I’m sure your excited for another tile update…..

The next tile update (after this one) will be my last.  We hope to finish up this weekend (realistically Monday to put the house all back together) and then I can post complete photos.

Yesterday we took out carpet from the living room and Lori layed down about 4 rows while I was at work.  Today we put another 12 rows into the living room before I had to get ready for work.

Currently to get to the bedroom/bathroom from the kitchen we have to go out the back door, around the house and in the front door and walk on the tiles Lori put down yesterday.  Good Times right there!

By tomorrow these will be set and we can move the living room furniture onto it and finish putting down the tile, we should be able by then to step from the kitchen onto the tiles set today.

As you can see the kitten is perfectly happy sleeping on her cat tree as we move furniture and make tons of noise.  She has clearly acclimated.



Tile/Hall Update

The hall has been tiled in three stages.  Sunday we pulled the carpet, carpet tack board, pulled the baseboards, removed the closet door and got ready to tile.

Lori tiled the first couple of rows on Monday.  On Tuesday we tiled four more rows, and then we stepped over it for a day.  Today Lori finished the closet and the rows right in front of the bathroom door.  We will have to step from the last row yesterday into the bathroom until tomorrow. (I haven’t even see it yet as she obliged me with photos when I asked)

You will notice she also tiled Cee Cee’s kitty box cupboard.  In a small house you have to figure out a way to stash the box without it being right under your nose literally.

All of this still needs grout and to re-install the baseboards and finish up but is all of the above in photos….

Next Project

So for our next project, and no we are not done with the current project is to build an outdoor kitty house so the new kitty which we are currently calling Cee Cee can go in and out of the bedroom window.  She will be able to lay in the sun or skitter at the massive amount of humming birds in the back yard or just let in more darn crickets.

I still have some upcoming posts about the tiling as we are half way through the hallway and still have the living room left. In the hallway we have to work in parts so we can step over the setting tiles and then the following day use them to step on as we careen over others.  We set a good part of it today and the tiling portion of the hall should be done tomorrow and then we just have to grout it and put the baseboards back.

However last week I drew (like with a darn pen and paper) up the kitty patio jotting down the measurements and brought it home.  Tonight my darling drew it up in Autocad and sent me the drawing!!  It couldn’t match what was in my head or paper any better.  She even measured the exterior wall, the window and the water heater so it is a true representation.


3am mewing

I heard some scurrying about 3 in the morning.  Pretty sure I heard the litter box but I didn’t get up to confirm because I didn’t want to scare her.  There was some light mewing that started after that and I could hear her moving around.

At about 5 am I woke Lori and she mewed back and forth with her for a while and went and laid on the floor and talked to her.  The kitty ran behind the toilet and then into the bedroom and behind the bookshelf.

At a more reasonable hour this morning Lori reached in behind the curtain and petted her. She let off a motor full of purring and after a few minutes ran off behind the shelf again, only to come back behind the curtain a little while later.IMG_3001

Welcome Kitten

We brought home the kitten yesterday after the class at Huntington Garden.  We drove down to the school and Joe crated her up and we brought her home.  Lori had already picked up a cat tree and got dishes and beds from a friend who no longer has cats.

Well we brought her home and opened the kennel, she didn’t move.  About six hours later she darted out and behind the bookshelf.

When we got up this morning she was still in the same spot.  She had been in about the same spot for twelve hours.

We have climbed down and talked to her, tried to give her food and water.  We succeeded in sending her in the corner of the furthest shelf and the curtain.

Several hours later we tried a toy on a string but she didn’t move.  We let her be for a while longer.  She ventured out, only to get tangled up in the lamp and send it toppling over.  Tearing the lamp and freaking her out even more.

She ran around the couch and into the opposite corner behind the table and were we have a couple guitars.  She got caught up in the strap of the guitar case and Lori’s ukulele case.

When Lori tried to remove the ukulele, the kitty dashed out and is currently back under the bookshelf.  She has been here for thirty two hours and the only photo I have to share is this one of the busted lamp.