parking lot, they brought out the charge slip and then the tech brought out CeeCee in her pillowcase.  This time commenting that she went right into it.  Little do they know this cat’s favorite place to sleep during the day is under the duvet once we are out of her bed!

We will find out tomorrow if maybe she has a UTI.  Perhaps she is just tired of us being here all the time.

Either way, we are lucky to have a vet that is still open and doing what they can to keep themselves and customers healthy.



I went out today, oh and I need a haircut

First things first….

A couple of years ago and I cannot tell you when because although I went looking for a blog post I couldn’t find one, I put together first aid kits for everyone in my local (LA) familys cars.  Included was a travel size purell, a set of gloves and a face mask.  Along with the usual neosporin, bandages, gauze and Advil.

I had bought them all in bulk and put together 8 or so of these kits.  There were a few extras that went into our house first aid kit as well.  I pulled those two extra masks out this week in anticipation of going anywhere. 


Today I went out.  I went to target because it is the closest thing to the house and I was looking for tuna in oil for the cat (A whole different type of blog, but she has a tendency to become constipated which last year ended up in a vet overnight visit – we are trying to avoid that this year)  Anywhooo.  There was no such item at target.

But since I was there I got toothpaste, hand soap, laundry detergent and a few other things.  Thing we are running low on but could have done without.  We are determined to use up “all the things”.  Like toothpaste, we ran out of the kind I like a few days ago and I pulled out a couple of the travel ones the dentist gives (I generally give these away to the homeless).  Also hand soap.  We had some that neither of us like, it is very drying, but we hadn’t thrown it away, just put it aside.  We are using that up before we open the stuff I bought today.

It was both nice to get out of the house and extremely fear inducing as well.  If I wasn’t a germaphobe before this is gonna send me into overdrive.  Same with being agoraphobic.  By the time this is over, if this is ever over we are going to be even more home bodies then before.

I took this photo today upon my return.  It is one of the two masks we had in our at home first aid kit.  Geez I need a haircut……  After not cutting my hair for 8 years I had it cut off on January 3rd.  New year/decade new hair.  I got it cut again in mid February and it now needs it again.  If this “lock-down” “stay-at-home” “quarantine” situation lasts for a couple more months I will be well on my way to growing it out again.