Saturday was for the yard

Not the whole day, I slept in until 8:00.  I had to work at the office yesterday getting home about midnight, so I guess 8:00 wasn’t too late.  Needing to use up some ripe bananas I made a loaf of banana, walnut and cranberry bread.  We had it for second breakfast mid morning, then headed out to run a couple of errands

Lori had read yesterday’s blog before I woke up, so she was on board for running to Michael’s.  We picked up some tiny frosting tips and a ton of sprinkles, sparkles and candies for the gingerbread decorating event.  We even stopped and picked up another kit so Coral could have her own.  She may only be three and a half but being the only child we wanted to be sure she was included.

We were home by noon and Lori spent the rest of the day working.  I pulled out a huge Agave that had gone to seed and about forty babies that were under it.  I also pulled out two large sections of Aloes that had multiplied to an extreme.

Once both yard waste bins were full I went to Lowes and picked up 8 bags of gravel.  We need to have some delivered but I really just wanted to cover up what I had dug out so it didn’t end of up being a large kitty sand box.  Eight bags were not enough and I went back for four more and got them all spread out.

The yard waste bins are already on the street for Wednesday’s pick up, but rain this week is already showing weeds.  So more weeding is now needed.

Since I was already dirty, I went and washed both of our cars and filled them up with gas for the upcoming week.  Leaving tomorrow free for a massage in the middle of the day, work out today’s heavy lifting!

Family Time

We drove out to see my family today. Visited for several hours, had a tea party with the 3,5 year old. Good thing it was make believe tea because it would have been gallons of tea.

We all went to dinner when my sister got home from work, Then visited for several more hours.

Great day and this little darling is 3feet 8inches tall and is only 3.5 years. Looks like a five year old, but still has three year old melt downs.

She took pictures with me and we were posing in “baby shark” poses by her direction.


My favorite picture from last weekend. Playing basket ball with the TWO YEAR old. There she is “shooting” toward Lori. Full size basket ball and all.

She is barely forming full sentences yet, but an extremely active baby.


in low spirits from loss of hope or courage.

Yep that about covers it.

These last few weeks have been so depressing.  Watching people in this country support and confirm a man not fit for the Supreme Court.

Hats off to the brave women who came forward, their lives will never be the same.  There was already trauma and loss for them.  Now they have shown a light on the worst times of their lives and they were cast aside, again.

There has been a lot of triggers in the last few weeks.  Bringing back some of my own traumas.  Things I hadn’t even think about actually.   I have ended up ‘sharing’ some of the events of past recently.  Things I worked through as best as possible years ago.

Some of the questions they asked Dr. Ford, I couldn’t answer either.  I was actually surprised because the things I do remember are so vibrantly clear the stuff that isn’t is shocking…….

like how did I get home?  How did I get home???  I was close enough to walk, but I usually drove to the lake for a run.  I have no idea.  I remember the attack, I remember the shower.  I don’t know if I walked home or drove, I don’t know if I went in the front door by my grandmothers bedroom, or went around through the back door.

Day-Oct 19, Year – 1984, Day of the week- Friday.  THOSE are easier for me because I have a weird thing with dates.  It both comes in handy and weirds people out.  (For the record, this year, Oct 19th is also a Friday – Lovely)

This weekend, while he was being confirmed, I just couldn’t watch or listen or pay attention.  Luckily we had planned ahead of time to head to Calimesa for a day of games and family time.  We played Phase10 and Boggle.  My sister bought a bunch of snacks and I made a potato salad that was both compliant with my Whole30 and the baby with egg allergies could eat.

We headed home after a day of visiting and although I was on call, I ended up with no work that it worked out well.

Sunday was just as low-key.  Although there is a never-ending list of things to do we found a new breakfast place, went shopping to put together a gift for a party this weekend and watched a lot of food network (it is pumpkin carving competition season after all.)  No chores, no errands, no news, no phone calls.




She always makes me feel better.

Wrap Up

Let me wrap up last week so I can move on to current events.

I should just write, MORE DRIVING! and call it a blog.

We left about 10:00 a.m. on Thursday for the trek home.  The 2 year old did remarkably well for being strapped in a car seat or highchair for 21 straight hours.  We headed out and got well out of town and near Oregon before stopping for breakfast.  When I was done eating I took the babe out for a little walk as there were chickens to see.  She is watching them in this photo.


