Brownie Fail

This week there has only been one workout that I have fit in, well one and a half.

My friend is coming to town for the weekend, she is actually getting to our place this evening while we are both at work.  So the week was spent getting ready for company and getting my list all “done” before the weekend.  The weekend usually holds a lot of my chores like laundry and changing bedding.  Friday’s are my usual stop at the dry cleaner to pick up last week’s items and drop off this weeks.  But who wants to do that stuff when company is in town.

I got all of those items checked off by the time I left for work today.  Including picking up some favorites from the Thai restaurant to be at the house tonight.  I also made some of the keto brownies I first made this Summer.  Luckily I was busy doing laundry and cleaning the bathroom and changing the humming bird feeders before heading to the store.

I was able to cut out the brownies and tasted a corner and I had forgotten the sweetener.  They were so gross.  I mean they are flourless and sugar free so they are not normal brownies anyway, but so so gross.  I tossed them in the garbage and when I was at the store and picking up the Thai I also picked up some more baking chocolate to try again.

I didn’t taste these but I do hope they are better then the first batch.  The photo is the brownies in the garbage and the second batch packaged up for company.

Three day weekend ahead, chores done, friend in town and lots of things planned.


Bonus day & school year list

This three day weekend was very low key.  I had to think twice if we even left the house on Saturday. As it turns out we did briefly but most of the day was spent at home.  Lori was working the majority of the weekend.  Sunday we did go to yoga in the morning.  Then in the afternoon I went and washed both cars.  I was able to check everything off my “weekly” list.


I got everything checked off, well except I didn’t go get a pedicure, but I did manage a polish change while watching hurricane Dorian updates on Sunday afternoon.

Today was the bonus day.  My list starts a new for the week.  We went to a chiro appointment* for Lori and then I went grocery shopping, which was a mistake.  I rarely if ever go on the weekend and generally go in the mornings before work.  So going mid day on Labor day was hilarious.


After grocery shopping I did a little meal prep for the week and made dinner, I didn’t do much else for the entire day.  It was too darn hot all weekend to work outside and the house was clean, laundry done.  The work week starts tomorrow and yippee its only 4 days.

*self care on Lori’s side of the list is usual acupuncture or massage, this week it includes chiropractic as well.

On a side note I love lists.  This is the revised one for the school year.  We added a section for Lori to write everyday.  She figures 10 minutes minimum every day will get her going and usually ends up being several hours.  Things like clean the kitchen are not on the list because realistically that happens every day!




Disrupted Blog

So I was writing this bloIMG_1291g on Friday, it started out something, something, something about organic produce and the prices and the dirty dozen.  The only reason I even remember is this photo was still loaded in the draft.  It was about spending $3.99 on celery.  It isn’t even a fun vegetable.  Just one I buy often and part of the dirty dozen so I always try to buy organic.  It didn’t help that this was the only thing I was buying to finish a recipe.

However I didn’t save the draft because just after I started writing it the 7.1 earthquake hit 150 miles away.

I was at work, floor twelve of a high rise and alone.  At first it was fine, but when the building kept rocking and didn’t seem to stop I crawled  under my table.  My water bottle fell off my desk.  A few other things in the area fell.  The window right by me sounded like it was going to break.  I was under my table from 8:21 to 8:26, that is when the blinds stopped crashing against the window.

I know some of this was just inertia and the building slowing down, but I had the closest thing to a panic attack I’ve even had.  I emailed my co-workers in Palo Alto and let them know I was leaving.  I trucked down the 12 flights pretty darn fast.  Our elevators were not working.

Today I brought an old pair of tennis shoes to work and they are now under my desk.  Luckily it was Friday so I was not in heals, but any other day of the week I would have been.

Best Weekend.

What constitutes a great weekend?  Fun at the beach with friends.  Walk on the beach alone.  Going to a movie, a play, your childs recital?

What about a weekend at home, with no agenda?  This weekend was the only weekend for months on the calendar that had a completely empty day.  Saturday.  We left the house briefly in the morning and got tea and a quick run to Lowes.  But then it was a day at home.

I. Cleaned. House.  I had a very productive day and one that I loved.  Lori worked and I interrupted her quite a bit.  But I also dusted everything I could find included all four ceiling fans and frames on the wall and door casings.  I also took down the living room curtains and washed all eight panels and hung them back up.  Washing two at a time and no drying needed.  They hang in the very sunny window and dried generally before the next set when up next to them.  I cooked yummy meals.  I vacuumed, changed bedding, sorted and tossed lots of things that “do not spark joy” any longer.

One would think with a day with nothing on the calendar I would curl up with a book or something but by the end of yesterday I felt as though things were nearly back in order.

Today we drove out to Murrieta to sign the final escrow paperwork.  A drive we gave ourselves two and a half hours for and it took barely one.  The drive home we went through the Cleveland national forest and although it took a lot longer it was a beautiful drive.

By the time we got home I was able to make some frosting for cupcakes I’m making tomorrow and get the bathroom scrubbed.  Made a super easy yet yummy dinner and feel quite accomplished.

