Kittens, Knots, Kneecap

Today’s post brought to you by the letter K.

The kittens are gone.  We paid my brother to come pick them up and take them to the animal shelter last Thursday. (Guild Money) Sending him with a blank check to cover the fees and if there were no fees to give them $100.00 donation.  Donation it was.  They took the little critters without hesitation. Cute, 9 weeks old, eating solid food, I had a litter box in the yard they were getting used to and I was picking them up at every moment so they wouldn’t be feral assholes like their mom.

Since they had not left our yard in two solid weeks because that is where the food source was, we didn’t even tell the neighbors who had no idea where they had gone.

So we are back to just the “usual” feral cats.  None of them were really thrilled with the kittens.  Even our CeeCee wasn’t going outside much because they kept coming into her cage, that or the ridiculous heat we were having.  The old guy we call Lionel wasn’t around much but he is venturing back now and even came to the door and meowed for food last night.

So that was Kittens, on to Knots.  I am super excited about an organization I found last week at the fair.  It is called Knots of Love and they are an organization where you donate your time, energy and materials to make hats for cancer patients and NICU blankets.  Since I am usually working on a blanket this gives me another option.  There are a few specifics for the hats and blankets, mostly an acceptable yarn list and 18×22 for the blankets.  Patters, colors and all that are up to the knitter or crocheter.  So when the blanket I have on my hook is done this is my next purchase will be some yard they approve and making some hats and NICU blankets.

This weekend I ended up being on call.  My regularly scheduled weekend is this coming one.  Saturday started early and there was lots of work the day was nearly over when I finally sat down.  But the laundry was done, I had run out to the notary for work and put in several hours of work.  Sunday morning started just as early.  Lori and I both had Chiropractic adjustments.  As I said to my niece this is not the Crack-a-lacky kind of adjustments they get.  They are full body and take an hour.

Lori has been coughing for nearly two weeks now.  To the point that she isn’t sleeping.  Which doesn’t help in the healing.  During her adjustment, she got her lungs re-aligned and the woman who does this adjustment says she had breathed in some spores.  We got home and she slept for a straight five hours while I worked and prepped food for the week.

My adjustment was slightly different.  My thumb had been hurting along with my left kneecap area.  With loud “Click” of the bones there a couple times a day.  I told her I was waking up every night between 3 and 3:30, she felt my knee, asked me if my right arm pit smelled more that my left (um yea) and said its your gall bladder.  Proceeded to adjust every one of my ribs and reach under (and when I say reach, I mean DIG) and adjust my gallbladder.

After some general other adjustments and a sheet of instructions, my knee 36 hours later does not hurt and for the first time in a month I didn’t wake up in the middle of the night, well to coughing maybe, but not to pee.


Change, Change, Cancel, Change

and lots of cooking

We had plans on Saturday to go out to the girls house for a visit and the “auntie-do-list” of things like fixing a leaky drain and moving some items and doors around.

Well we changed that to next weekend because a co-worker of Lori’s and his wife were coming over.  I was going to cook everyone lunch and he and Lori were going to discuss the garden and some changes.

Friday I made a lovely gazpacho for the next day as the first course and the second change of the weekend came.  Their dog may have injured her back so co-workers wife would not be coming as she was going to stay with the dog. Guess I didn’t need to make as much salmon as I had purchased.

Saturday morning after I finished with breakfast I prepped the salmon and carrots for later and made a watermelon, lime and mint salad.  As I put it in the fridge Lori got a call and the dog needed emergency surgery and neither would be coming.

Sadly it was 11am and to late to go out to the girls but an empty calendar and a fridge full of food.

Lori has a horrid cold so her having a down day wasn’t a bad thing.  We left a voicemail for Kathi to see if she was available for dinner.  Lori and I ate the soup and watermelon salad for lunch and I trimmed a tree in the back yard and did things like laundry.

In the evening just as I put the carrots on the grill to cook we heard back from Kathi and she came over and we had dinner and someone to help us eat the food I made.  Salmon and carrots on the grill, nearly everything cooked on the grill this week because its too hot to put on the oven.

We sat outside and played with the three kittens that will be going to the shelter at some point this week.

