Mish Mosh November

Well out of 30 days I managed to blog for 28.  Not bad considering this month started with our removing the tree in the front yard.  Starting a new Ikebana class on the weekends and my friend Katherine in town for a weekend.  A trip out to Palm Springs to see friends.  Going to the Vox Womens Courus concert.  Shopping, planning and cooking for Thanksgiving.  The sudden illness, decline and death of my dad.  Let us not forget about the outside kitty.  Needless to say, the month was packed.  December is shaping up about the same way, perhaps less blogging.


Outside kitty is still there and still outside.  Until we can get her to a vet and be sure she doesn’t have feline leukemia, outside is where she is staying.  She seems to have gotten over her trauma of us trying to cage her a few weeks ago.  She now runs up when I go outside and wants to be petted.  Today she was playing through the bars of the kitty condo and our skittish cat dashed out of the frame when I went to take a picture.

Besides outside kitty still happening so is Thanksgiving, sorta.  I made a Turkey breast today before leaving for work.  On our way out on Thanksgiving night we had very near zero leftovers.  I have been wanting a turkey sandwich all week so I made us a turkey breast for the weekend.  It may actually be better than the one I made on thanksgiving.  The sandwich I made before even taking a photograph was great!



Delaying the days discomfort

Today I did not read or hear any news until after 1pm.  Thirteen hours of news free zone.

I did not look at my delivered Washington Post or LA Times in my email, I did not look at twitter and I kept the radio off MSNBC and on a jazz station.

I had an 80 minute massage scheduled at 9:00 a.m. and started the relaxing part before getting out of bed by just ignoring reality for a few additional hours.

We were at the spa early and as I sat with cucumbers on my tired eyelids and just focused on my breathing and relaxing.  That kind of breathing you do in yoga to get through discomfort.  Like when your ankle bones are stacked on each other and the floor and it starts to hurt.  It was Janice in Seattle that thought me to live through the discomfort.  Not to move or try to fix it, just to breath and accept that life is sometimes painful.

That technique I use if I’m too hot or cold or some other discomfort that I just need to get through.

The news cycle takes more than breath however.  So once I was to work I fired off some faxes and emails against the upcoming tax plan.

After getting caught up on the events of twelve hours of sleeping and massage and driving to work I dove into Thanksgiving shopping planning for the items I am making and reveled in my massage from this morning.



Working from home

with no work.

Today is the first day I work from home.  This will hopefully re-occur every other Friday.  It is a trial because the traffic on Friday’s is beyond its usual crappiness and registers as full tilt garbage.  Walt IM’d that it took him an hour and a half to get to work, he lives less than three miles away.  He could have walked faster.

So I had lots of extra time this morning.  Lori and I went for groceries and to stop to pick up some things for a couple of school experiments.

I then had time to make some clam chowder.  I had frozen broth and clams from earlier in the year.  We got home with enough time for me to get the soup started and could dash in and stir it a couple of times.  It is quite yummy and has a bit of a kick to it because I used spicy panko to thicken the clams when I made them so the broth was quite spicy.

I also finished the blanket I had been working on at work all week.  This one is probably going to Taylor’s friend who is expecting.  But I am starting another so there will be several to pick from.   See the extra ‘bit’ of yarn left.  That’s what the other should have had that I spent weeks looking for before finishing and sending off as is.IMG_3079

So I am three hours into my first shift at home.  I have five more hours.  I have made soup, finished a blanket, started another and am clearly blogging.  I like this working from home.  I really do wish there was some actual work however it would make the hours move a little quicker.  I can’t actually leave the desk for long just in case a client sends in something but there is time to maybe start the laundry here in a bit.


Oh and I’m barefoot, no heals, no suit!


Reporting in

Weekends go so fast!  I am sure I shoehorned three days into the two however.

Saturday we got up late, 9:00 am or so, headed out to run errands and get lunch.  Just as we were getting started my little sister text that she was on her way out to drop off her car rental and had some time to kill.  So things changed up.  After we ate Lori started working and I drove out to LAX to pick up my sister.  She had 4 hours or so to visit before she had to be back at the airport.

