Sadly we had the Tree removed

The drought caught up with our cedar tree.  This tree was here thirty years ago when Lori was renting the house next door.  We have tried trimming back the dying branches and hoping last years rain would save it but it did not.  Before the poor thing died completely and posed a risk to people or property we had it removed today.

There are a lot of things and projects we tackle on our own. This is never one of them.  I found a local vendor with good reviews.  I was amazed as not a single branch landed in our garden or the neighbor’s yard.

Lori called to have me move my car as they were here early 7:30 and I was sleeping.  By the time I left at 12:30, the entire tree was almost gone and all that was left was the bottom 15 feet of trunk, lots of clean up and the grinding of the stump.  Guess I’ll see it all at midnight when I get home.

The empty calendar weekend

Ha Ha Ha.  The weekend rolled in slowly.  I had stayed up late after work on Friday and so slept in on Saturday morning.  We actually had nothing on the calendar.  Do not mistake that with nothing to do as it was midterms this week and Lori has been grading papers for eight solid hours today.

Saturday after I got up we had some errands to run.  Bank, office supply store, vitamin store as well.  We were in line at the car wash when our friend called, just to chat as she was waiting for the police to arrive as someone busted out her window and stole her brief case.  Luckily the computer was not in it.  They also didn’t open any doors so the alarm wouldn’t go off so they missed her Id, cash and wallet in the front console.  

We drove there and hung out for a bit, talking about the break in, the landscaping (we were hanging out in the yard and it is sorta our “thing”).  When we left there we stopped for lunch and got a text from family asking for confirmation that if there was water leaking from the toilet base did we think that was the wax ring.  Yep and Yep.  By the end of the text when I told them the toilet had to come out and the most important part was in the re-seating they agreed to let me come help.

 The plan was to get up early, get some weeding done before I went down to Irvine to help with the wax ring,  However the DJ neighbor had a party last night.  We think the house is on just around the corner, perhaps on the block behind us so our back yards face each other even though we are a few houses away.  Our windows were ratteling in the house to match the base in his well speakered yard.

Between 11pm and 3am when the music stopped abruptly, I dozed and woke up and dozed and woke up and finally got to sleep sound soon after 3 a.m.  Needless to say I did not get up early and weed before the day got to hot.  I got up and made us breakfast, loaded up the shop vac and the few tools needed and headed to Irvine.  

The wax ring was pretty standard and easy.  I showed the girls how to do it and they jumped in and helped.  I was loaded up and back home just after noon.  I finished up the laundry Lori had started, changed the bedding, vacuumed and just relaxed.  Those unscheduled weekends are nice.


Swealtering Paint

Because we do not have enough of our own projects and Lori is back in school so is quite busy on the weekends I agreed to help our friends paint their nursery on Sunday of the Labor Day weekend.

I mean why not, there was nothing else on my calendar.

We got to their house by 8:00 a.m. ready to paint.  That is when we found that Tolan (the not pregnant one) had gotten quite far and in fact had finished painting the nursery.  She had moved on and needed our help…..outside.

It was a small courtyard and we were well into painting before 9:00 but it was darn hot, nearing 100 by the time we finished at 12:30 and all went to lunch.

The twins are due before October and the Dr wont let KD get passed 36 weeks.  She is going on leave middle of next week for six months.  I may have sorta offered to quit my job and be their nanny after that….  lots to talk about before that would happen.

Goings On

I went looking through my photos to see if there was anything blog worthy.  Most are of my great-niece as I still request daily photos of that little peanut.


IMG_2440There were also some pictures of Air Force One that is housed as the Ronald Regan Presidential Museum.  My niece Taylor and I drove up last Saturday to take in the Titanic exhibit that is currently there.  We spent a couple of hours going through it and then rushed through the Presidential part.  I was interested in seeing more but it was crowded and just seemed more like propaganda than a museum.

Besides baby pictures I have food pictures so I guess I have done some cooking.  I made a peach crostata because the peaches were magnificent.  I also have this picture of chicken wings I made on the same day, trying to use up some panko I had opened and also bake in the convection oven and not heat the house too much because it is in the 90’s.  Saturday before Taylor and I drove up to museum I made biscuits for breakfast as well.

It may be Summer but that doesn’t mean that Lori is not crazy busy getting ready for fall classes.  Her office shows her dedication to the upcoming school year.

