Yes I have this stupid cold that is zapping all of my energy.  But tis the season you know.

So Saturday I put up the tree.  Sounds daunting maybe, but it involved walking into the bedroom, digging it out from behind my boots and putting it on the cabinet by the front door.



Then more resting.

Today I decorated it before work.  That involved wrapping one strand of led, battery operated lights around it.



We have a small house and this is the perfect tree for us.  Lets hope when it comes time to take it down I have more energy then right now.   ha ha ha.

See those clouds

Saturday I climbed up on the roof to see what the issue was with two spots that the roofing material seemed to be bulging up.

IMG_2320Turns out it is roofing nails working their way out.  Thing is, this roof has sat in the Southern California scorching sun for 10 years.  Although it looks just fine from the ground the material is kind of brittle now.

I hammered the two spots down as much as possible without making it worse.

I am sure water wont go under unless it is literally raining at a 90 degree angle.

What we do know is a new roof will be needed within the next few years.

We are good for the rain, those clouds didn’t create any and were gone as quick as they came.  But there will be more.

Best Weekend.

What constitutes a great weekend?  Fun at the beach with friends.  Walk on the beach alone.  Going to a movie, a play, your childs recital?

What about a weekend at home, with no agenda?  This weekend was the only weekend for months on the calendar that had a completely empty day.  Saturday.  We left the house briefly in the morning and got tea and a quick run to Lowes.  But then it was a day at home.

I. Cleaned. House.  I had a very productive day and one that I loved.  Lori worked and I interrupted her quite a bit.  But I also dusted everything I could find included all four ceiling fans and frames on the wall and door casings.  I also took down the living room curtains and washed all eight panels and hung them back up.  Washing two at a time and no drying needed.  They hang in the very sunny window and dried generally before the next set when up next to them.  I cooked yummy meals.  I vacuumed, changed bedding, sorted and tossed lots of things that “do not spark joy” any longer.

One would think with a day with nothing on the calendar I would curl up with a book or something but by the end of yesterday I felt as though things were nearly back in order.

Today we drove out to Murrieta to sign the final escrow paperwork.  A drive we gave ourselves two and a half hours for and it took barely one.  The drive home we went through the Cleveland national forest and although it took a lot longer it was a beautiful drive.

By the time we got home I was able to make some frosting for cupcakes I’m making tomorrow and get the bathroom scrubbed.  Made a super easy yet yummy dinner and feel quite accomplished.

Now all that is left is finishing the laundry so I can pack for a business trip.  Tomorrow I’ll pack to go to Palo Alto early on Tuesday morning, returning on Friday.  But at least I’m leaving Lori with a clean house and a fridge full of yummy food.