Just another Tuesday

Time is a tricky thing.  The more I have to get done the better I am at getting it done.  Also the less I have to do, I get nothing done.  However right now there is A LOT to get done with the entire yard being torn up for the painting and the ongoing editing we are doing of plants, but not a lot got done.

I also want to make it to the gym more days than not and I got to work out this morning.  Then after I went to the grocery store and got back home with an hour before I needed to be in the shower.  I emptied the garbage, recycling and yard waste and then put together a stew in the crock pot.

Yes stew, it’s not necessarily a Summer meal.  However I got both celery and carrots in my CSA box this week and Lori was off at the OC Fair judging again.  I picked up the steak at the store so I could throw this together which would give her dinner when she got home and me leftovers for work tomorrow.

As far as the yard and putting things back I didn’t get any of that done.  We focused on the kitty condo and AC units before work yesterday and then Lori dressed up the front porch.  Cleaning off our chairs, picking up an awesome (matchy) rug for the porch and picked up new cushions that were on sale.  I came home last night and it was such a wonderful lovely surprise.  I am a lucky girl.


Kitty has new”ish” digs



It is actually not new at all.  It’s the same kennel, its in the same place, it has the same cat condo in it.

What is new is the cat escape pool noodles affixed to it to keep her in are now actually to keep other cats out as she is too big to escape.  Also we put down pavers in the bottom for her to lie on and replaced the live palm to a plastic one that she can still hide under but does not need water.

Although she wanted out all weekend and kept banging at the window, it is different enough from the “old” version that she has only looked out for now.  We have a very strange kitty.


These are the before pictures taken after we cleared the porch on Friday morning.  The painters were coming on to pressure wash and we thought that meant early.  We got up again at 6:00 and cleared everything left away from the house.  Removed the mailbox and also the three window AC units from the house and waited.

Lori checked in with them around 8:30 a.m. and in fact they were not coming until the evening as they were finishing up a different job.

Friday I had also worked from home to give us an extra hour (commute time) to get stuff done.  The only problem with this plan was by evening it was so dang hot in the house.  It stayed this way all weekend, we couldn’t really keep doors or windows open either.

Saturday they were back bright and early.  Before 7:00 a.m. just as I got home from the store with ice for our cooler and beverages for them.  Lori had a class she was teaching so she was out of the house just before I got taped in.  They left about 5pm having the main color and the ceiling color on the porches, both coats of each complete.

Sunday they were back about 8a.m. and only had the trim and the garage to do.  The garage is the same color as the trim, just in metal paint.  They were so thorough and caulked, sanded the trim and put two coats on everything before rolling out about 7:30 p.m.

The “paint the house” has been on the list for at least a year and it is awesome to have it done.  Lori trusted me on the paint colors and I trusted her on the ceiling accent and I think it all pretty perfect!





Did someone say

yard waste? This is the yard waste that hasn’t fit into our bin the last couple weeks.  The bin was emptied yesterday and filled today with more that was on the side of the house.

We are maybe 25% of editing and pulling out plants.  The plan is to keep filling the bin every week, but also keep stacking and once we are done we will rent a u haul and drag it all to the green waste.

Today was more prep for painting.  Nothing like deciding to do a project and then giving yourself ONLY ENOUGH time to get ready for it.  By Sunday there will be a fully painted house and all the stuff we have moved out-of-the-way will be back in place.



Meditation Cushions


I bought these meditation cushions from a friend of my sisters.  They arrived in the mail today just before I left for work.  In the spirit of something must leave the small house if anything else is brought in……I did run to Goodwill this morning with some blankets, cloths and other items.  Guess that will have to count for now.

The goodwill run was a last-minute thing during a morning full of paint prep and a long before work list.

Lori and a her student started weeding in the front of the house just before 7 a.m.  They weeded for five hours, during which time I:

  • Ran to Lowes for a disposable putty knife for bondo
  • Stopped and washed car
  • Mixed bondo and mended posts on porch (prepping for painting)
  • Climbed up on the roof and blew off the pine needles
  • Blew the driveway and side yard into the street
  • Taped plastic to the inside of the garage door (prepping for pressure wash)
  • Ran a load of things to Goodwill
  • Made dinner to take to work and food for Lori in the fridge
  • Packed gym bag
  • Showered and got ready for work

Because I didn’t make it to the gym this morning, I am planning on going after work at 11:30.  It is an early morning tomorrow as well.  There is an oil change, sanding of the bondo from today and picking up the yard waste that is in the way for painting.

bunny bunny

We hit the trail early this morning to beat the heat.  Getting to El Dorado Nature Park before the parking attendant was even there.  Luckily we have a parking pass.

We saw these two bunnies and a half a dozen more while walking.

We managed to get to the pet store and to Trader Joes as it opened and then home to make breakfast before it got too hot.  Tomorrow is looking a bit cooler, mid 80’s.  This is good news as we work more toward preparing for paint this weekend.


We are painting!

And by “we” I mean we hired someone to paint.  Fully intending on doing it ourselves and with the Looooooong list of other things we are trying to get done this Summer we have vended this task out.

Now, don’t get me wrong, that leaves us plenty of things to get done first.  We picked up the paint this weekend and got it all home.  This morning we were up at 6:00 a.m. and in the yard cutting back plants near the South side of the house so they can have access.

We chose 6:00 a.m. because it was almost too hot by 7:30 and we both had workouts to get to after that.  We were cutting back the fire-sticks and they ooze this poisonous white sap that is a major skin irritant.

Because I was sweating so much from my face, I kept wiping with the inside of my T-shirt, but I ended up with both eyes having a red “burn” area and all around my mouth.

I was really trying not to touch my face, hence using the inside of my shirt collar but it was so hot and my face was sweating so much I joked that I alone was the cause for the high humidity level today.

We have some things to move like the kitty condo which will happen on Friday when they come to power wash.

I failed to get any pictures of the stuff we cut back today, but I will surely get before and after of the house.