Random pictures from the week

This lovely butterfly was on one of our morning walks.  It looked like it was drying its wings and may have been brand new.IMG_5155

We got paintings in the mail from Coral our 4-YO great niece and the first art we have is now prominently displayed on the fridge.  The card was for Lori, it was a thank you card for her school books and an impressively signed by her card, hand painted and titled rainbow tree.  The other was a Christmas tree and addressed to me.  Love!IMG_5158

And with a few apples that were at the end of there life, about a third of a cup of leftover cranberries and one left over frozen pie crust I whipped up half an apple pie thingy.  Too good to even describe.  IMG_5152

Masks, life right now

It is now mandatory here in Southern California to wear a mask when going out in public and all essential workers.

My good friend Vivian and her mom have been making masks for the nursing agencies around them and family and friends.  She sent me a bunch for the family including a Coral sized one for the almost 4 year old.  There is a polypropylene filter in the middle to increase the filtering capabilities.

I was going to mail them to my sister and nieces but I actually found toilet paper for them.  There was only one package at target when I went out last week so I picked it up.

So Saturday Lori had class and I chose to drive out to thier house.  I was just going to leae everything on the porch but instead I went in.  We all stayed 6 feet away from each other, we all wore masks even in the house.  I didn’t stay long but it was nice to see them.

I did not stay long, in fact I got out there 65 miles, visited and back in about two hours.  It was nice to get out of the house even for a solo drive.


Saturday was for the yard

Not the whole day, I slept in until 8:00.  I had to work at the office yesterday getting home about midnight, so I guess 8:00 wasn’t too late.  Needing to use up some ripe bananas I made a loaf of banana, walnut and cranberry bread.  We had it for second breakfast mid morning, then headed out to run a couple of errands

Lori had read yesterday’s blog before I woke up, so she was on board for running to Michael’s.  We picked up some tiny frosting tips and a ton of sprinkles, sparkles and candies for the gingerbread decorating event.  We even stopped and picked up another kit so Coral could have her own.  She may only be three and a half but being the only child we wanted to be sure she was included.

We were home by noon and Lori spent the rest of the day working.  I pulled out a huge Agave that had gone to seed and about forty babies that were under it.  I also pulled out two large sections of Aloes that had multiplied to an extreme.

Once both yard waste bins were full I went to Lowes and picked up 8 bags of gravel.  We need to have some delivered but I really just wanted to cover up what I had dug out so it didn’t end of up being a large kitty sand box.  Eight bags were not enough and I went back for four more and got them all spread out.

The yard waste bins are already on the street for Wednesday’s pick up, but rain this week is already showing weeds.  So more weeding is now needed.

Since I was already dirty, I went and washed both of our cars and filled them up with gas for the upcoming week.  Leaving tomorrow free for a massage in the middle of the day, work out today’s heavy lifting!

Family Time

We drove out to see my family today. Visited for several hours, had a tea party with the 3,5 year old. Good thing it was make believe tea because it would have been gallons of tea.

We all went to dinner when my sister got home from work, Then visited for several more hours.

Great day and this little darling is 3feet 8inches tall and is only 3.5 years. Looks like a five year old, but still has three year old melt downs.

She took pictures with me and we were posing in “baby shark” poses by her direction.