Prep – Cakes

My sister had been making Prep-Cakes for over a year now.  She has built the business from her home to a rented kitchen, hired an employee and can’t keep the refrigerators at a couple of local body building full.

After a 20 year career in the Air Force she is retiring today.  Her next endeavor is to open a store from for her Prep-Cakes.

Sugar free, low carb, macro balanced cupcakes and deserts.  She made us some last Thanksgiving and we ended up having them for breakfast, I mean why not, sugar free and macro balanced.  So. Damn. Good.  (Link below takes you to her Kick starter)


Tonight I made clams for dinner (I should say last night, I am blogging this while working.)  While out shopping there were fresh clams from a farm in Shelton Washington.  I know this farmer from the Des Moines Farmers market, so I picked them up.

I actually pulled out my sketch book from Italy last Summer where I took notes during one of the cooking classes.  There were notes but certainly not a recipe so I was winging it.  I soaked them all in salt water so they would release any sand.  I sautéed garlic and shallots in olive oil and added the clams and white wine and panko because I didn’t have bread crumbs.

Toasted up some baguette and rubbed it with garlic.  Yum!

There was however way to much for the two of us!  When we were done, I took the rest of the clams out of their shells and froze them with the rest of the broth.  Clam Chowder in our future!

Another New Year


If the year goes according to my theory, we will be spending the year in Calimesa, hanging with family, playing games and eating yummy food.  Sounds great!

We drove out yesterday morning loaded up with an air mattress and pomegranate margaritas.  My sister did all of the cooking and made a great prime rib and lots of roasted veggies.  Before dinner however we played a raucous game of MGM Monopoly.  I totally, TOTALLY, could have won as I had the Tribute Theater and the Michael Jackson Theater (think Park Place and Board Walk) and they had three chips each (think houses).   But after several hours the game disintegrated into pandemonium just when I was about to start raking in 1300 payments.

Dinner and overeating was had, then games of Cards Against Humanity, which was hilarious playing with the sweetest most rational Pollyanna (Vicki).  Then some exhausted skipbo while we all waited for midnight.  Wished everyone a happy new year in the quietest celebration ever because the baby was asleep.  We were all in our beds within ten minutes of the new year.

We all went out to breakfast this morning and then we headed home.  I already had purchased ingredients to make my usual black-eyed peas with greens and cornbread. Hopefully this will bring the luck, health and prosperity for the new year….this year can use all the help it can get.

Thanksgiving Week(end)

Tuesday my little sister and her two children flew into LAX from Dallas, after driving 3 hours to get to Dallas that is.  Then my brother Dale picked them up and it took 3.5 hours in traffic to get out to Calimesa.

I had spent Tuesday loading the car and getting all of my salad fixings so they would be fresh.  I loaded up the cooler on Wednesday morning and headed out to Calimesa myself.  Luckily the hour I was traveling it only took me an hour and a quarter to get there.

I arrived before noon and we unloaded everything and I made pies. Which was clearly the last time I blogged.

The rest of the week is a blur.  Thursday Lori drove in.  My sisters and I were well into prepping the food when Vicky and Emily showed up around 11:00.  The day flew by, I gave everyone t-shirts I had made.  They were fun and everyone wore them.  The rest of the guests flew in and drove in and the house had 17 people in it by 3pm.

Dinner was completed and everyone was nice and full.  I was making the whipping cream when the buzz kill of the day happened.  All of a sudden the toilets started backing up… All four of them.

We had to call out a plumber, who came out in the dark, on a holiday and was able to clear the main line from the yard to the street.  I guess seventeen people all day was just too much for the day.

It did put a damper on the night, Lori called the plumber and described the problem.  Then when he arrived my brother Dale hung with him and handled everything.  The company did start to depart before the issue was finished and I did not get a group photo of the shirts so here are a few random photos from the day to show them.






Herby and Fresh

At the very last minute before heading out for Thanksgiving I picked these fresh herbs to cook with.  I am so Thankful for my herb garden.



I was also super happy about my salad bar.  So colorful and yummy.  I tried (did not succeed) to fill up on salad, but I did have a big salad as opposed to any seconds on the other items.


Pie Day

A very long day.  Yesterday I ran errands and picked up the last things I needed for Thankgiving.  I also loaded the trunk of the car with everything non perishable like my mixer and crockpot and a crazy amount of other stuff. 

Today I loaded the cooler wth the turkey and ham and other refrigerated items. Loaded the back seat and hit the road about 10 am. 

After I got to the house in Calimesa everyone helped me unload and I started right in making pies. 

Apple, sweat potato, pumpkin and persimmon. My little sister made us all dinner and my brother pulled my table out of the garage and into the house. He moved their table into the kitchen area and put the big table together for tomorrow.  

I am now down the road six miles, checked into a hotel and heading to bed.  Less than twelve outs after I left the house this morning.  

Yoga+Schedule+Prep+to much stuff

This became one of those blogs that I tried to cram to much into……kinda like the day in general!

We found a yoga studio this weekend.  It isn’t super close, but its closer than any others to our house.  That really is not to descriptive is it?  Well besides being a 30 minute drive on surface streets (the one closest to us), there are two others further away we can also go to.

This is nice on weekends if we want to go to the beach, but maybe hit yoga before or after.  It is also close to a couple friends that we used to meet in the middle in Anaheim on Sunday mornings for yoga.  So a slight possibility there as well as being closer to school.

Anyhow.  We went to yoga on both Sunday and Monday.  I really like the studio.  It is modern and still simple without being one of those studios where there is a single room, one restroom, no place to gather for the next class and classes are limited to before and after the “normal” work hours.  This place has classes all day, there are two studio’s so the classes stagger and are not to far apart.  Some of the mid day classes are even less expensive that the “normal” times.

My schedule is not normal and Lori’s is even further from normal than that.  I found out last Friday afternoon that someone was needed in Denver and my co-worker ended up with the short straw.  Mostly because he was the last one in an the last one to answer “no”.  That did mean that my schedule is later again this week.

I don’t mind the going in later….its the getting home later that messes with my schedule.  Today I wanted to go to the early morning Fit Body workout so I could go to a 9:15 yoga.  Except that didn’t happen.  After getting to bed about 2am, I was not interested it trying to get to the gym by 6:00.  So instead I went to my usual 9:00 a.m. Fit Body class.

I went home after class so I could see and talk to Lori for 10 minutes before she left for school.  We may actually “work” the same evening hours but with my changing schedule and her office hours and meetings during the week we are lucky to have one day like yesterday where we went to yoga and breakfast.  Usually its “Hi, how was your day yesterday, see you tomorrow”

Once she left for school today I went and washed my car.  It was covered in pitch from parking under the tree all weekend.  Then to Costco for a few items.  Then to get gas.  Once home I put away the Costco items and then made banana bread with some over ripe bananas we had.  Then cooked some chicken breasts to get us through the week.  Then made a big salad for the week as well.  Once all of that was done and everything cleaned up I got ready for work and still got to work thirty minutes before I needed to punch in….hence this long winded all over the place blog.

To wrap up:  Yoga good; food prepped for week; schedule off but making it work!  Long winded disjointed blog post done.