I know I haven’t blogged in a while.

There is so much going on.  Work is busy.  The cat was sick.  Family vehicle broke down.  Basically every thing in life take priority over my blog.

I think I am just spent from work.  It is beyond stressful this month and I am even more thankful I have stuck with Whole30 through all of this because there has been no stress eating through all of the work issues.

There has been a lot of construction work in our neighborhood.  The freeway project rolls on and I just put together today our recent faucet issues with the water trucks that have been in the neighborhood.

I came home from the gym last week, probably the week before now, and the water company was changing out our water meter.  I asked him what was going on and the guy said something like “what do you need water right now”  I said in fact I did.  He was gone within 20 minutes.

We have had a dripping kitchen sink for a while.  We put a water can under it and dump it once a day on the plants outside.  However last week the shower started dripping.  Seriously dripping.  We are in SoCal, we still have water restrictions we can’t have this continue.

I am now wondering if the pressure in the neighborhood or our new meter is higher and causing these faucets to leak more.

Lori set up a plumber to come yesterday and change out the shower and kitchen faucets.  The window was from 1pm to 5pm.  At 4:52, he was on his way from Irvine so expected at 6:30 pm.  She cancelled.  I texted an acquaintance this morning to see if he wanted a side job.

I can change out a regular faucet.  But the kind with the valve in the wall I am just unsure about.  Either way we may be ripping out stucco on the outside of the kitchen or re-tiling the shower.

This weekend we shall see, either Robert will come help or do this job, or we will be attemping to change them.

That fourth picture is the faucet we just changed out for Vicki and Emily.  The install was easy the removal took me all day and resorted to a hacksaw to get it off.   That all seems easy at this point.

Did you hear, it rained

Just last night it sprinkled at bit, enough to make the outdoor kitty break in through the kitty oasis and make our cars filthy.  Should be all done now.

But no, a few weeks ago it rained a bunch.  For a day or two.  Lots of mud slides from the fires but nothing like that for us.  Just a good deep soaking for all of the weed seeds that hadn’t seen any rain since last Spring.

The weeds are popping up everywhere.  This is usually our worst time of year for weeds in our specific yard since we don’t water anything except the three relatively new trees (under 5 years) in the front yard in July and August.

They are just getting to the size that they can be pulled.  But dang they are growing fast and last nights little sprinkle did not help.


Finishing Up

You know those household projects that you get 80% done and the rest just stares at you.

Well we painted a few weeks ago, the living room, kitchen and hall.  Except we hadn’t yet painted the bottom cabinets in the kitchen.

That involves removing of doors and hardware and is a pain.

Happy to say we did it this last weekend.  Happy to say all the cabinets and drawers were cleaned out, re-lined and painted.

Also, spoiled me was given a brand new set of cooking pots.  You can see the old color of the cabinets in that photo.  To make room all of our old sets were taken to the thrift store.

This “painting” project will continue.  There are two bedrooms to do, those just were not as urgent as the rest of the house.  Also the Outside we plan on painting over Spring break.   (Seriously we need to rethink this “break” philosophy)

IMG_4015 IMG_3952 img_3921-1.jpg

Yet another project

After getting the living room painted last weekend we decided to put up a counter to eat at.  It’s a small house and the only table we have is outside, which works for a lot of dining but certainly not all.

We went to a local tile store near us on Friday.  Looked at some gorgeous quartz and granite, priced out a small counter and then went and looked at the scraps outside instead.  This piece was already finished on the two sides we needed it and just needed one cut to make it a narrow 16″ counter.

Saturday while still covered in the mud from pottery we stopped and got the hardware to hang it.  We also picked up a couple of bar stools from home décor that went back on Sunday when we determined they were just a little two short.

Sunday morning we went about finding the studs and getting this small, yet very heavy counter hung.  After it was up we realized the first bar stools we got that although they didn’t match but we thought could be “eclectic” were just not going to work we went looking for new ones.  We found these at Pier One, they were half price and on final sale  rack.   Got them home and they were perfect.  It was lunch time, so we sat down to lunch at the counter right away.



New Year/New Color

We spent the weekend painting the living room, kitchen and hall.  We still plan on doing the office and bedroom on another weekend this month and then tackling the outside over Spring break when it is warmer outside overnight.

The grey and cream colors in the living room were covered with similar colors, just a warmer pallete.  The ceiling in all the areas got the same cream color and the grey and yellow in the kitchen again were similar colors just warmer.  It is very nice to have everything clean, organized and a fresh coat of paint.

The main color we changed was a green that was in the living room is now orange.  We pulled from the area rug and a piece of art on the wall and came up with a great color.  It changes the look of the room quite a bit.  Remarkable for a couple coats of paint.

Sadly we had the Tree removed

The drought caught up with our cedar tree.  This tree was here thirty years ago when Lori was renting the house next door.  We have tried trimming back the dying branches and hoping last years rain would save it but it did not.  Before the poor thing died completely and posed a risk to people or property we had it removed today.

There are a lot of things and projects we tackle on our own. This is never one of them.  I found a local vendor with good reviews.  I was amazed as not a single branch landed in our garden or the neighbor’s yard.

Lori called to have me move my car as they were here early 7:30 and I was sleeping.  By the time I left at 12:30, the entire tree was almost gone and all that was left was the bottom 15 feet of trunk, lots of clean up and the grinding of the stump.  Guess I’ll see it all at midnight when I get home.

The empty calendar weekend

Ha Ha Ha.  The weekend rolled in slowly.  I had stayed up late after work on Friday and so slept in on Saturday morning.  We actually had nothing on the calendar.  Do not mistake that with nothing to do as it was midterms this week and Lori has been grading papers for eight solid hours today.

Saturday after I got up we had some errands to run.  Bank, office supply store, vitamin store as well.  We were in line at the car wash when our friend called, just to chat as she was waiting for the police to arrive as someone busted out her window and stole her brief case.  Luckily the computer was not in it.  They also didn’t open any doors so the alarm wouldn’t go off so they missed her Id, cash and wallet in the front console.  

We drove there and hung out for a bit, talking about the break in, the landscaping (we were hanging out in the yard and it is sorta our “thing”).  When we left there we stopped for lunch and got a text from family asking for confirmation that if there was water leaking from the toilet base did we think that was the wax ring.  Yep and Yep.  By the end of the text when I told them the toilet had to come out and the most important part was in the re-seating they agreed to let me come help.

 The plan was to get up early, get some weeding done before I went down to Irvine to help with the wax ring,  However the DJ neighbor had a party last night.  We think the house is on just around the corner, perhaps on the block behind us so our back yards face each other even though we are a few houses away.  Our windows were ratteling in the house to match the base in his well speakered yard.

Between 11pm and 3am when the music stopped abruptly, I dozed and woke up and dozed and woke up and finally got to sleep sound soon after 3 a.m.  Needless to say I did not get up early and weed before the day got to hot.  I got up and made us breakfast, loaded up the shop vac and the few tools needed and headed to Irvine.  

The wax ring was pretty standard and easy.  I showed the girls how to do it and they jumped in and helped.  I was loaded up and back home just after noon.  I finished up the laundry Lori had started, changed the bedding, vacuumed and just relaxed.  Those unscheduled weekends are nice.