Just another Tuesday

Time is a tricky thing.  The more I have to get done the better I am at getting it done.  Also the less I have to do, I get nothing done.  However right now there is A LOT to get done with the entire yard being torn up for the painting and the ongoing editing we are doing of plants, but not a lot got done.

I also want to make it to the gym more days than not and I got to work out this morning.  Then after I went to the grocery store and got back home with an hour before I needed to be in the shower.  I emptied the garbage, recycling and yard waste and then put together a stew in the crock pot.

Yes stew, it’s not necessarily a Summer meal.  However I got both celery and carrots in my CSA box this week and Lori was off at the OC Fair judging again.  I picked up the steak at the store so I could throw this together which would give her dinner when she got home and me leftovers for work tomorrow.

As far as the yard and putting things back I didn’t get any of that done.  We focused on the kitty condo and AC units before work yesterday and then Lori dressed up the front porch.  Cleaning off our chairs, picking up an awesome (matchy) rug for the porch and picked up new cushions that were on sale.  I came home last night and it was such a wonderful lovely surprise.  I am a lucky girl.



What is in a word.

The word junk has been bouncing around my head for a few days.  I’m not sure how or what started it.

Junk usually refers to garbage or something with little or no value, think Junk Bonds.

The word conjures up clutter for me, or rubbish.  A “junk” store filled with broken things of little or no value.  Or a “junker”, a car that doesn’t run.  A garage filled with old worn out bits and pieces with little life left in them.

If given the opportunity for a running car or a junkie car, which would you pick?

If given the chance of a junk bond instead of a sound investment which would you pick.?

If offered a clean plate of food filled with nutrition versus junk food, why would one pick junk food?   I know why people do, why I have.  Most of it is a chemical reaction in the brain.  But the name itself reveals that is just rubbish.

A little pre-work bake

My co-working is turning 40 on Monday and will not be in.  So today I made cupcakes and brought them into work.

I am still doing Whole 30, today was day 100 in fact, so I couldn’t even taste test them.  Luckily I have made so very many cupcakes while I had my little bakery there really wasn’t a need.  While putting the cream cheese in the mixer however, I was tempted.

Today was one of those pre-work errand days as well.  Payday, so I needed to run to the bank, also fit a quick run to Costco in between the baking and the frosting.  No way I am going to Costco on a weekend.  By the time I got done with the baking, shopping and banking I just had enough time to eat breakfast and pack dinner, (not very inspired or pretty dinner but yummy) before getting ready for work.

Catch Up

Work has definitely picked up for the season.  I worked until 3am last night (eeeerrr, this morning).  I had to work late because of volume and I had four major print jobs.  When I turned to third shift and headed home I got a panicked call that my coverage called out sick and the person calling “needed help”  So when I got home about 12:30 am I logged back in for a few hours.

That was just Tuesday,  both Monday and Tuesday there was barely time to think at work because of the volume.  Tonight is a bit better.  Three of the four jobs last night cleared to print today.  Two others have pushed and although there is an hour left of my shift I have enough time try to blog.

Saturday I drove out to see the girls.  Take the baby some clothes we had picked up and a new book on birds.  I spent about six hours visiting and then headed home.  On the way I stopped and picked up a painting we had re-framed.  The price was Cra-Cra and Lori got it for me for my birthday but I am loving it above my dresser.   We now have two very large paintings done by our friend Char in a very small bedroom but it is great.  Lori worked all day Saturday prepping for classes and grading papers.  Poof, Saturday was gone.

Sunday we had a concert downtown the Vox Womens Chorus was singing.  Initially the show was at 4pm.  We thought we might get dinner downtown after.  However they moved it up to 2 because of the Oscars.  So not much else happened on Sunday before and after I managed to get laundry done, a little food cooked for the week and visit with my brother who stopped by.  (It is an Oscars kinda town.)

Monday-Today is already recapped and I am running on four hours sleep and all of these days have run into one another.  I did manage to make my own Whole30 hollandaise sauce this week with Ghee.  I have enjoyed it with poached eggs, smoked salmon and avocado two days in a row and I just may again tomorrow.


Sugar Sugar everywhere

My co-workers, nearly all of them, either currently have a cold or in the last month have had the flu and or cold.

It was the night before last that I felt that first throat scratchy precursor to a cold.  So yesterday I stopped and got some Umcka.  However in standard Whole30 routine I checked out the ingredients prior to taking it.  Maltodextrin is a sugar made from corn, sometimes wheat.

Why?  Also why didn’t I check it at the store instead of after I got home?  Obviously I did not take it.  I also am not getting rid of it because I may take it in the future or Lori may take it soon if the coughing, hacking students infect her.

Instead I went this morning and got two ginger shots, had one then and put the other in my fridge for tonight.  My throat is already better and no sugar included.  The cayenne pepper in it burns the throat but I felt much better after I took it.


Cutting out the sugar has been the best and hardest part of this process.  It is in everything.  Even my mustard had to leave the house and I found one without sugar.

On another note to continue to share food photos, I will post this mornings breakfast.  Simply because the poached eggs were terrific and if you eat with your eyes first I thought this one was a beauty.





Food Prep…round 2…company

I don’t even know what to title this thing.

I am on day 35, just kept right on chugging with Whole30.  Maybe I’ll reintegrate some things after the 4th of March.  Will just have to wait and see.  There are currently no cravings bad enough to reintroduce anything.  Convenience is the only thing that is tempting.  Like being able to pop toast in the toaster and call it breakfast.

Food prepping and shopping have been my biggest hurdles.  But with planning and taking a little time every few days it is doable.

Having the CSA deliver a new round of veggies helped today.  I only had to shop for protein to get through the rest of the week and that was easy enough to squeeze in after the gym.

Now my nieces Taylor and Maria are doing Whole30 as well so there are lots of texts, food ideas and support.  I now also have an Instagram where I have been putting all the food pics, mostly to not bore you and get ideas from others doing the same thing.

Here are some of the vegetables delivered today along with some food prep.  Watch for beets and romanesco this weekend.

IMG_4279IMG_4269 IMG_4007

Whole 30 Meals

I am not quite to half way through the Whole 30.  My camera is way to full of food photos as I check in with every meal to the group I am doing this with.

I have been finding it easier than some of the people in my group.  One guy started over today for the 3rd time.   The hardest part for me is the cutting out of legumes and rice.

It is definitely a plan that when your one you must be able to cook.  All processed foods are out and so many things that you think you would be able to eat has sugar in them.  Cutting out all sugar for the thirty days is the crux of this thirty days.