The trade-off with driving continued and I took over after my sister around Salem or so and drove to Yreka, CA where we stopped for dinner.  I tried to get some sleep but there wasn’t much luck.  Just about 1 a.m. somewhere near Walnut Grove I took over again.  My niece helped keep me awake and we got to L.A. just in time for the morning commute on Friday.  Arriving at our house just before 7:00 a.m.  We got home in 21 hours with two long meal stops.

They continued home for another 90 minutes and I could barely stay awake.  I got about 3 hours of sleep before getting up, showering and re-packing a bag for the weekend.

Lori and I already had a weekend planned prior to the date being set for my dads funeral.  So when she got home from class we drove up to Manteca to visit friends who had just closed and moved into a new house.  So six hours more on the road.  Lori did the first couple, got us over the grapevine but with her sprained foot it was easier on me to drive.

We had a great weekend.  After a week on the road and watching my whole30 intake I had no real control of my food.  When you’re a guest and you are not the one making the food you eat what is served.  We got there to a lovely meal of meatloaf, squash and mushrooms.  In the morning she made homemade Arepas and I had cheese, which was followed by a headache.

Sunday we drove home.  We made good time and did the drive in just over five hours.

Now to settle in on my usual routine.  I made a general to do list today and got the small things that I could check done.  Dry-cleaners, wash car, fill gas, make/change hummingbird food and pay bills.  The rest of the week will be getting back to the gym, weeding in the front yard, finish painting the shed, clean house and grocery shopping.


Coral and I at dads funeral

It was nice that the rain held up for the service.  Considering the forecast was full of it we didn’t see much.  It was nice to be back in Seattle.  I realize what I miss most from there are people and this trip included only family.  I did get a wonderful offer of a guest room so hopefully another trip up to see friends will be in my future.

2 Years

My great-niece is two. TWO.  I only see her about once a month, well except pictures I get those almost everyday.  She is so tall.  Here is the 1 year comparison.

My niece threw her a “pool” “donut” party.  The donuts were a big hit with her guests and the kids had a blast in the pools they had set up.  Coral may only be 2 but she has quite a few friends already.

5-day weekend

It started at the end of March, plans with friends.  Meeting in Palm Springs or Santa Barbara so I requested the time off.  The plans fell through but I kept the days!

Friday we picked up Lori’s car from the repair shop and returned the rental.  She went off to the last day of the school year and  I did chores around the house and went grocery shopping.

Saturday we headed out to the house in Calimesa to do some chores.  Mainly moving a shed and doing some skunk deterrent work on the front gate.  Once we moved the shed from its initial location we moved the blocks for the foundation over to the new location.  We had to also get the skunk waste and nest out of the old location, stinky job.

Once we were ready at the new location, it took all of us, my brothers strength and the biggest crow bar ever that we had brought with us.  But we got it into place with just once small hip dent in the front.

Since both sheds needed paint, the girls spend Sunday and Monday painting them both with rustoleum.  We had re-organized one for storage and the other was cleared out and we will be painting windows on it and making it a play house for Coral.

While they painted we worked in our yard clearing and making some space in the front yard.  We also cut back and pulled some plants to move into the girls yard.

Tuesday, day five, we headed back out early in the morning.  I picked up a U-haul rental down the street so we could do a dump run.  We started by pulling up two old shed base platforms from behind the garage.  This too meant clearing out some skunk leavings.  (ewww).  There is now no empty shed bases back there for skunks to nest under.

We loaded the platforms and some old furniture and garbage to go to the dump.  Besides the dump run we organized the garage, laid some turf and planted the plants we brought.


The only thing we didn’t get to was the art on the baby’s play house.  But since she has no idea it can be done later, maybe Saturday when we are there for her 2nd birthday.  This super tall baby who all of a sudden says bol for auntie Val and Jorrry or auntie Lori is having a party in the nicely cleaned and dressed up yard on Saturday.

My five-day “weekend” is done and I’m back to work.  Lots completed, body is tired and a bee sting on my tongue.  (Loading the truck I was saying something and I guess a bee flew in my mouth.  The ensuing spitting to get it out of my mouth and it stung my tongue.  How random!)

I’m glad I’m only working three days this week because I am tired!