Farmers Market Sanity

Saturday morning I headed out to run a few errands.  Pick up and drop off dry cleaning.  Go to the post office, get gas and pick up eggs.

The store sanity was all in the news and the line at Costco before they even opened snaked through the parking lot to the street.  I did not even park.  Instead I drove to Trader Joes.  But got in to no eggs and seriously empty shelves.

So I went across to the farmers market.  Lori was in class so I strolled through the vendors alone and it was a breath of sanity in very strenuous times.

I picked up eggs, lovely radishes that I have been munching on all weekend and fresh strawberries.  I really only went for eggs but the atmosphere drew me in for more.  Listing to the steel drum band for a bit eased my soul.  It made me miss managing the farmers market in Renton and I need to remember this market is so close every Saturday morning.

A little bit of calm and sanity in my week.


We have a ‘few extra’ items currently at the house

Lori brought home some avocados from a students garden.  At the same time I had a couple in our CSA delivery.

Besides the avocados I clicked on 2 for Meyer lemons when customizing my delivery box.  In my haste however what I didn’t see was they were per pound….not per lemon.  Guess I’m making a lemon something this weekend.




On this second day, very relaxing day of the year we ended up watching the kids baking championship.  These 8-12 year olds that some can barely see over their counter, others munching on more of what they bake then they end up having to serve.  There was a PB&J wrench thrown in the middle of the challenge and they had to come up with a third item that included PB&J in the time they had left.

I made the comment that they were making me want to bake. I hadn’t made my peanut butter cookies in quite a few years.  But since I used to make them almost every week for the farmers market it came back quickly.

Now what do we do with 3.5 dozen peanut butter and peanut butter and jelly cookies.  After a couple we were done.  Guess we’ll be taking some to friends or freezing them.

These kids are amazing and such better bakers then I am.  I know with experience and increased problem solving skills they will be amazing.  At that age, I had zero idea of what I wanted to do as a grown up.  The closest I came to these kids is I did have own chocolate chip cookie recipe with my “secret” ingredient.  My not wanting to tell anyone ensured I “got” to bake them all the time.

Office Farmers Market

There is a farmers market right outside my office building on Thursday’s.  I have a deep affinity toward Farmers Markets after being involved in the Des Moines and Renton markets for many years.

I worked the both jobs today, leaving the first one at 12:30 and needing to be at the second one by 2:30.  Well there is no way to tell just what may go wrong or right in traffic, also not really any time to go home in between jobs.  I got to work and parked in less than an hour.

So with an extra hour I went and walked around the farmers market.  There is a lot of prepared food, it looks more like a food truck convention moved into tents.  There were also fruits, veggie, flowers, baked goods and other vendors.  I learned that they close at 2:00.  So after I dropped off my laptop, when downstairs and got cash and walked out, they were starting to break down.

Next Week maybe……..

IMG_2808 IMG_2809