We drove back to the house and visited for that time and then I headed back to LAX.  LAX may be the most economical airline to fly into, it is also not that far from our house, 20 miles or so straight down the freeway.  It is however the biggest pain in the ass.

As we drove to the airport about 5:30, the freeway opposite, on the way back was completely stopped.  There were fire trucks and miles of unmoving cars.  I am glad I could see that on the way there and so swung all the way down to another freeway to get home.

Once home it was 7pm Lori and I headed out to the grocery store and completed at least one of the errands we set out to do in the morning.  Then I made dinner and my oh my there the weekend is half over already.

Sunday.  Lori worked in the morning.  We had plans in the afternoon to go to Vicky and Emily’s for dinner and swimming.

While she worked I started on a project that had been on the “to-do” list since we returned home from Europe.

Vicky and Emily gave me extra fabric from a reupholster project to make them a valance and some pillows.  I was able in just a couple hours to get all four done so I could take them with us.  I also threw together some bean and roasted corn enchiladas to add to the dinner menu.

This Soiree was Taylor and Emily’s planning and we all brought our swimming gear where the baby had her first pool experience.  She wasn’t so sure of herself but early exposure is good and we are looking for swim lessons.  We had a blast and a very yummy dinner of chicken tacos and enchiladas.  Not to mention needed time with family.  My brother Dale, my sister Della, my might as well be sister Vicky, my wife Lori and my nieces Emily, Amber, Taylor and of course the center of attention Coral.  It was a pretty near perfect day!  Thank you Emily for putting it all together.



Prep – Cakes

My sister had been making Prep-Cakes for over a year now.  She has built the business from her home to a rented kitchen, hired an employee and can’t keep the refrigerators at a couple of local body building full.

After a 20 year career in the Air Force she is retiring today.  Her next endeavor is to open a store from for her Prep-Cakes.

Sugar free, low carb, macro balanced cupcakes and deserts.  She made us some last Thanksgiving and we ended up having them for breakfast, I mean why not, sugar free and macro balanced.  So. Damn. Good.  (Link below takes you to her Kick starter)


Tonight I made clams for dinner (I should say last night, I am blogging this while working.)  While out shopping there were fresh clams from a farm in Shelton Washington.  I know this farmer from the Des Moines Farmers market, so I picked them up.

I actually pulled out my sketch book from Italy last Summer where I took notes during one of the cooking classes.  There were notes but certainly not a recipe so I was winging it.  I soaked them all in salt water so they would release any sand.  I sautéed garlic and shallots in olive oil and added the clams and white wine and panko because I didn’t have bread crumbs.

Toasted up some baguette and rubbed it with garlic.  Yum!

There was however way to much for the two of us!  When we were done, I took the rest of the clams out of their shells and froze them with the rest of the broth.  Clam Chowder in our future!

Another New Year


If the year goes according to my theory, we will be spending the year in Calimesa, hanging with family, playing games and eating yummy food.  Sounds great!

We drove out yesterday morning loaded up with an air mattress and pomegranate margaritas.  My sister did all of the cooking and made a great prime rib and lots of roasted veggies.  Before dinner however we played a raucous game of MGM Monopoly.  I totally, TOTALLY, could have won as I had the Tribute Theater and the Michael Jackson Theater (think Park Place and Board Walk) and they had three chips each (think houses).   But after several hours the game disintegrated into pandemonium just when I was about to start raking in 1300 payments.

Dinner and overeating was had, then games of Cards Against Humanity, which was hilarious playing with the sweetest most rational Pollyanna (Vicki).  Then some exhausted skipbo while we all waited for midnight.  Wished everyone a happy new year in the quietest celebration ever because the baby was asleep.  We were all in our beds within ten minutes of the new year.

We all went out to breakfast this morning and then we headed home.  I already had purchased ingredients to make my usual black-eyed peas with greens and cornbread. Hopefully this will bring the luck, health and prosperity for the new year….this year can use all the help it can get.