prep for a weekend away

Here I am blogging on the airport WIFi, heading to the Bay Area to meet up with Lori. This bag doesn’t look like much but the prep to get ready for the weekend takes some effort.

A weekend away means a lot of prep work prior to ever leaving.

I worked Monday and Tuesday but before work each day there was a litany of things I needed to get done at home.

First I am still eating Whole30, but I didn’t really want to defrost any protein nor go shopping.  So there was a lot of leftovers and random meals like this.

IMG_6047The end of the peas, carrots and grapes along with compliant lunch meat.

There was laundry and packing (although its only 5 days so a small backpack is all I am bringing).

Since my darling brother will be coming by for all the CATS, and I now have no food there for him, I went to our favorite Thai restaurant and picked him up some Tofu Phad Thai and Veggie Fried Rice.

I knew I was missing Thai food being on Whole30 since January, but driving this stuff home my mouth was watering.  All is good, I put it in the fridge for my brother to re-heat while he is around this weekend.

IMG_6043What I forgot was the CSA box that would deliver Tuesday night/Wednesday morning so now my brother can eat off of those veggies as well. I got to put all that away this morning as well, time I hadn’t factored in. The bird feathers and skull on the back mat when I went out for the laundry this morning wasn’t factored into the timing either.

There was weeding to do this week. I wanted to finish filling the yard waste bin.  Taking all of the bins to the street for pick up this morning.  I also changed the litter box.  Lori clears it twice a day and I have only managed once each day since Saturday.  Usually in the middle of the day when I realize I forgot to do it.

I made new hummingbird food and cleaned out the feeders.  This has to be done every week because they start to mold hanging out there in the sun.  Since we are not back until Sunday and leave again next Friday I will have to change it again once I get home again.

This morning after the cats were fed, I packed my backpack I ran by the post office to mail a baby blanket for my niece who is due in a few weeks (oh yea, I finished the blanket yesterday as well.)  Now I am just waiting to board. And we are boarding so I will publish this and try to post as some point this weekend.


Lets get back to something more sane than healthcare.  Like the fact that we have MORE cats hanging around.  In actuality, the FOUR cats, only one of whom lives inside feels more sane then healthcare.

Seriously!  This newest cat has been around for days.  Will not leave the yard and MEOWS all the time.  I have no idea if it is male or female.  Based on size I think it is a few years old.



In other Cat news, the knocked up Lolli (or as Lori has started calling her Lolita) is back and about to pop out kittens any day.   She was there everyday while in heat and making a ruckus.  Then she was gone for a few weeks and by the time she was back was clearly pregnant.  She looks like she has in inner tube under her fur when she is walking.

Today I sat there while her starved self ate breakfast, I think this new cat lets call it loud mouth has been eating her food.  We don’t put it down unless she is there, but I think the last few days loud mouth is running her off.

So I sat there while she ate, then left the rest for what seems to be the starving loudmouth in the yard.  I am still afraid of cats and although the cat and a half that live in the house I am ok with.  I have still never even petted Lolli or gone near this new one.

Lori has been out-of-town since the middle of the night Friday and tomorrow I am flying up to the bay area to meet her and have a long weekend and drive back.  My brother will be coming by to care for the cat(s)(s)(?).    The cat feeding instructions just got a lot more complicated.

Feed the indoor cat and the grey indoor/outdoor cat (good luck timing her arrival with yours) and Lolli only comes by in the morning but she is about to have kittens so who knows (she was sleeping in the plants out front but I am no longer sure,) if you don’t see her don’t worry about it and now this new cat who will let you know it is here.  shew.


Work nights around here

Not so bad.

Today I chose to sleep in the morning.  I got 3 hours of sleep and it made a big difference in my day.  I made breakfast for Lori and I before she went off to class.  We ate on the patio, I then had another cup of coffee out there and read Sunday’s paper that had been sitting around.


I then went out (shocker), leaving not just the house but the property.  First time my car had even been started since we went to the symphony on Saturday night.  I went and washed the car then went to Trader Joes.  Came home and put stuff away and got some food prep done.

I laid down around 3:00 to try to get some sleep.  I couldn’t get to sleep however so I moved to the couch to see if TV could put me to sleep (because it can on most days.)  I took a couple small naps and got another two hours of sleep but in pieces.

Tonight work is super slow.  But I’m actually finding it easier to stay awake than the last couple of days.  I’m listening to the radio and clearly blogging to stay awake between the fits and starts of work I am getting.

Open Ended

That will show me to leave such an open-ended blog.  Several emails and comments, thought I would give you the non-update that I have.

We still have no idea what animal bled all over our yard.  Whatever it was has not been back.  We do know it wasn’t one of our cat and a half that live in the yard.   Probably a passing cat, whatever it was had to jump the fence.

The third kitty is pretty scarce.  I have seen her twice over the weekend but she wont let me near her.  I am not sure who is more afraid of whom.

