Thanksgiving shopping week

I am very excited for Thanksgiving.  I’ve been planning and purchasing all week.  I even picked up a couple of games and for after dinner, along with ten gingerbread house kits.  There are ten of us for Thanksgiving and after thanksgiving dinner we will ring in the Christmas season with a friendly compitition.

The kits come with some royal icing and candies and I have a ton of materials left in with my cake decorating tools.  That doesn’t mean I dont want to swing by michaels for a few frosting tips for everyone to share.  Or is that just an excuse to buy more frosting tips???

I plan to get all of my shopping done before the weekend is over so any last minute things I come up with I can get in the mornings before work but mostly avoid the stores all together.  As it is now I only need the fresh items having wrapped up everything else this week.

It was one of those weeks that after the gym each day I was doing some kind of shopping, trader joes, sprouts, costco, bed bath & beyond for those kits.  Perhaps I’ll get away with only Whole Foods Sunday to get the turkey I ordered.



Sugar, sans Sugar

My morning was a juxtaposition of sugar.

First I made cupcakes and frosting to bring to work for my co-workers birthday.

Then I focused on making a Whole30 compliant cranberry sauce.  It ended up quite thick, very tart and tangy.  I sweetened it with dates and then a little pineapple.  I cooked some onion, celery, dates, ginger, manderine oranges, cranberries and then I tossed in a little pineapple to add another dimension.  I was expecting to put Chinese five spice in but was completely out (how does that happen???)  so I put in all the warming spices I could find, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and ground ginger.


Food Prep Monday

The first thing I did this morning was grill some salmon that needed to be cooked today.  It made a lovely breakfast and leftovers.

After an hour at the gym and heading to sprouts for a few things, mostly cranberries and dates to create a new recipe tomorrow I headed home and dis some food prep for the week.

I fried some chicken wings in the air fryer, because they are awesome in there AND I don’t have to monitor or even check it.  Just take them out when they are done and put them away.

I also grilled the rest of the asparagus because like the salmon it too needed to be finished up.  I made some saffron rice for Lori and packaged that up.  Roasted some baby potatoes for the week.  Grilled a spaghetti squash and then mixed that with some puttanesca sauce.

Maybe having so much prepped at the beginning of the week will help me stay on course this week.  I wish I could just blame the off eating on the “holidays” but lets be honest that hasn’t even started yet.

More likely its just been stress, too much to do in too few hours, off schedule and that cycle that poor choices creates in the brain to keep you making them.

Tomorrow morning I’m making cupcakes…..insert mad laughter here….  Its true though.  They are for work and I also have some green beans I need to cook and maybe a turkey meatloaf or something since I will be in the kitchen for the cupcakes.




Its a slow(ish) night at work.  So I have been looking up recipes for Thanksgiving.  I am not cooking everything by any means this year.  But I am making the turkey and a few other things.  On another note, I am most excited about the spatchcocked turkey I have already ordered.

I have been freezing the ends of celery, carrots and onions for a few weeks to make my veggie stock for gravy also.  I do love this over cooking time of year.  I am also going to create some experiments of my own in the next week, namely cranberry sauce.

I may be the only person at dinner who likes cranberry sauce, so I am trying to find a sugar free option.  There don’t seem to be a lot without using erythritol or something like that.  So I am going to try to make some with ripe pears as a sweetener before Thanksgiving and see if I can create the masterpiece I usually create, but sans sugar.