No tricks here…..all treats


Not my dogs.  The first is my friend Alberts poodles that I used to sit.  The other is our friend Jans dog.


IMG_2425Since I got the car in January, I have been taking the truck on and off of standby insurance to do things like move gravel, or to move the girls last weekend.  Then just like last weekend, it ends up just sitting under the tree and not being used.

I happened to mention selling it at work and one of the managers asked that I bring it in.  So I extended the insurance out another day and drove it in.  Yesterday when he decided to buy it I was then on a limited time frame.   After work I got one more 1,000 pound bag of gravel, got it unloaded, cleaned out the truck and got it back to the work parking lot prior to midnight.

Today I signed over the title, deposited the cash, removed it from my auto policy completely and am just down to the car now.

It has been a great truck.  I never loved this Ranger like the one before that was totalled.  But it took hundreds of trips to the dog park.  Allowed me to join the farmers market and transport lots of cakes.  Moved me to California and then became a work horse for bricks and gravel.

When I cleaned it out last night I kept thinking where did all this stuff come from.  I had three atlases, a bird guide, binoculars, emergency kit and six books in this thing and there is no trunk!!  That doesn’t even include all the miscellaneous things like gloves, sunglasses, umbrella, pens, change, tarp and other junk in the truck.

Puppy…..Christmas Puppy

Puppy 2 Puppy 1

No no no, I did not get a puppy for Christmas.

A co-worker picked up this puppy from the street, she had run under his car.  They took her home and have tried to find out where she came from. 

They did go and get her shots because they have four of their own dogs and didn’t want to risk an unvaccinated puppy in the mix.

She is 3-4 months old, currently weighs six pounds and is in need of a home!   Currently in the Whittier, CA area.

She is very sweet (from what I’m told) is housebreaking quickly as she follows all the other dogs lead and is possibly part mini-pincher.


RIP Spyder


When Taylor posted this photo on Facebook during Thanksgiving, it immediately reminded me of this photo I posted of Spyder napping in the sun the day he was hit by a car two years ago.  I was glad he made it for another couple of years thanks to Dale and his diligence with the meds for his heart and taking such good care and rehabilitating him after the accident.  But I also had a really uneasy feeling of that nap photo, I figured it was just because of the photo I took and the events that followed that night.

I was asleep at Janet’s on Thanksgiving evening, it was probably 8:30 when my niece Amber phoned to tell me Spyder had passed away.  I am glad he had a last day of family and another dog to hang with but extremely distraught that my brother was at work and did not make it home in time.

Spyder, a year later

Its been a year since the fateful night that Spyder was hit by a car.  Tonight while texting with my brother through the football game I asked him to send me a picture.

Here is the little guy.  He is doing remarkably well a year later.  He still has heart trouble that he had before the event.  But he is moving better and has his voice back.


Much much better than last years photo at this time!


Miss Sophie

Sadly we say good night to Sophie!

We will miss her!!  I imagine she is now playing with Missy and barking and poking at her having a blast chasing the birds and squirrels.

at park running


Quick recovery for all

I was sitting here staring at the keyboard thinking I had nothing to blog about.Then came the call from Katherine at the emergency vet (Sophie has a UTI.)
Simply the very last thing she needs on this extremely busy and deadline filled week.  Pre-surgery appointments and the yearly sales conference trip later in the week both bearing down.

I drove over and sat with her, not much help but at least she wasn’t alone.  Sophie is there overnight and I have offered to pick her up in the morning and take her home.  By then they will have the blood work done and be treating her with appropriate antibiotics.

This was not what I had in mind when I had nothing to blog about.