Requisite Weekly Blog

That is what things have come down to right now.  Everything is the same, day in and day out, day in and day out, and a blog titled V_Lo’s View when there is nothing new being “viewed” requires a little or a lot of “catch-up” posts.

  • Weeding
  • Cooking
  • Cleaning
  • Drawing
  • Weeding
  • Cooking
  • Cleaning
  • Drawing

I got more of the back section weeded last weekend.  I filled both large yard waste bins to the top with mostly grass.  I did have to cut the Portulacaria back quite a bit to get under it for the grass.  Luckily it will grow back.  So after days and days of weeding I didn’t do anymore all week.  Which just means I am probably behind again.

The cooking, cleaning, weeding, cooking, cleaning, cooking, cleaning circle never seems to end.  The thing is they never ended before this pandemic.  But there was some  variety in the process.  Going to the farmers market on a Saturday, going out to breakfast on the one day a week we had the same morning off, buying groceries every few days instead of bulk shopping or deliveries that some else shopped for.

This newest cycle however just has less variety and every single meal for months has been at home.  Same with the cleaning.  I am not sure why it just seems to never end.  Maybe because we are home ALL THE TIME now, maybe we just make more of a mess.

With all this “at home” time you would think there is actually more time to draw.  The classical drawing class is over, but I enrolled in the July-Aug Monday morning class for figure drawing.

I set up outside last weekend to get my last drawing done for the week.

I do have a 3 day weekend (not that I’m going anywhere), I am also on call this weekend, the 8:30 pm to 6:30 am shift but there shouldn’t be too much work.  But I can foresee some weeding, some cooking, certainly some cleaning and laundry and maybe some drawing.

Welcome July, which looks a lot like June.  I’ll try for more blogs and less “catch up” crappy posts.




More weeding today

This section in the back i started a few weeks ago, photo here.

But today I worked on more of this back section.  Disrupting the feral Farquaad’s nap (you can see him in the photo).  This section is no where near done yet, but I’m four hours closer.  I cut back the front of the Portulacaria so I could dig out the grass growing in it.  Propping up the branches with a stool and crawling under to dig out as many roots as possible.

Tomorrow I will work from the back in and hopefully finish this section.  With nothing else going on except working from home I plan to bore you with weeding photos a while longer.



This corner

Today was a pretty busy day before “going” to work.  I cleaned out the hummingbird feeders and made new food.  I scrubbed the feral cats water container and bowls and I weeded for two and half hours.  Just this corner of the back yard.

Now don’t judge this before picture too harshly.  A month ago this yard was done and pristine.  But this bindweed and clover has a mind of its own.


Tomorrow I hope to work on a different corner of the back yard.  I got the front done last week (again) and figure by the time I finish back here it wont look like it and I start over.  I am also going to take that palm out of the pot and put it in the ground.  It has outgrown the pot.  I may have to break it actually to get it out.

But if I sit at the table and face this way for breakfast tomorrow, the yard looks great.

Not a before and after

More of a finished section and a whole lot left to weed section…..

We have Portulacaria (Elephant food) along the back wall.  Now this plant is a quick grower and can get up over 8 feet tall.  I mean elephants eat it, it has to grow fast.  We started this back section of the yard with five or six cuttings from the front yard and it has fully filled in and I continue to cut it back.

We never water it back here. The neighbor has a pond on the other side of this wall and there is just enough leakage to keep it well watered (oh and a lovely mosquito home).

I am always cutting it back to keep it from overtaking the wall but this weekend I decided that the grass now growing up through it needs some work so I spent a good 6 hours out here and got this one section done.

Since there are cats that sleep under it, which was more obvious once I started to cut it back and pull out grass, I made a couple “caves”  They are easy to see right now, the good thing for the cats is the Portulacaria will grow back fast enough to make them perfect hiding places again….or maybe that’s purrfect.


The rest of the back is still chock full of grass to pull out, and its full sun back here so I put up a shade structure to move around over me while I weeded!