5-day weekend

It started at the end of March, plans with friends.  Meeting in Palm Springs or Santa Barbara so I requested the time off.  The plans fell through but I kept the days!

Friday we picked up Lori’s car from the repair shop and returned the rental.  She went off to the last day of the school year and  I did chores around the house and went grocery shopping.

Saturday we headed out to the house in Calimesa to do some chores.  Mainly moving a shed and doing some skunk deterrent work on the front gate.  Once we moved the shed from its initial location we moved the blocks for the foundation over to the new location.  We had to also get the skunk waste and nest out of the old location, stinky job.

Once we were ready at the new location, it took all of us, my brothers strength and the biggest crow bar ever that we had brought with us.  But we got it into place with just once small hip dent in the front.

Since both sheds needed paint, the girls spend Sunday and Monday painting them both with rustoleum.  We had re-organized one for storage and the other was cleared out and we will be painting windows on it and making it a play house for Coral.

While they painted we worked in our yard clearing and making some space in the front yard.  We also cut back and pulled some plants to move into the girls yard.

Tuesday, day five, we headed back out early in the morning.  I picked up a U-haul rental down the street so we could do a dump run.  We started by pulling up two old shed base platforms from behind the garage.  This too meant clearing out some skunk leavings.  (ewww).  There is now no empty shed bases back there for skunks to nest under.

We loaded the platforms and some old furniture and garbage to go to the dump.  Besides the dump run we organized the garage, laid some turf and planted the plants we brought.


The only thing we didn’t get to was the art on the baby’s play house.  But since she has no idea it can be done later, maybe Saturday when we are there for her 2nd birthday.  This super tall baby who all of a sudden says bol for auntie Val and Jorrry or auntie Lori is having a party in the nicely cleaned and dressed up yard on Saturday.

My five-day “weekend” is done and I’m back to work.  Lots completed, body is tired and a bee sting on my tongue.  (Loading the truck I was saying something and I guess a bee flew in my mouth.  The ensuing spitting to get it out of my mouth and it stung my tongue.  How random!)

I’m glad I’m only working three days this week because I am tired!

Guest blogger here

Hello everyone this is V’s wife. I thought i would join the party to help give ideas to V.

Well there is the cat – not the outside cat but the black cat. The outside cat has come back just so you know, Food seems to be a good way to forgive and forget…seems like some people I know. Anywho, inside cat is high strung if V hasn’t mentioned that in the past. She jumps at anything new. Not jump at it but jump from it…straight up in the air usually or the cat slink. Either one quite fun to watch

Then there is me…always working or making V join some other crazy new hobby. Ikebana is the newest and V is fantastic at it. She wouldn’t tell you that but she is. I may sign us up for blacksmithing…could be fun, I like fire. Well not in the kitchen where most of my fires seem to happen when I try and cook. Good thing I learned to put out ceramic fires when I did sculpture so it comes in handy — have a lot of salt around….just saying.

I work a lot so does V. My time is often at home prepping for class. I teach a lot of classes from science to art so I’m constantly refining. V gets to be home some Friday which makes the weekend nice and long. When we are in the same room its kinda like a project is being done. Now I’m not the best office mate…I make a lot of noise and often it startles V and the cat…both jump up…makes me laugh but doesn’t help sharing an office ’cause I get the hairy eyeball from both of them.

We we had a great weekend…we were in LA hanging with all the in crowds…class, museum, dinner and concert. Today just hanging. Anywho I better give up the reins and let V finish her blogs. Thanks for letting me play.

Catch Up

For those of you who know Kim, she is working for Carnival Cruise Line in Florida.
Hanging out with her new nephew, camping at the beach and doing well.

Guest Blog

Oh when will I ever get rid of this ridiculous virus?
Okay, perk up and wear something nice. That’ll make me feel better. Wear something to match the new maroon shoes!
Eat, shower, thank God I moved my haircut up to this Saturday.
Late! Listen to VP all hands on the blackberry.
Put Sophie out to pee.
Dress, putting on fabulous new shoes. Ooh, they feel tight.
Collect myself. Boy this all-hands call is boring. Blah, blah, blah that’s why you laid a bunch of people off. Right.
Ooh these shoes feel really tight.
Let Sophie back in.
Dang what is UP with these shoes?
A Narrow? I bought 8 1/2 narrow? How did I do that? I can’t wear these.
Quick, find other shoes to go with outfit.
Impossible. Can’t wear the peep toes. All I’ve got to cover my ankles with is cheap nude knee-hi nylons.
Try the old red shoes. No. The black ones. No. These old boots. Are you kidding?
Peep toes with the nylons. I’ll hide my feet under my desk all day.
Blackberry is dying. Oh well, they’re in the Q&A portion anyway. Hang up.
(Sophie) WHATAREYOUDOING??? You let me in but you haven’t left yet. Where’s my greenie? I think I’ll stand here and shake.
Grab stuff, coat, greenie and do the goodbye ritual with the neurotic dog.
Finally in car on the way to work.
(Car) BEEEEEP! Tire pressure is low.
Fuck. <sigh>
Pull over. Tires all look the same. Wait until after work? When it’s dark? Take the risk? Drive on the viaduct with low tire pressure….in which tire and why? With dying phone?
Stop at Chevron. Put air in all four tires, wearing my nice clothes, squatting over puddles of gas and oil.
Traffic-wind blows my hair back to bedhead.
Late for my meeting.
You’d think it’s Monday.
(Fred–looking at my shoes) Oooh, shiny. I like the way they go from black to grey.