On-Call Weekend

I was on call this last weekend so I had to stay near the house, especially on Sunday.

Great reason to move all those rocks we chose not to do on the 1st.  Five large bags (9 cubic feet each) into the wheel barrow and around the front yard.  Filling in bare spots, making sure every thing got a good solid covering.  It took us several hours to get it all done.  (photos are bad, too bright when I tried taking them)

Once my shift started that evening I was pretty tied to the computer even having clients send in copy at 3 in the morning.  But I got an 8 hour reprieve at 6:30 am Sunday until 2:30 while someone else was covering.  So New Project here we come.

We went to the hardware store and bought 5 pieces of bamboo fencing.  Removed two older pieces we had hanging from the oasis and proceeded to tear down all the broken down reed fencing we had up against the chain link and wire the bamboo to it.  It looks so nice, much cleaner look and should last a good long while.  The reed fencing lasted quite a few years but it was deteriorating and the cats (see guide to cats page) climbing it did not help.

We did however keep (make?) the kitty highway on the side yard.  The way it has been is they jump up on the window AC unit on one side, jump to the window AC until on the other side of the fence and go about whatever, terrorizing one another, eating, taking safe haven from the coyotes and dogs.

But with the fence there they can’t jump, so since this was an older piece of bamboo, we took out a couple pieces, and made a 2×4 bridge for them to walk through the fence from one unit to another. (Yes, we are being controlled by feral cats)

It was dark when we were trying to finish and I kept having to go in an work so we finished up behind the shed this morning before I had to go to work.  It looks very nice!


Sleepfull/less – ness

I mentioned last week we caught colds on Thanksgiving. Thank goodness me and colds are that 7-10 day span that Dr. Google say they last. I was done feeling puny at day 8, so Friday.

When I am sick and especially with this cold my system just wants to sleep. Couple that with a week that Lori was up and gone five out of six days early (as in before 7am) I slept in almost every day. Getting easily 9 if not 10 hours of sleep almost every day this week.

That is the SleepFULL part of this. That is until last night, Saturday night. I had slept in again Saturday morning as Lori was off to class about 7 and I managed to sleep until 9 or so. Feeling better then I had all week I did things like the laundry and went to three grocery stores.

But we still went to bed early, 9ish I think although I read for awhile I was probably asleep about 10. Getting three and a half hours of sleep before the time-share kitty wanted in.

Now usually I can hear her, wake up, go let her in and get right back to sleep. But this time as she came running from the window where she wakes me to the back door I could see she has a recently killed baby rat in her mouth. Recently killed because it was not stiff at all. I had to stop her from bringing the dead thing into my house.

She came in and realized she didn’t have it and wanted back out. I tried to pet her and get her to lie down but she kept pawing at the window and making so much noise after 15 minutes of this I got up and put her out.

But one of the ferals had taken her kill and she was pacing and meowing and by now I have been awake for 30 minutes. Have had just enough sleep that I’m not sleepy and having had so much sleep all week my brain/body/combo decides sleep is not necessary.

I tried to get to sleep until about 2;45 so just under an hour and then pulled out my i-pad and read some news. That was not at all calming and guiding me toward sleep so I launched the Ted app and watched Ted Talks. One of them I watched three times. I was thinking hey maybe this will put me to sleep since I just watched it, and then since I just watched it twice. But it did not.

I moved on to others and then to solitaire and around 6am tried to sleep and maybe dozed off briefly. But Lori got up to study and I was awake so heck we went to breakfast and were done and back home even before 8:00 a.m.

I thought for sure I would nap today. But that didn’t happen either. I have technically been up for 20 hours and am just glad I had so much sleep all week, although whatever advantage or extra sleep I had banked this week I can say is gone,

This can’t happen again tonight, I have a week long training at work and I cant do that on 3.5 hours of sleep, those days are long gone.

Rain and Kittens

It rained most of the night.  POURED in fact.  We were awoken to Tuggy meowing for food this morning.  Something about having this cold and it being rainy and dark lent itself to sleeping in.

There were wet miserable cats outside today and we kept the food bowls on the porch to try and keep the rain out.  Winnie and Jellybean (For those of you seeing this on the website and not in a subscription email, there is now a page at the top titled “Guide to the Cats” to help keep all of these ridiculous cat stories straight.  Oh and I added pics) were sopping wet so I rearranged and hung a garbage bag over some cat beds so they could try and stay dry.

I did see them through the window, under the plastic and huddled together in one of the beds but I did not go out for a picture because they would have ran back into the shrubbery and rain.


We need the rain, and I personally am used to driving in it having been in Seattle most of my life.  But folks in LA can not seem to drive in the rain.  Everyone is afraid to get wet, so if your willing to go in it the grocery store and gym are pretty empty.  Also most houses here do not have gutters, so its like walking under a shower getting in and out of the house.

Full Pride

I might as well wrap up this month of blogging with another cat post.

If you read the Kitty Not post a few weeks ago, I spelled out all of the feral cats in our yard.  Those we have fixed, those we indent to and the one who keeps getting knocked up.

Since then I thought we had lost Lionel.  He hadn’t shown up in over a week, almost two and there were “reports” on the Ring doorbell app that a cat had been killed by a coyote.  Several Coyote sightings and the description matched Lionel.

But in fact he showed back up yesterday.  I’m not sure were he’s been.  He is not thrilled with the back yard now that the two kittens are back there.  But it was great to see him and know it wasn’t him that the coyote got.

