Thanksgiving Prep

Traffic home last night was horrific.  I took the 405 without any thought to all the cars and Ubers heading toward the airport.  However I still needed to be up early today to work on Thanksgiving prep.

My goals for today were to:
Make the Wild Rice and Mushroom stuffing
Prep the Turkey for roasting
Cook and prep eggs for deviled egg appetizer
Prep Brussels Sprouts for cooking tomorrow
Prep Salad for assembly tomorrow and
Make the vegetarian mushroom gravy

Well I started by pulling out the ingredients for the stuffing as that would take the longest.  The Wild Rice has to cook twice, once on its own and once with the brown rice later.  I took this picture to start…….but there was never another picture taken, for a time in fact I couldn’t even find my phone.


I did get the stuffing done!  I found a  really good organic veggie stock called NON-Chicken stock and it added some great flavor to the stuffing.  These Shiitake and Oyster mushrooms Lori and I were on the hunt for last week and all of them went into this stuffing.

I also got the eggs cooked and the turkey prepped.  But none of the rest.  I worked for four solid hours before needing to get ready for work.

The rest I should be able to knock out in an hour tomorrow morning with Lori’s help.  Then we are loading up the electric roaster and food and heading to Irvine where the family is gathering at Vicki and Emily’s place.  We all have our food assignments and I should be able to plug-in the turkey when I get there and not have much to do until right before dinner when I cook up the brussels sprouts.  Well except visit, and eat, and enjoy the day.




Prep – Cakes

My sister had been making Prep-Cakes for over a year now.  She has built the business from her home to a rented kitchen, hired an employee and can’t keep the refrigerators at a couple of local body building full.

After a 20 year career in the Air Force she is retiring today.  Her next endeavor is to open a store from for her Prep-Cakes.

Sugar free, low carb, macro balanced cupcakes and deserts.  She made us some last Thanksgiving and we ended up having them for breakfast, I mean why not, sugar free and macro balanced.  So. Damn. Good.  (Link below takes you to her Kick starter)

Goings On

I went looking through my photos to see if there was anything blog worthy.  Most are of my great-niece as I still request daily photos of that little peanut.


IMG_2440There were also some pictures of Air Force One that is housed as the Ronald Regan Presidential Museum.  My niece Taylor and I drove up last Saturday to take in the Titanic exhibit that is currently there.  We spent a couple of hours going through it and then rushed through the Presidential part.  I was interested in seeing more but it was crowded and just seemed more like propaganda than a museum.

Besides baby pictures I have food pictures so I guess I have done some cooking.  I made a peach crostata because the peaches were magnificent.  I also have this picture of chicken wings I made on the same day, trying to use up some panko I had opened and also bake in the convection oven and not heat the house too much because it is in the 90’s.  Saturday before Taylor and I drove up to museum I made biscuits for breakfast as well.

It may be Summer but that doesn’t mean that Lori is not crazy busy getting ready for fall classes.  Her office shows her dedication to the upcoming school year.

What we should both be working on is the yard, but I did mention the 90+ degrees and that coupled with hot flashes has meant that we have gotten started a couple of times, but boy oh boy are we behind.  I am sensing a pattern here.  I keep thinking, If I could just caught up then I could maintain it.  However the last time we had help to get caught up then peak happened, or travel, or finals or a myriad of things that got us way behind again on the weeding.  It is on the list for this upcoming weekend.


Tonight I made clams for dinner (I should say last night, I am blogging this while working.)  While out shopping there were fresh clams from a farm in Shelton Washington.  I know this farmer from the Des Moines Farmers market, so I picked them up.

I actually pulled out my sketch book from Italy last Summer where I took notes during one of the cooking classes.  There were notes but certainly not a recipe so I was winging it.  I soaked them all in salt water so they would release any sand.  I sautéed garlic and shallots in olive oil and added the clams and white wine and panko because I didn’t have bread crumbs.

Toasted up some baguette and rubbed it with garlic.  Yum!

There was however way to much for the two of us!  When we were done, I took the rest of the clams out of their shells and froze them with the rest of the broth.  Clam Chowder in our future!

Dispatching the first veggie box

Well in the week we managed to eat all of the veggies.  Including some I already had in the fridge.  All except the extra cauliflower I added to the box last week.

Saturday night I roasted the Romanesco along with part of the boc choy.  Also a lovey herb crusted pork roast that I managed to over cook.