Now all that is left is finishing the laundry so I can pack for a business trip.  Tomorrow I’ll pack to go to Palo Alto early on Tuesday morning, returning on Friday.  But at least I’m leaving Lori with a clean house and a fridge full of yummy food.

Stepping it up

Since I haven’t had a gym membership since the end of January, I have been trying to get my exercise organically, it however has not been consistent.  Part of that is the time of year for me at work.  In February I was getting some a lot of yoga. I bought classes that expired in a month that kept me going to use them all up.  The next batch I bought was a 20 pack, they don’t expire and I think I’ve gone once.  I book and then cancel, repeat.  Part of it is my long hours, the timing in the morning and the extra hour needed to drive 30 min there and back.

My newest goal, one hatched on Saturday morning was that I was going to get up every single morning at 6:00 a.m. and go for a walk.  Before it gets hot out, before anything else happens, heck before I’m awake enough to cancel and then I would still have time for yoga or yard work or anything else scheduled for the day.

So I set my alarm 6:00 a.m.  I even put out my clothes and shoes.  Sunday morning 6:00 a.m. comes and my first thought was it is Sunday, I have lots of time to fit this in and hit snooze.  When it went off again I turned it off and dozed a bit more.  But I was up and out the door before 7:00 for a lovely 2.5 mile walk to the park and back.  It was a dream walk.  One that if every morning were like that how would you ever miss one.  It was cool yet sunny and oh so quiet and still.  A stillness that is never our neighborhood.

Monday when the 6:00 alarm went off I realized it was STILL DARK OUTSIDE and did the same thing.  But I didn’t get out of the house until 8:00 ish and I tell you an almost pre-dawn walk on a Sunday beats an 8:00 a.m., pushing 80 degrees, lots of cars, children walking to school walk on Monday.

I got home late last night and went straight to bed, but it was after midnight.  So I decided to change the alarm to 6:30 to take into consideration the light issue and give myself a few more minutes.  I thought maybe I had turned off my 6:30 alarm this morning while sleeping and just kept sleeping.  That is until my 6:30 alarm for this morning went off at work tonight.

I didn’t get up until 8:00.  Made Lori breakfast and talked to her for a bit.  When she left for school at 9:30 I headed to the car wash, then to the grocery store.  Once I got back home and got everything put away it was 11:00 I had to go then or miss day 3 of my new goal.  I walked the other direction, turned at the school and back around.  Still getting in two miles and luckily for me there was a nice breeze and not the 90 degrees out like yesterday.

I got back about 11:45 and whipped up some cornbread to bake.  Made my breakfast then and dinner to take to work and then got ready for work.  Pulling the cornbread out just before leaving.

Three days in and over 7 miles walked.  Also this lovely cornbread with roasted green chilis and vegan cashew pesto!  Lori says I’m Messing with an original….but I bet she eats it anyway.



Plan vs Reality

Another late night last night, extremely busy and I got home somewhere around 2 a.m.  Lori was up and working in our office by 3 and the cat and her sleepover buddy were running all over the house.

I had gone to bed not long before Lori got up and I had high hopes for today.  Friday’s I generally get to work from home.  I say generally because it really does depend on the work load.

I planned on getting 6 hours of sleep and making the 9:15 yoga class, going home after to get some weeding done in the front yard.  Maybe a little housework also because I would have extra time because I didn’t need to drive to work.

Reality however went something more like.  The yard cats woke me up about 6 when they jumped off the hot water heater because Lori was out there feeding them.  I got up and talked with her for 20 minutes before she had to leave for school.  Then at 6:30 I promptly went back to sleep.  My alarm went off for yoga and I logged in and cancelled my class and again went back to sleep.  Text messages woke me up about 10:00 a.m.  Just after reading those my friend Mary phoned and we talked on the phone for about an hour.  I did mange to get the bedding changed while on the phone and bake a sweet potato but zero else happened.

By the time we hung up, I logged into work to see how it was going and decided it would just be better to go into the office.

So my leisurely yoga, yard work, no commute day turned into a sleep in, change bedding and drive to work.  We had received warnings about the traffic around Beverly Hills because of Trump being in town, so I left even earlier than usual to give myself enough time to get to work.  But hey at least on Friday’s I can wear jeans.

I did make a very yummy breakfast of baked sweet potato, Turkey carnitas and a fried egg.  Multi-tasking baking while on the phone.  My dinner happened to be the pork chop and cauliflower I brought in yesterday, carried home at 1am and then back to work 12 hours later.  At least today had good food.

Almond Butter


Last night at work was slower, slightly anyway.  I thought I should blog on my break but instead I talked to a friend whose dad is dying.   Tonight I thought would be better and I would have a chance.

Well only slightly, my shift is winding down and I have several irons in the fire.  But when I saw my brother today I said I would at least blog about my almond butter.  Granted the previous 5 sentences took me over an hour and several interruptions.

So before something else happens today before work I made almond butter.  I managed to go grocery shopping yesterday, or was it Tuesday.  But I didn’t get any more almond butter.  What I did have at home was a big bag of Almonds and so I made my own.





Not the best photos, I mean ground up almonds are not pretty, tasty yes, pretty no.