Just another Tuesday

Time is a tricky thing.  The more I have to get done the better I am at getting it done.  Also the less I have to do, I get nothing done.  However right now there is A LOT to get done with the entire yard being torn up for the painting and the ongoing editing we are doing of plants, but not a lot got done.

I also want to make it to the gym more days than not and I got to work out this morning.  Then after I went to the grocery store and got back home with an hour before I needed to be in the shower.  I emptied the garbage, recycling and yard waste and then put together a stew in the crock pot.

Yes stew, it’s not necessarily a Summer meal.  However I got both celery and carrots in my CSA box this week and Lori was off at the OC Fair judging again.  I picked up the steak at the store so I could throw this together which would give her dinner when she got home and me leftovers for work tomorrow.

As far as the yard and putting things back I didn’t get any of that done.  We focused on the kitty condo and AC units before work yesterday and then Lori dressed up the front porch.  Cleaning off our chairs, picking up an awesome (matchy) rug for the porch and picked up new cushions that were on sale.  I came home last night and it was such a wonderful lovely surprise.  I am a lucky girl.


Did someone say

yard waste? This is the yard waste that hasn’t fit into our bin the last couple weeks.  The bin was emptied yesterday and filled today with more that was on the side of the house.

We are maybe 25% of editing and pulling out plants.  The plan is to keep filling the bin every week, but also keep stacking and once we are done we will rent a u haul and drag it all to the green waste.

Today was more prep for painting.  Nothing like deciding to do a project and then giving yourself ONLY ENOUGH time to get ready for it.  By Sunday there will be a fully painted house and all the stuff we have moved out-of-the-way will be back in place.



4th of July

Our fourth was spent weeding and pulling out a huge agave.  I pulled out one of the beach umbrellas to try to stay a little cooler.   Granted it was the coolest day of the week, tomorrow is looking to be 107.  Good Grief.

We are making progress and we know this is a Summer project as we eliminate and thin everything and pull the damn grass out.  We are planning to move my garden bed which will be a huge endeavor once we get that far.

Today my sit bones hurt however.  I spent 6 hours on that little grey stool and although I added a pad to it during the middle.  Just another downside of having no junk in the trunk.

The evening on the 4th was spent watching a very loud TV to try to drown out the fireworks.  I left the hose out “just in case” and when I went looking for the outside kitty the air was full of smoke and the street full of rubbish.  I am not a fan at all!  Our city allows “safe and sane” fireworks from July 1st to the 4th so hears hoping no more are going off tonight.

endless yard work

The yard is OUT-OF-HAND.  We planted pretty sparingly a few years ago.  However all of the specimens have grown, pupped and in general taken over the entire yard.  The gravel pathway is impossible to pass as it is full of Aloes and Agaves and many other plants we are finding.


I don’t actually have a before picture.  This is from the cable exchange a couple of months ago but you can see the Jerusalem Sage, the Aoneums, the rose-bush and several of the Blue Agave’s that pupped from the one I planted.

The sage was the first thing pulled out last week.  I went off to work and Lori continued to tear things out.  All of the Aoneums are gone.  She cut them back and relocated the nice ones in a shadier are.  She also trimmed back the rose.  This weekend she worked on tearing out the Agaves and I weeded grass out of the path.

We have a long way to go, but there is a plan and the yard already feels clearer although it is a disaster.  We are piling up the yard waste and once complete anything that didn’t make it into the weekly pick up we will rent a uhaul and go to the green waste around the corner.



5-day weekend

It started at the end of March, plans with friends.  Meeting in Palm Springs or Santa Barbara so I requested the time off.  The plans fell through but I kept the days!

Friday we picked up Lori’s car from the repair shop and returned the rental.  She went off to the last day of the school year and  I did chores around the house and went grocery shopping.

Saturday we headed out to the house in Calimesa to do some chores.  Mainly moving a shed and doing some skunk deterrent work on the front gate.  Once we moved the shed from its initial location we moved the blocks for the foundation over to the new location.  We had to also get the skunk waste and nest out of the old location, stinky job.

