kitty kitty

Just blog already.  I have a bunch of pictures from the last week.  A nice walk at Eldorado last week.  Photos of last weeks pottery class.  All kinds of birds from a walk yesterday, way too many food pictures from Whole30 and cats….

Yes cats….

It seems the outside cat “OC” now comes in every once in a while.  Saturday morning when it was to early to get up, I mean the alarm was set for 6:30 so this had to be before that, she jumped up on top of the kitty cabana.  We ended up just opening the back door and letting her in.  The two cats ran around and played and she explored the house, all while we slept, or more like listened to them romp around and dread getting up.

Now she will come in for love and to play but goes back out to eat and sleep and everything else.  She isn’t ever in for long but will stay as long as someone is petting her.

All of this kitty haven in our backyard that is surrounded by dog yards has drawn this little (maybe 5 months) girl to our yard now.

Yes, those pictures are in my vegetable garden.  grrrrrr.   I call her dumdum.  You know like the sucker.  All because Lori had a calico cat growing up and they called her lollipop.  And this LITTLE kitty is calico and a little lollipop, hence dumdum.

Besides its fun to yell, get out of the garden dumdum.  Dumdum and our ACTUAL cat CeeCee don’t get along, they were fighting under the screen door today and I shooed dumdum off again and she scaled the wall into the neighbors yard.  She isn’t interested in food, just playing (maybe fighting) with OC and definitely antagonizing CeeCee.

So cats becomes the blog today, at least I know my friend Katherine is laughing.


Mish Mosh November

Well out of 30 days I managed to blog for 28.  Not bad considering this month started with our removing the tree in the front yard.  Starting a new Ikebana class on the weekends and my friend Katherine in town for a weekend.  A trip out to Palm Springs to see friends.  Going to the Vox Womens Courus concert.  Shopping, planning and cooking for Thanksgiving.  The sudden illness, decline and death of my dad.  Let us not forget about the outside kitty.  Needless to say, the month was packed.  December is shaping up about the same way, perhaps less blogging.


Outside kitty is still there and still outside.  Until we can get her to a vet and be sure she doesn’t have feline leukemia, outside is where she is staying.  She seems to have gotten over her trauma of us trying to cage her a few weeks ago.  She now runs up when I go outside and wants to be petted.  Today she was playing through the bars of the kitty condo and our skittish cat dashed out of the frame when I went to take a picture.

Besides outside kitty still happening so is Thanksgiving, sorta.  I made a Turkey breast today before leaving for work.  On our way out on Thanksgiving night we had very near zero leftovers.  I have been wanting a turkey sandwich all week so I made us a turkey breast for the weekend.  It may actually be better than the one I made on thanksgiving.  The sandwich I made before even taking a photograph was great!



Christmas Kitty

I have missed a couple days of the posting every day in November task.  It has just been too hard this last week to come up with things to blog about.  My mind has been quite preoccupied.    So here is a holiday picture of Cee Cee our kitty.  She was actually quite okay with this hilarity.


Vet Fail

This morning we got up, actually let the outside cat in the house and got pretty full of ourselves that getting her in the kennel wouldn’t be so hard.

What we should have done was put her in it at that very moment.

What really happened was she explored a little while we were getting ready and managed to get out the window into the kitty condo.  Freak out when we tried to wrangle her back into the house to catch her and climbed the side, scooted out under the tarp roof and was gone.

We called and cancelled the appointment and instead I made breakfast and we went out and ran a few errands.

When we got back, she was back so Lori phoned and found two other appointment times.  She would have to take her alone as I would be working but still good.

So 11:15 came around and we went out to get her.  I was sitting on the ground with a towel.  Lori managed to pick her up and we over played the situation and she was gone again.  This time not coming back until both appointment slots were missed and it was dark and dinner time.

So the kitty is still outside.  We realized while catching her she has worms so she can’t be in the house.


Kitten countdown

Tomorrow it is already looking like a busy day AND I get to work from home.

We have a 9:00 a.m. vet appointment for this little thing.

We will find out if she is chipped, and if she is pregnant and probably get all of her shots and maybe have a new cat.

Cee Cee and her talk through the fence and door but we have not had her inside yet so who knows what our skittish cat will think of this.  It looks like she wants to play, but who knows.

If this new kitten is pregnant…. well crap!

After that a friend who is driving through the country with her van and travel trailer will be stopping by.  She is in the area, sleeping in her travel trailer but she is stopping by to visit.  I am hoping my work tomorrow is as slow as my work today!

There is still grocery shopping I wanted to do and dry-cleaning to drop off and pick up.  But honestly most of that can wait until Sunday if needed.

Kitties and sunsets

For the kitty update…  There is a 9:00 a,m. appointment at the vet on Friday.  We will confirm that this little girl is pregnant and by the off chance that she isn’t schedule her to be spayed.

Cee Cee and the outside cat, affectionately being called OC, cause we are so original, seem to be getting along.  At least through the screen door and the grate of the kitty condo.  Today they seemed to be playing, seemed to be because as soon as I got near the window they stopped so I’m not 100% sure,

Not  a lot else going on today.  Gym, car wash and bathroom cleaning before work.  At work since the filing deadline happened before I got in it was slower then it has been for a couple weeks.   I did watch the sunset and checked out the view during my break. Pictures never do the sunset justice. But the light on the golf course was beaurtiful.

Kitty drama update

Not too much drama really.  Although at some point on our drive to Palm Springs yesterday we realized that if this was the same kitty and it was just now over friendly it was perhaps in heat or with kittens.

This morning Lori was petting her and I got a better photo.  After closer look it is not the same kitty.  You can see they are similar but this kitty has much more orange and grey on its front legs.  Also there is much more white on the other kitty overall.

So now what….we think she may be pregnant.  Not sure.  She is still outside but we are trying to figure out a vet visit for check up and see if she if pregnant or fixed (hopefully).