The other cat that showed back up is Tiki.  Now Tiki wasn’t even on that list because although she is what we consider a time share kitty, she had not been here since we got back from our vacation in June.

She is the only cat that comes in the house.  She shows up late in the evening, comes in, eats and sleeps with us and leaves in the morning.  We have no idea where she goes during the day, or where she was for 5 full months.

But the rain has returned and so has our time share kitty.  Her behavior and OUR behavior of letting her in and out in the middle of the night and back in when she climbs on the cat condo is really remarkable.  She has trained us well.

Kitty Not

As I  was writing this I realize there needs to be a kitty flowchart at this point to keep them all straight.
CeeCee=Our actual cat.  Lives indoors, is spoiled and has a kennel she can get to through the bedroom window.
Lionel=Adult Male, Fixed.  Showed up a year and a half ago with ligature marks around his neck.  Very sweet but standoffish.  Has been kind of scarce since all the newer cats.
Lolita= Or Lola, This is actually the neighbors cat, which we did not know when I caught her and took her in to have her fixed.  (Not before having two kittens Cynthia and Tugboat (Tuggy)). Have since found out they call her Brandy….yea not in our yard.
Tugboat=Orange Tabby, now a year and a half old, kitten to the neighbors cat but they don’t claim him.  He is sweet, needs to be neutered. (I actually petted him today so catching him is next.)
Cynthia=Lolita’s kitten, Tugboats litter-mate.  She had 5 kittens in May, we caught 3 and took them to the shelter, only to have another show up right after that we haven’t been able to catch. (Oh and she is a B*TCH) (REALLY needs to be fixed)
Winifred=Or Winny, the leftover kitten from Cynthia’s litter that we didn’t take in.  She is so cute, white and grey with blue eyes and also needs to be caught and fixed.

A few nights ago I was awoken five or six times by mewing.  Seriously, it seemed every time I got to sleep I would hear mewing.  Not far away but what seemed like right outside the window.

I looked out into CeeCee’s kennel and saw a teeny tiny kitten.  Black and white, maybe five weeks old.  I havn’t seen it since but Lori did today.  Lori had thought that Cynthia, who had kittens in May was pregnant again but I doubted it based on timing.  Seems she was right and Cynthia had maybe one kitten a few weeks ago. (Fingers crossed its one)

What I did see yesterday was a kitten orange and white about the size of six months old out by the shed, peering in at us.  It ran pretty quickly.  It had the coloring of Tugboat and perhaps is the 5th kitten from May that never showed up.

Sadly that kitten was also hit this morning, or we are at least 90% sure.  Same size as Winny and orange and white.  I feel so bad for the kitten but am glad we hadn’t got to the naming it stage.

The kitten train in crazy at our place.  We need to catch and fix three (or four if this baby sticks around) cats.  Then maybe at least more babies won’t be happening.

This is Tugboat from today.  He got some treats when he showed up, I was just happy he wasn’t the orange cat in the street.  Giving him treats did get him close enough for me to see this wound on him head.  It looks like it is healing though.

4 of 5

This is day 4 of 5 off in a row. We managed to go grocery shopping yesterday and today I did some weeding. Other then that its been a relaxing kind of time off. Some reading, some streaming and some sleeping and getting over colds.

I didn’t take the time off just to have a cold, but it has worked out that way. My colds generally follow the popular theory of a cold is 7-10 days. Since today is day 7 I figure mid week I am done! Mind over matter if I must.

Tomorrow we have some fun planned with family. Looking forward to that since I have been in the house so much this week.

In other 4 of 5 news…..we haven’t even gotten close to the new kitten. It is very very skittish. It reminds me of my first kitten ever when I was a kid. But this one I have been calling 4 of 5. Because the feral cat supposedly had 5 kittens. We took three to the shelter and then this one shows up right after. It camps out behind the big blue agave in the back yard, it it knows it is super thorny and it is protecting it.

Summer weather means grilling

Our weather has been so hot.  Last week was near 100 every day so we finally cleaned the filters in our window AC units and turned them on.  Opening up the house every morning to get some fresh air through until 10:00 a.m or so when the outside is no longer cooler then the house.

We don’t have central air, but we have a very small 700 square foot house so a unit in the kitchen, one in the office and one in the bedroom means we can have them on for the room we are in or all three at once and they meet in the middle and cool it pretty quickly.

It also means just about everything I cook except breakfast has been on the grill.  Just this weekend was a chicken, sweet potatoes, salmon and spaghetti squash.  Thing is I think this is the absolute best way to cook that squash now.  Luckily LA means I can generally grill every day except the four days in February when it rains.

I’m kidding, it rains more than that…..I’m pretty sure.

Summer also means early morning weeding.  Because really after 10:00 a.m. there is just no use.  Sunday morning I had to be up for work at 6:15 to turn to the next shift.  I had left my work clothes out and went outside and weeded for several hours before it was just too darn hot.  I also had to be back on line for work at 2:30 and that ended up being pretty much a full shift.  I was so glad I got something done in the morning.

Oh and there is yet another kitten.  My brother just took the three ferals to the shelter for us and one we had never seen before shows up.  My theory is that with all four nursing the momma was producing milk, once it was down to just this one she stopped so it had to come for kibble.  It is super skittish.  I can’t even get close.  I tried with treats and a rope toy and went around the shed back and forth it would dash the other way.  I’m sure it was quite comical.  Either way, we now need to catch this one and hope the mysterious 5th kitten never shows up.