The next morning I added the swiss chard to our morning eggs along with onion we had and mushrooms.  We also had the first of the yummy avocado’s that I added to the box.

I took a couple of the carrots to work for lunch, also the apples.  Lori has taken care of most of the mandarin oranges.  I had leftover a couple boc choy, the mustard greens and all kinds of cooked left overs from the weekend.

Today when I got home from the gym I had 25 minutes to “spare” before needing to get ready for work.  I pulled out my wok and made a stir fry.  First thing in was an onion and the rest of the carrots since they take longer to cook.  I then added mushrooms, the boc choy, the mustard greens and the left over romanesco.  I added a few pantry items like bamboo shoots and water chestnuts, then in went the rest of the pork roast and left over rice from Sunday.  I scrambled a couple of eggs in at the end and we have a HUGE bowl of pork and veggie fried rice.  It felt like a timed episode of Chopped in where I had to use all the veggies in the fridge and left overs.

Since I am only getting this box every other week, looks like that cauliflower tomorrow and I may need to buy veggies.







I joined a CSA last week and this morning was my first delivery.  It was actually there when I got home at 1am. and I pulled it in but didn’t open it until this morning.

The box is the standard 2-person box that I will be getting every other week, at least for now until I figure out if we can eat it all.

They emailed last week with what would be in the box and I added a cauliflower (because I have been known to make a meal just out of one) and three avocados.

Peering into the box you can see leaf lettuce, mustard greens and cilantro but that is deceiving.  This is everything from the box.


Mustard Greens, Cilantro, Leaf Lettuce, Carrots, Swish Chard, 1lb of boc chow, 2 pink lady apples, 1 pound of satsumas and romanesco cauliflower.  I added the regular cauliflower and the three avocado’s.  I really should have left off the swisschard considering how much is in my garden that we are not eating.

So what to eat first.  I have never had romanesco and It is so cool looking. So this will most likely be tomorrow.


However today I grilled up the lovely asparagus I bought for the weekend that we didn’t end up making.  So this is dinner today.


Iron Pumping Birthday

It would be simple just to tell you that Lori got us gym memberships for my birthday, but this a blog and that would just be boring.

So I’ll start with the 24 hour membership I had previously at the one nearest us.  It is a smaller, older (read dirtier) site.  Often with machines that are down and equipment that isn’t as up to the newest standards.  I have had a membership there TWICE in the last four years that I have been here.  I dropped it the first time because I had dropped off in using it and then some troll was on the elliptical trainer next to me watching porn……let that sink in.

I re-joined again because I really do like the gym and needed my workouts.  I wouldn’t call myself a gym rat, but Lori would call me that.  I dropped it again last year when I started going to bootcamp.

Well although I really like the bootcamp workouts, and for a few months they were difficult there wasn’t much variation and became much easier.  My schedule and the class schedule really only allowed me one class a day and with the warm up and cool down the “work” part was only 20 minutes, the commute to and from took me longer.  After I injured my achilles in December and then my back I had fallen off completely.

Tha is when I started looking into 24 hour fitness again.  Because of my work schedule and it’s every changing nature, 24 hour fitness has always worked for me.  I used to love in the one in downtown Seattle and for a period of time when twice a day.

Well the next two gym sites closest to the house that are not that old gross gym are a step up in type (and price), they are considered the Super Sport not just the Sport.  A lot of it is the same format however they also have towel service and they have a lot more equipment and classes.  I was debating and looking up the prices, you can pre-buy a two-year membership through Costco.

A couple of weekends ago after Tai Chi Lori and I went and took a tour.  It was a wonderful looking gym and one of the features we really liked was when there is not a class in session for instance in the spin-cycle room, you can push play on a kiosk outside the room and pick from a large number of recorded classes and go in and “take” the pre-recorded class.  Same for the other studio with Yoga, Zumba, Body Pump and lots of other options.

Lori bought us both a membership at the Super Sport and we activated them this weekend.  I have already been twice!!!  I do love the gym.  Today about 8 minutes into my cardio I felt the fog lift.  That is how I describe that endorphin I get from working out.  My mind is clearer, I can feel myself smiling, I am more efficient and just all around do better.

It is not that I don’t get exercise with all of our projects, Tai Chi classes, our walks at the nature center.  It is just that I do better and feel better when I am going to the gym.

Thanks again honey.