What we should both be working on is the yard, but I did mention the 90+ degrees and that coupled with hot flashes has meant that we have gotten started a couple of times, but boy oh boy are we behind.  I am sensing a pattern here.  I keep thinking, If I could just caught up then I could maintain it.  However the last time we had help to get caught up then peak happened, or travel, or finals or a myriad of things that got us way behind again on the weeding.  It is on the list for this upcoming weekend.

Summer Heat + Weekend Projects

It was nearly 100 degrees last Saturday.  So of course we had scheduled weeks in advance to tear down the last two sheds and a load of debris to the dump.

We headed out to Calimesa about 9:00 a.m.  There was Coachella traffic to deal with but we got out there just after 11:00 which was when I was scheduled to pick up the U-Haul.

Damn it was hot.  Didn’t really feel it until we were out in the sun tearing down metal sheds.  You would think they would be easier to take apart but they were not.

Dale (my brother), Della (my sister), Lori and I worked for several hours to take them apart and load them into the truck.  We loaded the rest of the stuff on top and Dale and I headed to the dump.  The garbage came out first then we headed to the metal pile and emptied the other two-thirds of the truck.   Headed back, got it swept out and returned by 4:30.

But oh what a hot day.  Each of us had to take breaks and go inside and cool off.  By my general feeling on Sunday and energy level I am pretty sure I had a mild case of heat stoke.

We all went out to dinner at a really cool pizza place after.  My only photo from all of that on Saturday was this sign at a nearby bar after we were leaving the pizza place.  With the current state of the world U.S. …..I just may make it screen saver.


I have 17 minutes….

The last week has been crazy.  Where do I start…  I have about 17 minutes before my blueline is up for review.

Lets see….Last week, Friday Lori bought a beautiful sculpture from a student at school.  She knew of the piece because she was asked to judge the competition last month.  It is a welded phoenix rising from the flames.  Looks kind of like a heron.  It is nearly impossible to get a good shot of it for the blog.

Saturday we went out to Calimesa for a maintenance day.  Things like cleaning out the last tool shed we hadn’t dealt with.  Making a new cover for the crawl space that had rotted out.  Hanging smoke alarms and broken shower parts and mounting the baby monitor because baby can stand and grab it now.

We got home late and were both exhausted from the week.  My work was/is busy and Lori had finals last week so we were showered and asleep pretty quick.

Sunday Lori had her own finals that were due by midnight and she worked straight through from 7:00 a.m until about 3:30.  I brought food and beverages but mostly ran errands to stay out of her way.  Hardware store, dry cleaner, car wash, groceries and did things like laundry and cleaning.  We had dinner with our friend Jan for her birthday at 6:00 and then the weekend was over.

This week,  It feels like one long day to me, is Spring break for Lori.  I have been working in a different office and have had clients in all week, lots of long hours.  In thinking back I can’t even tell you what Monday held.  Lori did get some yard work started and refreshed the oasis after I left for work.

Tuesday two of her students came and weeded.  Cut way back the plants in the front yard that had grown out of control.  I grilled chicken and burgers and made potato salad to feed them all.  Did my own weeding in the back and left them all still working.  The yard looks so different.  Great and different.

Wednesday, was that just yesterday, we went for a walk at Eldorado, stopped at the bank and pet food store, we also got Lori’s car washed and then I was off to work again.

Today one of the students was back at 8:00, he brought his truck and trailer and started off the morning cutting one big branch off the tree in the front yard.  Then we all moved to the back yard.  I did run to home Depot and picked up 21 more 16×16 bricks to finish the little patio Lori started on Monday with the bricks we were repurposing from the front.

Tomorrow is Friday, I may have to be in early.  My clients were supposed to be done tonight but that is not the case.  They are back tomorrow and its also the peak filing deadline.  Saturday which is already booked can’t come soon enough.  At least the yard work is all caught up and it was so worth the money to hire the students for help!  Sunday I may just sit in the yard and take it all in.

Blueline is up….gotta go, no time to proofread, but here are a few random pictures.

Bathroom Refresh

New paint, new medicine cabinet, new sink, new faucet, new shelf and new hooks.  Completed this weekend.  Looks great and served as a nice distraction.

Of course this did require several trips to the hardware store mid plumbing. (A pre requisit for plumbing projects right?) Not just for a new drain pipe, but also for a hole saw drill bit so we could cut the brand new cabinet we bought on line.  If it were only that simple…. the shelf then lined up exactly with the water valves so we had to actually sawzaw out a chunk of the back of the shelf as well.  At least we were entertained by it all.

(You can see the pencil marks of where I was about to saw out the back)