She still taunts the indoor cat and comes for kibble in the back yard.


Weekend Company

In the “it takes a village” category, my good friend Katherine came to visit for the weekend.

Last week was a bit crazy and several late nights at work in a row, not getting home or off work until after midnight. With two tax appointments, an emergency dental appointment for Lori, a massage appointment and my weekly meeting with Maria the health coach in training all of my prep was relegated to Friday.

Friday Lori had an early morning meeting that I was not aware of so she was up and gone early which at least got me out of bed after almost fiver hours of sleep. After running to the store for eggs, avocado and limes I was able to clean the bathroom, straighten up the living room and make up a bed for Katherine on the couch before heading to work.

My dear brother picked up Katherine for me on Friday night and brought her to the house and let her in. She was already settled in by the time I got home from work.

Saturday was a blast, we went for a nice walk at Eldorado. Then we found a place and got manicures and pedicures. Pedicures I’m used to but having these painted nails as I type is a bit distracting. I like it, but I don’t see them lasting long as I already have a few dings. I am gong to see if I can get a full week out of them.

We also went to a movie Saturday night. We saw Three Billboards. It was a great movie, sad, desperate, encouraging and very raw. There was some hilarity but it had more to do with the audience and theatre we were in as opposed to the actual movie. In the cheapy 3$ theatre by my house we were surrounded by popcorn munching, comment making, blue color folks in my neighborhood that the majority are brown. The “Fat little Mexican on a bicycle” line brought a cacophony of laughter. As did the “Nooooo” at the end when there was no resolution.

Sunday Lori took us to Balboa Island. We walked around mostly admiring the beach houses and small yard configurations. We took at little time “ferry” that holds about 20 people and three cars across to the peninsula and sat in the sand. Katherine braved the cold water to put her feet in. Lunch in a very noisy Mexican restaurant and back on the ferry and then home.

The work week is starting again and Katherine is on her way home. All was great except for our crazy cats that wanted in and out and ran around chasing each other last night, all over and around Katherine as she slept on the couch. Dang cats had me up a couple times and I had to wake Lori for her help in closing the window after I went outside to heard them back in. Of course she didn’t get back to sleep for three hours.

kitty kitty

Just blog already.  I have a bunch of pictures from the last week.  A nice walk at Eldorado last week.  Photos of last weeks pottery class.  All kinds of birds from a walk yesterday, way too many food pictures from Whole30 and cats….

Yes cats….

It seems the outside cat “OC” now comes in every once in a while.  Saturday morning when it was to early to get up, I mean the alarm was set for 6:30 so this had to be before that, she jumped up on top of the kitty cabana.  We ended up just opening the back door and letting her in.  The two cats ran around and played and she explored the house, all while we slept, or more like listened to them romp around and dread getting up.

Now she will come in for love and to play but goes back out to eat and sleep and everything else.  She isn’t ever in for long but will stay as long as someone is petting her.

All of this kitty haven in our backyard that is surrounded by dog yards has drawn this little (maybe 5 months) girl to our yard now.

Yes, those pictures are in my vegetable garden.  grrrrrr.   I call her dumdum.  You know like the sucker.  All because Lori had a calico cat growing up and they called her lollipop.  And this LITTLE kitty is calico and a little lollipop, hence dumdum.

Besides its fun to yell, get out of the garden dumdum.  Dumdum and our ACTUAL cat CeeCee don’t get along, they were fighting under the screen door today and I shooed dumdum off again and she scaled the wall into the neighbors yard.  She isn’t interested in food, just playing (maybe fighting) with OC and definitely antagonizing CeeCee.

So cats becomes the blog today, at least I know my friend Katherine is laughing.


Mish Mosh November

Well out of 30 days I managed to blog for 28.  Not bad considering this month started with our removing the tree in the front yard.  Starting a new Ikebana class on the weekends and my friend Katherine in town for a weekend.  A trip out to Palm Springs to see friends.  Going to the Vox Womens Courus concert.  Shopping, planning and cooking for Thanksgiving.  The sudden illness, decline and death of my dad.  Let us not forget about the outside kitty.  Needless to say, the month was packed.  December is shaping up about the same way, perhaps less blogging.


Outside kitty is still there and still outside.  Until we can get her to a vet and be sure she doesn’t have feline leukemia, outside is where she is staying.  She seems to have gotten over her trauma of us trying to cage her a few weeks ago.  She now runs up when I go outside and wants to be petted.  Today she was playing through the bars of the kitty condo and our skittish cat dashed out of the frame when I went to take a picture.

Besides outside kitty still happening so is Thanksgiving, sorta.  I made a Turkey breast today before leaving for work.  On our way out on Thanksgiving night we had very near zero leftovers.  I have been wanting a turkey sandwich all week so I made us a turkey breast for the weekend.  It may actually be better than the one I made on thanksgiving.  The sandwich I made before even taking a photograph was great!