I made the other half of the salmon on Sunday and more salad.  Left overs galore but at least they are yummy and all Whole30 compliant.


chores and baseball

That is the basic weekend recap, chores on Saturday and then a baseball game on Sunday.  You can stop here if the rest of the play by play bores you.

Doesn’t quite explain why its been a week since I’ve even thought of blogging.  Just so you know, and not that you care.  I generally blog on my 30 min dinner break at work.  However last week I worked alone as my co-worker was out so the dinner break never happened, hence neither did the blog as I did not make time for it anywhere else in the weeks schedule.

We had a lot going on at home.  The three little kittens are in our yard all of the time now.  Sleeping under the jade plant during the heat of the day and even mewing at the door in the morning for food.  I’ve picked up all of them, trying to get them used to people. I rubbed them down with a little peppermint last week to help with their fleas.  I did treat our actual indoor cat and split the other dose in the package between the kittens mom and the other female in the yard.  It seems to have helped.  The only two not dosed are the males.  The “uncle” if you will and the big male who has now been here for well over a year and still I haven’t gotten near enough to even touch him.  He is a little more scarce now that the kittens are here.  We are going to find out from our neighbors son what the intention is and then we will find them homes if need be.  They are eight weeks old and we seriously have enough stray cats in our yard.

But playing with the kittens and being alone at work didn’t take up the whole week. I also got a bug in my ear to re-organize my kitchen.  Shopping for baskets to store our pantry items in and effectively hiding them so there isn’t so much visually going on.  I looked at the container store, target and then one morning we went to world market and I found some baskets that are working.  I wasn’t sure at first and they still have the tags on them.  But a week in I think they are working nicely.

There was also a day of shopping for a new washer and dryer.  The unit we had was an industrial unit.  It had been given to us from a friend who was clearing out stuff at work.  We used it for seven years and it was used when we got it.  Well last week when the load finished it was full of a powdery, gritty substance.  Now we have super mineral water and thought it could have been a big deposit in the washer or pipe that broke up.  But it was a lot.  We ran the washer again and there was more, but also a burning smell.

So although it was not in our current budget, washer and dryer shopping we went.  Consumer report book in hand along with measurements we bought a new set.  We couldn’t just buy a washer because they were one unit and if something happened we would be replacing them both again.  I did have to remove a utility sink however and re-pipe a drain for the new washer.

I chose Saturday for delivery and an a.m. time because, well for many reasons, one being get it over with and two it is hot in the afternoon and no one wants to be out in the garage then.  Well the window was 7-12 and on Friday they called and confirmed 7-9.

We were up at 6:00 to clear out a path and remove the sink.  At 6:40 they called to say they would be there within 30 minutes.  They actually pulled up at 7:00 exactly and were gone by 7:40.  They moved the old unit to the street for us and while we spent the rest of the morning organizing our garage and taking a very large load to the thrift store a neighbor who repairs appliances stopped and asked about it and ended up hauling it off.  He had a hand truck and lift gate with him and we didn’t even have to help.

The garage looked great when we finished.  We end up doing this about once a year as it becomes disorganized overtime.  It serves as a laundry room, an extension to the kitchen for storage, the back up library and Lori’s drafting table is in there.  When your in a small house you need to make due!

Sunday included a baseball game with my sister, brother, Lori and I.  It was an Angels and Mariners game.  My sister had received the tickets and this had been on the calendar for a few months.  Plenty of time to get t-shirts and hats and show up at the Angels stadium fully representing the Seattle Mariners.  Well except Lori, The Angels are her team so I made sure to get her a t-shirt to represent.  Her team won!  We had great seats on the 3rd base line and luckily for us, they were in the shade.

The rest of my Sunday was making dinner and food prep for the week.  The week is going just as fast.  Monday before work I went grocery shopping and we picked up a shelf to go above the dryer since we now have room.  Today was spent doing a little weeding until it got to dang hot, vacuuming the house and washing my car.



Kitty Updates

Being away for three weeks had some kitty consequences.  It seems the kitty we call Tiki hasn’t been back since we left.  This is the little grey one who would come into the house at night, the “timeshare” kitty.  She was my favorite of all the kitties we feed, yet are not actually our kitties.