Once we were ready at the new location, it took all of us, my brothers strength and the biggest crow bar ever that we had brought with us.  But we got it into place with just once small hip dent in the front.

Since both sheds needed paint, the girls spend Sunday and Monday painting them both with rustoleum.  We had re-organized one for storage and the other was cleared out and we will be painting windows on it and making it a play house for Coral.

While they painted we worked in our yard clearing and making some space in the front yard.  We also cut back and pulled some plants to move into the girls yard.

Tuesday, day five, we headed back out early in the morning.  I picked up a U-haul rental down the street so we could do a dump run.  We started by pulling up two old shed base platforms from behind the garage.  This too meant clearing out some skunk leavings.  (ewww).  There is now no empty shed bases back there for skunks to nest under.

We loaded the platforms and some old furniture and garbage to go to the dump.  Besides the dump run we organized the garage, laid some turf and planted the plants we brought.


The only thing we didn’t get to was the art on the baby’s play house.  But since she has no idea it can be done later, maybe Saturday when we are there for her 2nd birthday.  This super tall baby who all of a sudden says bol for auntie Val and Jorrry or auntie Lori is having a party in the nicely cleaned and dressed up yard on Saturday.

My five-day “weekend” is done and I’m back to work.  Lots completed, body is tired and a bee sting on my tongue.  (Loading the truck I was saying something and I guess a bee flew in my mouth.  The ensuing spitting to get it out of my mouth and it stung my tongue.  How random!)

I’m glad I’m only working three days this week because I am tired!

A rare day off

I had today off from work.  Technically we are still in peak and time off is not allowed.  The main SEC filing deadlines are over and we are on to the proxy printing portion of peak.

However I stopped accruing time in my floating holiday bucket in January because it maxes out at 32 hours.  So my boss let me have today off.

I slept in, until almost 10:00 a.m.  Granted I was up at 6:00 with Lori to actually see her for a moment and make her breakfast.  But when she drove off, I dove back into bed.

After I got up I baked a cake.  Yep, still on whole 30, couldn’t even taste it.  My co-workers daughter turned 22 today and he asked if I would bake a cake.  I of course agreed because I love to bake and it sounded fun.

While I was baking it I also cooked breakfast and sat outside and had a lovely relaxing breakfast.  Granted this was all before I would usually get ready for work, but just not having it out there was a nice change.

Once I was done with the cake I texted my co-worker that I was going to run a couple of errands and I would be back at 12:30.  He would be by at 1:00 to pick it up.

Off I went to wash the car and pick up tea.  When I got back I started working in the yard.  This is where the day off really starts because this is when I would be driving to work.

I finished the Agave project from a few days ago.  The pathway that has not been visible for a couple of years is completely usable.  I also weeded.  And Weeded.

My co-worker did not show up until almost 4.  He did let me know and asked if it was ok to pick it up after he picked his daughter up from work at 3:30.  Funny he is late almost everyday to work so I was not surprised at all.  I was weeding anyway, I did take a couple of cool off breaks inside and did things like vacuum and dust a little.

I finished in the yard close to 5:30 and came in for a much-loved shower with the new faucet that now puts out HOT water since it is no longer installed backwards.

I started some chicken marinating and got the laundry going, ran to target for a few things (nail brush being the most important).  Once I got home I prepped some food for the weekend and made dinner.  Finished the laundry (except towels and bedding that I will do this weekend) folded and put it all away.  Clearly I also found time to blog.

It was a fantastic day off:
Yard Work
Washed my car
Blogging and now to go read a little.

Pre-Work Gardening

When we planted these foxtail agaves a few years ago.  What we didn’t realize was we were really just starting a nursery for these guys.


Today I pulled at least forty of these out for a project Lori is working on with her class this week and weekend.  I will remove more the next couple of days before each shift.

Before I started this morning.


After a couple of hours of work.


Stacked and ready for a new home.

IMG_5092 IMG_5091