Random pictures from the week

This lovely butterfly was on one of our morning walks.  It looked like it was drying its wings and may have been brand new.IMG_5155

We got paintings in the mail from Coral our 4-YO great niece and the first art we have is now prominently displayed on the fridge.  The card was for Lori, it was a thank you card for her school books and an impressively signed by her card, hand painted and titled rainbow tree.  The other was a Christmas tree and addressed to me.  Love!IMG_5158

And with a few apples that were at the end of there life, about a third of a cup of leftover cranberries and one left over frozen pie crust I whipped up half an apple pie thingy.  Too good to even describe.  IMG_5152

Requisite Weekly Blog

That is what things have come down to right now.  Everything is the same, day in and day out, day in and day out, and a blog titled V_Lo’s View when there is nothing new being “viewed” requires a little or a lot of “catch-up” posts.

  • Weeding
  • Cooking
  • Cleaning
  • Drawing
  • Weeding
  • Cooking
  • Cleaning
  • Drawing

I got more of the back section weeded last weekend.  I filled both large yard waste bins to the top with mostly grass.  I did have to cut the Portulacaria back quite a bit to get under it for the grass.  Luckily it will grow back.  So after days and days of weeding I didn’t do anymore all week.  Which just means I am probably behind again.

The cooking, cleaning, weeding, cooking, cleaning, cooking, cleaning circle never seems to end.  The thing is they never ended before this pandemic.  But there was some  variety in the process.  Going to the farmers market on a Saturday, going out to breakfast on the one day a week we had the same morning off, buying groceries every few days instead of bulk shopping or deliveries that some else shopped for.

This newest cycle however just has less variety and every single meal for months has been at home.  Same with the cleaning.  I am not sure why it just seems to never end.  Maybe because we are home ALL THE TIME now, maybe we just make more of a mess.

With all this “at home” time you would think there is actually more time to draw.  The classical drawing class is over, but I enrolled in the July-Aug Monday morning class for figure drawing.

I set up outside last weekend to get my last drawing done for the week.

I do have a 3 day weekend (not that I’m going anywhere), I am also on call this weekend, the 8:30 pm to 6:30 am shift but there shouldn’t be too much work.  But I can foresee some weeding, some cooking, certainly some cleaning and laundry and maybe some drawing.

Welcome July, which looks a lot like June.  I’ll try for more blogs and less “catch up” crappy posts.




More Bread and some Walks

The school year is winding down.  It is finals week next week so lots of grading in the upcoming week but the all day prepping is currently done for Lori.  There will be more however, and it will start in just a couple weeks along with the classes she will be taking.  But for now it has allowed us a few walks this week.

In fact every morning except one this week we were up and walking a couple miles.  I am pushing for us to go earlier and earlier as I would like to be done before the neighborhood wakes up and before it actually heats up outside.

Our only two issues are actually getting up and getting out, along with food.  I would rather eat later in the morning but Lori needs fuel for her blood sugar before we head out.  This morning she took a granola bar as we left and ate it on the way.

It was a lovely walk and we were back home and I was making breakfast before 8a.m.  One of the things I am missing during this self isolation is the Jacaranda trees.  This time of year they are all in bloom and they are everywhere so usually I would see so many.  I snapped these on our walk yesterday and it just reminded me that all over the city these trees are in bloom and we are missing them.  Sadly the one that was directly across the street from us the city took out last year.

Besides the walks I have been weeding and working and weeding and working oh and baking more bread.  We seriously have eaten way too much bread this week.

Today’s loaf was the end of the dough I made earlier in the week.  It is a no-kneed dough but I did kneed it a bit this time,  maybe five minutes.  I also reduced the baking temp and upped the time by 5 minutes an it is definitely the best loaf of the week.   The interior texture was better and the sesame seeds I sprinkled on top did not hurt that rating either!



Baking Bread – Quarantine Style

I read somewhere, probably Twitter that’s what all the cool kids are doing.  HA HA   Just kidding.  I had been looking for flour.  I had friends looking for flour.  So Lori ordered this bag and we split it with them.   Yep 25 pounds of flour.  (don’t mind my whiskey in the back, its a stressful time)  I split it up and they came and exchanged it for a loaf of cinnamon raisin bread.  We set the flour down on the hood of their truck and backed away and they came out and got it.  Leaving in its place the loaf of cinnamon raisin bread we picked up once they got back in their truck.  I would show you a picture of that bread but we ate it pretty darn quick and it was a week ago!


Today i made a batch of bread dough with my newly acquired flour.  This is a  recipe I’ve had for a very long time, I got it from a friend but haven’t made it in years.  The dough makes four 1 pound loaves and the dough keeps in the fridge for a couple weeks.  I baked one of them tonight and the other three will be baked in the near future I’m sure.


My plan was to make it this past weekend, because well bread is time consuming.  Not the baking that only takes 30 min. But making the dough and letting it proof.  But I was on call all weekend and ended up being very busy at work.  The hours I was not working I was weeding and staying out of Lori’s way.  She had a 48 hour exam and unlike the practice one from a month ago, this one came with instructions to not even have family members read it.  She was stressed and I was busy with weeding or working so bread happened today.