Palm Springs for a day

Lori and I headed out to Palm Springs last Saturday morning.  Our friends bought a house out there last fall and we had yet to go visit.

It was a 90+ degree day in the shade.  We took a tour of their mid-century modern house.  Perused the back yard they have been working on.  Had a nice lunch and then they drove us around showing us houses they liked, houses they almost bought, houses they wanted their friends to buy and move into.  Lots of houses.

They were clearly enthralled with their surroundings and had historical facts and trivia to add to every twist and turn or our tour.  It was kind of funny, they so wanted to show us these houses, and clearly they have been by and seen them all before.  So they went kind of fast, leaving little time to actually look at them before we were off to the next cool mid-century home.

Lori knowing so much more about architecture and architects held up the conversation.  I sat there laughing at it all and wondering what kind of houses do I like.  (not mid-century modern by the way)

Either way, the only pictures I took were of their work in progress back yard as we sat around the pool visiting after our tour.  They moved most of their tiki’s from the old house to this new one.  Luckily their daughter is living in the old house so they can go by and get more whenever they are in orange county.  They really do fit this house, its like they have been collecting furnishings for this house all their lives and finally found it.  The perfect home for all of their Polynesian stylings.

We did swing in to see the family and have a little baby time on our way home, visiting for maybe an hour, getting home just before midnight.


It was a good (albeit exhausting) day!

52 and exhausted

I turned 52 today.  It was rung in with cards, emails, texts, phone calls and a visit.  I felt very celebrated!

Right now I’m working late, hoping third shift is in before midnight so I can get out.  I technically got enough sleep this weekend but feel like I am needing a good nights sleep.

Katherine flew in on Friday night and I picked her up after work.  Saturday we slept in a little having gotten in around 1am and then headed out to see the girls in Calimesa and Katherine got to meet Coral!  It was a very quick visit and when we got back home no one wanted to go out or wait for me to cook so Lori went out and picked us up Thai food.

Sunday we all went out to breakfast and then Katherine and I went for a walk on the beach and having not enough walking and chatting in we headed over to Bolsa Chica and walked there as well.  We all managed to make it out to dinner and had a lovely time.


Today I dropped her off on my way to work and when leaving I left Lori instructions to cook the chicken I had gotten for the weekend but didn’t cook.  Granted all I did was wash the potatoes and put them in the dish and left her directions for temp and time.  She looked up a recipe, added the herbs, onions and lemon and sent me this picture of a happy birthday dinner.  She is going to have to give up the “I don’t cook” if she keeps this up.


I am a very luck (albeit tired) girl!


8 months

Whats not to Love


Here is my focus today.  Focusing on the GOOD things.  Tomorrow, well tomorrow I have been trying to avoid and it is here.  (Lori stop reading now and wake me up, let’s go to breakfast and stay busy – I will not be watching)

I have been trying to not get into political rants.  I haven’t been completely avoiding Facebook but pretty darn near.  Twitter on the other hand is another story.  I have been scrolling and reading and getting mad and sad and overjoyed and on a rollercoaster.  I have been tweeting and re-tweeting and calling congress people and following more senators.  But tonight when I found myself RESPONDING to a PEOTUS tweet I stopped and texted my niece, just one word.  Baby.

I then received today’s picture of my great-niece eating her moms homemade organic lunch.  Ommmmmmmmmmmm.  (just look at that fuzzy head)

Another New Year


If the year goes according to my theory, we will be spending the year in Calimesa, hanging with family, playing games and eating yummy food.  Sounds great!

We drove out yesterday morning loaded up with an air mattress and pomegranate margaritas.  My sister did all of the cooking and made a great prime rib and lots of roasted veggies.  Before dinner however we played a raucous game of MGM Monopoly.  I totally, TOTALLY, could have won as I had the Tribute Theater and the Michael Jackson Theater (think Park Place and Board Walk) and they had three chips each (think houses).   But after several hours the game disintegrated into pandemonium just when I was about to start raking in 1300 payments.

Dinner and overeating was had, then games of Cards Against Humanity, which was hilarious playing with the sweetest most rational Pollyanna (Vicki).  Then some exhausted skipbo while we all waited for midnight.  Wished everyone a happy new year in the quietest celebration ever because the baby was asleep.  We were all in our beds within ten minutes of the new year.

We all went out to breakfast this morning and then we headed home.  I already had purchased ingredients to make my usual black-eyed peas with greens and cornbread. Hopefully this will bring the luck, health and prosperity for the new year….this year can use all the help it can get.

Christmas Weekend

We headed out to see my sister and nieces yesterday.  I had to work in the morning but luckily got the job wrapped up about 11:00, packed up the laptop and we headed out with all of my ingredients to make spaghetti, caesar salad and garlic bread.

We got out there and I started my sauce so it could cook for a few hours. We then played cards and visited and had my great-niece Coral open her Christmas present from us.  (The only present we bought this year)

After dinner we headed out to look at Christmas lights.  There is a neighborhood that has all the houses and lights connected together and matching the music on the radio.  It was cool.

Today,  we started a “Christmas” project of moving all of the rocks and barrel cactus out of the easement and putting in pavers.  Several reasons for this; moving the thorns out of the easement, putting in something that is easier to keep up because the pea gravel gets kicked everywhere from passers-by.

We got all of the large rocks and cactus moved pretty quickly.  Then we moved forward to raking up the pea gravel and moving it into the back yard and laying down the pavers.  We didn’t finish the first section before we ran out of light and energy.  We filled the unfinished portion with dirt and 2×4’s so no one would trip tonight.

Tomorrow we will be back out there and hopefully finish it up.  I am on call and don’t think I’ll get away with the phone not ringing like today.  But one can hope.


Tile Porch part 1

Part one because we will be driving back out tomorrow to grout the porch tiles into place.

My sister tore the old blue Astro turf off the porch this morning. Lori had loaded our tile saw and equipment into the car last night while I was at work.  So my involvement in the prep of today’s project was pretty minimal.  Picking out tile and grout with Lori yesterday before work.

Now most of the tile we had from when we did the studio a year and a half ago.  But we were just a little  short so picked up some tile to make a pattern in the middle.

It was hot, only 85 today but damn it was hot laying out the tile then picking it all back up to mortar it all in.  I had sweat literally rolling off my nose into the mortar.

It’s a small space and staring in the middle so our pattern would be centered and then working from the sides out and finally tiling myself right in the front door.

My niece was photographing as we went.  So sweating pictures of us working included.

We are driving back out early tomorrow to grout it all into place so final photos then.

We did have really cute company……..