Fall – Friends – Festivities

My good friend Vivian’s trip just extended to two weeks.  This week I have to work but most of next week I have off for playing.

That doesn’t mean we are not managing to do some things before work.  Yesterday we took a walk around El Dorado Nature park before work.  It was a lovely day for a walk and then breakfast at my favorite spot prior to going home and making a turkey meatloaf before heading off to work.

Today we went out so she could buy a new pair of tennis shoes and then grocery shopping.  The weather has been pleasant, low 80’s during the day but quite cold in the low 50’s at night.  It definitely feels like fall.  About time since its November 1st and all.

This weekend we will be leaving Viv alone at the house as we go out to a friends birthday party in Palm Springs.  Fall there is 89 during the day for this weekend.  Should be a good time.  Air B&B, pride, birthday party.  Lori has been working super hard to be able to take some time away this weekend.  But I’m sure there will be plenty of sitting by the pool reading for her as well.




crammed 3-day weekend

My friend Katherine came in town Thursday evening and we crammed all kinds of events into a fun 3-day weekend.  Museum, a beach walk, a hike and a couple movies.

Friday held a couple of things, taking the train downtown to support the youth climate strike.  The brownie and girl scout troops chanting out climate change slogans was definitely the highlight of that event.

Once we were back home we got dressed up went out for sushi and then to the Downton Abby movie.  It was super silly to dress up for the movie and super fun.  The ticket taker even commented on our dresses.  The movie was fun, light hearted and a nice break from reality.

Saturday we headed to the Latin American Art Museum in Long Beach, it wasn’t a big exhibit but pretty awesome anyway.  There were three artists on display Tomas Ochoa, Carlos Almaraz and Osmeivy Ortega.

The Tomas Ochoa pieces were gunpowder on canvas and huge.  I went to his website and even wikipedea and still don’t know how he does these.  But this one was my favorite of those on display



The art from Osmeivy Ortega was amazing as well.  Prints made from carvings he had made.  This one is titled The Weight of the Conscience.  The print on the paper was amazing, but the carving it was made from even more so.

From there we went to the beach, had a lovely walk, watched the birds and the water and got a little sun burned.


We decided last minute to see yet another movie and went to see Hustlers, it was not such a low key movie as the night before, but I did enjoy it and it was thought provoking. We then made a low key dinner at home and relaxed the rest of the night.  Heading to Portuguese Bend Nature Reserve in Palos Verdes Sunday morning for a hike.  A hike that shouldn’t have been as difficult as it was.  But it was.  By the time we hiked down to the bottom and headed back up the combination of my legs being toast from the hike down and the heat in the 90’s made for a slow going me on the way back up.  But I made it, not quickly by any means.  This hike topped off my sunburn and I have ended up with an end of the season tan heading into fall.


Once we got back home and showered off the hike we headed out for a late lunch at one of my favorite places and this Whiskey Pedro was the reward I gave myself.


It all sounds very cosmopolitan with museums and sushi, cocktails and a crammed weekend.  Now to get back to my regularly scheduled routine.

Nature Days


I took myself to Eldorado Nature park last Friday morning for a walk.  I tried to get there early, hoping to beat the heat but even getting there by 8:30 it was already in the 80’s.  By the time I left there less than hour later it was 90.

So much for any nature, there wasn’t a bunny, bird or even a turtle to be seen.  It was a nice walk however after going to the gym all week.

Saturday when Lori was off at an event I went to the Los Cerritos Wet Lands that has a first Saturday of the month bird walk and clean up event.  I was there a few hours and at least got to see some hawks and great blue herons.  I couldn’t stay for the clean up as I was on-call in the afternoon.

Back to the gym today, at least its airconditioned.

Weekend, Company, Hiking and Vacation Planning

The long Memorial day weekend is over and I am back to work for four days until we leave for Italy.

This weekend I had another friend in town, arriving late Saturday and I dropped her off on the way to work today.  Three weekends in a row either partially filled or entirely filled with company.  That following the closing and moving of the house and I couldn’t be more ready for a vacation.  It seems like there hasn’t been a down day in forever.

The new fold out davenports really help with company, at least sleeping situations.  I am always thankful when my friends are willing to travel and stay for a visit, but it is a small house and I am very fortunate that Lori is willing to adjust her working/sleeping/dressing schedules so I can see my friends.

My dear friend Katherine came in Saturday night.  Will lots of stories and photos of her trip to Africa earlier in the year.  It took me three sessions to go through her photos, such an amazing looking trip.

We also went to a movie, one I wouldn’t recommend so I’ll leave that out.  We also visited with a dear friend of hers.  On Sunday we went for an amazing hike at the Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve.  This was an AWESOME hike and I can see us going back here over and over.  It is only 5 miles from the new house where my sister and nieces live so I am sure I will be back there. (We went and saw the girls after and I got a good dose of the baby who turns three on Thursday so not sure I can call her a baby anymore.)

There was so much to see on this hike, birds, hundreds of tiny frogs, beautiful landscapes and we only saw five miles of this place.  It was easily the highlight of the weekend, we will certainly be back.

61142616_10156245993550869_1938471499786616832_nPhoto Credit of Selfie goes to Katherine!!!