2 Years

My great-niece is two. TWO.  I only see her about once a month, well except pictures I get those almost everyday.  She is so tall.  Here is the 1 year comparison.

My niece threw her a “pool” “donut” party.  The donuts were a big hit with her guests and the kids had a blast in the pools they had set up.  Coral may only be 2 but she has quite a few friends already.

5-day weekend

It started at the end of March, plans with friends.  Meeting in Palm Springs or Santa Barbara so I requested the time off.  The plans fell through but I kept the days!

Friday we picked up Lori’s car from the repair shop and returned the rental.  She went off to the last day of the school year and  I did chores around the house and went grocery shopping.

Saturday we headed out to the house in Calimesa to do some chores.  Mainly moving a shed and doing some skunk deterrent work on the front gate.  Once we moved the shed from its initial location we moved the blocks for the foundation over to the new location.  We had to also get the skunk waste and nest out of the old location, stinky job.

Once we were ready at the new location, it took all of us, my brothers strength and the biggest crow bar ever that we had brought with us.  But we got it into place with just once small hip dent in the front.

Since both sheds needed paint, the girls spend Sunday and Monday painting them both with rustoleum.  We had re-organized one for storage and the other was cleared out and we will be painting windows on it and making it a play house for Coral.

While they painted we worked in our yard clearing and making some space in the front yard.  We also cut back and pulled some plants to move into the girls yard.

Tuesday, day five, we headed back out early in the morning.  I picked up a U-haul rental down the street so we could do a dump run.  We started by pulling up two old shed base platforms from behind the garage.  This too meant clearing out some skunk leavings.  (ewww).  There is now no empty shed bases back there for skunks to nest under.

We loaded the platforms and some old furniture and garbage to go to the dump.  Besides the dump run we organized the garage, laid some turf and planted the plants we brought.


The only thing we didn’t get to was the art on the baby’s play house.  But since she has no idea it can be done later, maybe Saturday when we are there for her 2nd birthday.  This super tall baby who all of a sudden says bol for auntie Val and Jorrry or auntie Lori is having a party in the nicely cleaned and dressed up yard on Saturday.

My five-day “weekend” is done and I’m back to work.  Lots completed, body is tired and a bee sting on my tongue.  (Loading the truck I was saying something and I guess a bee flew in my mouth.  The ensuing spitting to get it out of my mouth and it stung my tongue.  How random!)

I’m glad I’m only working three days this week because I am tired!

Time and To-Do’s

All the time with nothing accomplished.

The weekend I had grand plans to get a lot of things accomplished.  Lori was working at an event all weekend.  That left me to my own devices.  I had great plans that included yard work, house work, grocery shopping, cooking.

So of course more important things arose.  Saturday I met my nieces at the same fair Lori was running booth at.  It was a fair for children and although we took Coral she is a bit small still.  The livestock was just a bit to big and sticky for her.  No interest in the cows at all but she baaaa’d at the sheep.

We left early and went to lunch.  It was a lovely afternoon with the girls.

I got home not much before Lori, we left directly to a friends house.  The major wind storm on the prior Thursday had a tree fall in her yard, pull the power line down which bent a weather vane on the roof and the power arc’d and caught the roof on fire.   So we went for support, to visit and go spend some time at the laundromat with her.

Sunday was another time to get started on this list.  I did get the kitchen half cleaned and the bathroom half cleaned and the living room half cleaned.  But except for streaming some repeats of Downton Abbey not a lot got checked off the list.

Of course my time is more limited this week, so of course I’ve already gotten more done.  I do better with less time I think.


Faucet Finale

Saturday the family drove in.  We all went to breakfast and then took the baby to the beach for her first time there.  Needless to say she wanted nothing to do with the sand. Walking on it or touching it.

Her mom and aunt put her down near the water but she just climbed right back up their legs.  I took her and sat down in the sand with her safely on my lap not touching any sand.  I played with one hand in the sand and built a little mound and covered it with shells and made roads over and around it.  She ventured out with one hand and touched it only for a moment.  Pretty good for the first trip.


Once we were back to our place and the girls took off I got my brother to help me with the kitchen sink.  I really needed his height for the added torque to get the faucet off.

We had sprayed it several times over the week with blaster and knocked the pipe hoping to loosen it up.  Although he got the hot water off, the cold came away further in the wall.  It seems that the faucet was glued to the nipple.  So out I ran for the pipe.  We got the thing back together and the water on and for the first time in forever we have no leaks in the house and everything has a new faucet.

We will probably have to repeat this in 6-7 years.  We have so much calcium and the only way to combat that would be to add a water softening system between the water line and the house.  This would include a lot of chemicals and monthly maintenance from a service.


Catch Up

Work has definitely picked up for the season.  I worked until 3am last night (eeeerrr, this morning).  I had to work late because of volume and I had four major print jobs.  When I turned to third shift and headed home I got a panicked call that my coverage called out sick and the person calling “needed help”  So when I got home about 12:30 am I logged back in for a few hours.

That was just Tuesday,  both Monday and Tuesday there was barely time to think at work because of the volume.  Tonight is a bit better.  Three of the four jobs last night cleared to print today.  Two others have pushed and although there is an hour left of my shift I have enough time try to blog.

Saturday I drove out to see the girls.  Take the baby some clothes we had picked up and a new book on birds.  I spent about six hours visiting and then headed home.  On the way I stopped and picked up a painting we had re-framed.  The price was Cra-Cra and Lori got it for me for my birthday but I am loving it above my dresser.   We now have two very large paintings done by our friend Char in a very small bedroom but it is great.  Lori worked all day Saturday prepping for classes and grading papers.  Poof, Saturday was gone.

Sunday we had a concert downtown the Vox Womens Chorus was singing.  Initially the show was at 4pm.  We thought we might get dinner downtown after.  However they moved it up to 2 because of the Oscars.  So not much else happened on Sunday before and after I managed to get laundry done, a little food cooked for the week and visit with my brother who stopped by.  (It is an Oscars kinda town.)

Monday-Today is already recapped and I am running on four hours sleep and all of these days have run into one another.  I did manage to make my own Whole30 hollandaise sauce this week with Ghee.  I have enjoyed it with poached eggs, smoked salmon and avocado two days in a row and I just may again tomorrow.


Onward to the New Year

Last week was a very very full week.  With a last-minute work trip in which I crammed as many coffee dates in as possible.  Then landing late on Wednesday, Thursday before work was shopping and packing for the weekend.  Friday we loaded up and headed to the girls and then up to Big Bear for a snowy Christmas get away with the family.


There was no snow, not a flake.  Well there was some fake snow on the ski slopes, but none on the ground.  There was however lots of fire wood and Dale kept the fire going.  There was lots of food.  WAY too much food.  We had planned out a menu and everyone was making a meal or two.  But dang there was too much food.  Also lots of games, Quelf, Phase10, Skip bo and Pictionary.  Also a “newlywed” game that Vicki and Emily put together that was a ton of fun.  There were lots of Christmas Sweaters and a stroll through the Village.

The baby did pretty well for being away from home and her routine for the first time.  It’s hard to believe she is only 18 months old based on her height.  Here is last years picture compared to this years.




No tricks here…..all treats


Not my dogs.  The first is my friend Alberts poodles that I used to sit.  The other is our friend Jans dog.