Our (actual) cat Cee Cee only took a day to get over being mad that we had left for three weeks and then warmed right back up.  We got her a new perch for the office.  She loves to be in there when either of us are working but wants to be on the keyboard or in a lap.  That doesn’t really work when I am working from home.  She has nearly disconnected me from a conference call when she walked across my cell phone.

And it worked, this is last Friday when I worked from home.  She was quite content to just be near the desk but not on it.

As for the outdoor kitties.  Just after we got back what was now TWO WEEKS AGO, (where in the heck does time go,) one of the newest kittens showed up with her momma.  We haven’t seen it since that day and rumor was there were five kittens.  At the time of this sighting they would have been five weeks old.  So if they all made it, we should have kitten sightings very soon.

(Three generations of kitties in this photo, calico is the mom to the two cats and the grey is the grand-kitty if there is such a thing)

It looks like we might have to treat them all for fleas.  Cee Cee has fleas for the first time since we got her, so I am sure the rest of them do to.  Two of those cats, both of the males, I’m not sure how we would catch them to treat them.  One (not pictured) has lived in our yard for well over a year but never lets us close enough to touch him.

………..more of the little kitty……because of course I picked it up.

“Cat People”

So this is the current sleeping situation.
1 Full size bed
2 Full size humans
2 Cats that seem to take up the entire bottom of the bed

I took this before extracting my feet from between them.  Lori’s were curled up in the quarter of the bed that seemed to be allowed.

There is just no denying the “cat people” title at this point.


They love helping Lori work.  so so helpful!


We have also found a local vet that will take the feral cats to have them spayed and neutered.  They will give us a pretty good price, but more than anything no appointment needed.  One-Two-or Three, however many we can catch at a time they will take.  Now we just have to get serious about catching them.

The weather was so gorgeous this weekend, so Saturday I sat outside having my coffee and reading.  Thinking if I could get close enough to any of the kittens I could catch them.

Well the coffee and reading were great, but no kittens captured yet.


Outside Kitty

So this is happening now.

This cat has been around our yard for months literally.  I think I have photos of her, no wait I just went and found the post from August of 2016.  This kitty has been around our yard for OVER a year.

Her paw prints are all over the windowsill in the front of the house were she stares in the window at CeeCee.

She usually runs and jumps over the fence when I get to near her by accident.  I have repeatedly tried to show her to Lori, who miraculously had only gotten glimpses of her, until, today!

Lori headed out to the garage and ran right into the kitty.  Not thirty minutes later, the kitty had a bowl of water, a bowl of kibble and had already had a nice hearty wet cat food lunch.

Now there is a moving blanket in the Oasis for her to curl up on, granted I take responsibility for that.

But the outdoor kitty and the indoor kitty were checking each other out.  CeeCee has been perfectly fine with this kitty until her human started talking to, petting and feeding it.

I’m starting a pool on when the kitty actually gets let into the house.  Any takers?



I took this photo Friday from bed.  CeeCee (a name she does not acknowledge) was lounging outside in the sun and I was reading before getting ready for work.  Soon after the sun moved and she came and crawled into bed with her warm soft fur against my feet.  It was very sweet.

Yesterday wasn’t as peaceful of a day for her.  It was annual shot day.  The appointment was for 9:00 a.m.  Lori woke me to see if I was going with, so up I got and got dressed….then it was cat wrangling time.  Picking her up is easy, especially if you’re comparing to her arrival a year ago.  But with the first failed attempt to get her in the carrier it was hide and seek.

Under the bed, back and forth I finally got her and then my failed attempt.  I almost got her in when all four legs spread out and she wiggled her way out of my hands and was off.  Then we couldn’t find her.  We were sure she went in the bedroom and it is not a large house.  Checked the bathroom and shut that room off.  Checking the office and our closets and then I detected her little body back in the bed where she warmed my feet the day before.  I got her out, wrapped her in a towel and got her in the carrier.  We got to the vet, shots done and actually on our way back home and it wasn’t even 9:00 yet.

She slept all day and kind of gave us the cold shoulder.  She didn’t sleep on the bed, but instead on her cat tree in the living room.  She did come have me pet her a little when I had to get up at 1am because some work came in.  I think she just wasn’t feeling week from the shots and the trauma.

Today she was playing with her toys again and the yearly affair seems to be over.