Christmas Kitty

I have missed a couple days of the posting every day in November task.  It has just been too hard this last week to come up with things to blog about.  My mind has been quite preoccupied.    So here is a holiday picture of Cee Cee our kitty.  She was actually quite okay with this hilarity.


Vet Fail

This morning we got up, actually let the outside cat in the house and got pretty full of ourselves that getting her in the kennel wouldn’t be so hard.

What we should have done was put her in it at that very moment.

What really happened was she explored a little while we were getting ready and managed to get out the window into the kitty condo.  Freak out when we tried to wrangle her back into the house to catch her and climbed the side, scooted out under the tarp roof and was gone.

We called and cancelled the appointment and instead I made breakfast and we went out and ran a few errands.

When we got back, she was back so Lori phoned and found two other appointment times.  She would have to take her alone as I would be working but still good.

So 11:15 came around and we went out to get her.  I was sitting on the ground with a towel.  Lori managed to pick her up and we over played the situation and she was gone again.  This time not coming back until both appointment slots were missed and it was dark and dinner time.

So the kitty is still outside.  We realized while catching her she has worms so she can’t be in the house.


Kitten countdown

Tomorrow it is already looking like a busy day AND I get to work from home.

We have a 9:00 a.m. vet appointment for this little thing.

We will find out if she is chipped, and if she is pregnant and probably get all of her shots and maybe have a new cat.

Cee Cee and her talk through the fence and door but we have not had her inside yet so who knows what our skittish cat will think of this.  It looks like she wants to play, but who knows.

If this new kitten is pregnant…. well crap!

After that a friend who is driving through the country with her van and travel trailer will be stopping by.  She is in the area, sleeping in her travel trailer but she is stopping by to visit.  I am hoping my work tomorrow is as slow as my work today!

There is still grocery shopping I wanted to do and dry-cleaning to drop off and pick up.  But honestly most of that can wait until Sunday if needed.

Kitties and sunsets

For the kitty update…  There is a 9:00 a,m. appointment at the vet on Friday.  We will confirm that this little girl is pregnant and by the off chance that she isn’t schedule her to be spayed.

Cee Cee and the outside cat, affectionately being called OC, cause we are so original, seem to be getting along.  At least through the screen door and the grate of the kitty condo.  Today they seemed to be playing, seemed to be because as soon as I got near the window they stopped so I’m not 100% sure,

Not  a lot else going on today.  Gym, car wash and bathroom cleaning before work.  At work since the filing deadline happened before I got in it was slower then it has been for a couple weeks.   I did watch the sunset and checked out the view during my break. Pictures never do the sunset justice. But the light on the golf course was beaurtiful.

Kitty drama update

Not too much drama really.  Although at some point on our drive to Palm Springs yesterday we realized that if this was the same kitty and it was just now over friendly it was perhaps in heat or with kittens.

This morning Lori was petting her and I got a better photo.  After closer look it is not the same kitty.  You can see they are similar but this kitty has much more orange and grey on its front legs.  Also there is much more white on the other kitty overall.

So now what….we think she may be pregnant.  Not sure.  She is still outside but we are trying to figure out a vet visit for check up and see if she if pregnant or fixed (hopefully).






I took this photo Friday from bed.  CeeCee (a name she does not acknowledge) was lounging outside in the sun and I was reading before getting ready for work.  Soon after the sun moved and she came and crawled into bed with her warm soft fur against my feet.  It was very sweet.

Yesterday wasn’t as peaceful of a day for her.  It was annual shot day.  The appointment was for 9:00 a.m.  Lori woke me to see if I was going with, so up I got and got dressed….then it was cat wrangling time.  Picking her up is easy, especially if you’re comparing to her arrival a year ago.  But with the first failed attempt to get her in the carrier it was hide and seek.

Under the bed, back and forth I finally got her and then my failed attempt.  I almost got her in when all four legs spread out and she wiggled her way out of my hands and was off.  Then we couldn’t find her.  We were sure she went in the bedroom and it is not a large house.  Checked the bathroom and shut that room off.  Checking the office and our closets and then I detected her little body back in the bed where she warmed my feet the day before.  I got her out, wrapped her in a towel and got her in the carrier.  We got to the vet, shots done and actually on our way back home and it wasn’t even 9:00 yet.

She slept all day and kind of gave us the cold shoulder.  She didn’t sleep on the bed, but instead on her cat tree in the living room.  She did come have me pet her a little when I had to get up at 1am because some work came in.  I think she just wasn’t feeling week from the shots and the trauma.

Today she was playing with her toys again and the yearly affair seems to be over.

Hello Blog

Hello Blog, you are boring and stupid lately.  There are so many photos in my phone for blog ideas and they are all buried in between sweet baby photos.  So to rid myself of them I’m dumping them in here.  Now to create a rambling, disjointed, completely random blog post.

Lori and I found a new theatre.  In fact it has been open for a while, about 4 miles from the house.  It is just we had not made it to a movie yet this year……yep, year.  However we did go and see Florence Foster Jenkins.  Now Meryl Streep was a fabulous as Meryl Streep always is.  She was authentic and played Florence as a brave and generous artist with a love of music.  But I would have to say that Simon Helbergs portrayal of Coseme’ McMoon made me the happiest.  I had to go look up and sure enough he played all the piano himself as that is one of his many skills.  His reactions to Florence were spot on!  Beautiful.

But wait….this blog is about the photos in my phone. So back to this new theatre, it has assigned seats!  Seriously.  So that could be both good and bad right.  You don’t have to be in a rush, however if you don’t like who is around you there isn’t much of an option.  But these are the seats!!!  They were two recliners to a set, large seats, cupholders where there is no question as to whose see it belongs to and the matinee was only $7 each!


There are also a couple of pictures of Cee Cee outside in her Kitty Condo.  These were a few weeks ago when we were getting ready to leave one morning.

You can see Cee Cee in the bottom of the photo and the visitor just kind of blended into the gravel.  It startled me when I was getting dressed, but stayed long enough for me to get the photo before going over the fence.

Speaking of Cee Cee, this is where she insists on sleeping every day. Every Day. Yep, Every Day.

In the Saving the best photo for last category….  My darling friend Katherine took this photo while in Europe this Summer.  Had it printed and framed and shipped it to me.  Surprise.

It is beautiful and we made room for it in the living room.  It was hard to get a photo as it was showing my reflection or weird lighting reflection.  But trust me it is gorgeous.