Road-Trip Recap

The weekend had a lot of driving and a lot of visiting.

After I flew up on Wednesday we visited with my aunt and cousins for a couple of hours then checked into a best western for the night.  In the morning we met Lori’s life long friend and her son for breakfast and then headed toward Nappa. We walked around Nappa (not big drinkers) we wandered through the shops and sat and sketched a while.

We then headed back toward Vallejo.   We checked into the travel lodge for the night and then went and met my friend Mike from 20 years ago.   We spent a couple of hours touring his lovely garden and house before walking to dinner.   It was so fun to catch up with him and there seemed to be no time that had passed since the last time I saw him.

The next morning we drove to Rocklin and see Lori’s friend Alice from grad school and see the baby and their new house.  We stopped in Sacramento on our way for breakfast and went to my favorite spot there the Fox and Goose.  Staying on Whole30 the whole trip while eating all meals out wasn’t too challenging but breakfast at the Fox and Goose was a breeze and so good.

We got to Rocklin early and went to a movie!!!  In the middle of the day!!!  It has been so long since we went to a movie, it was a ton of fun.  We saw Oceans 8 and enjoyed the downtime along with the cool theatre since it was 110 outside.

We stayed at their place, we would both rather stay in a hotel but they were expecting us to stay and the guest room was all set up.  The baby slept through the night and didn’t wake us and luckily we didn’t wake her either.

Our plan was to head to Tahoe that morning, but we were getting a much later start and decided to just head home.  A few stops along the way as it is a very long drive.  When we got back my brother was still there and two of the cats were no shows for the time we were gone.

The cat who usually comes in and sleeps in the house showed back up but is very apprehensive about coming in.  She wanted in about 2:00 a.m. this morning and slept for a couple of hours before wanting back out about 5:00 a.m.   The pregnant cat came around for dinner last night and is skinny again, so somewhere in our neighborhood there are kittens.

Beach and Movies

My dear friend Katherine flew in on Thursday night.  I took Friday off and after a good sleep in and breakfast in the backyard we went to Seal Beach for an afternoon in the sand.

It ended up being quite a bit sandier then we thought due to the very windy conditions.  We started out with the bigger umbrella, but after we lost it once and a young man named Clayton caught it for us we switched to the smaller, earlier to tie down to our bags umbrella. Katherine ventured down to put her feet in the ocean, I didn’t get that close.

Saturday we went walking at Eldorado nature park, my usual walk.  Besides a lot of turtles we watched a couple hawks swoop through.  One landed right above it and I got this picture although it is hard to see amongst the branches.  Katherine captured our 2 mile and then 1 mile loop on her watch app.  It made for a pretty cool map of our walk.

Saturday we also went to see the movie DunkirkIt was a very interesting movie, on the rescue of hundreds of thousands of soldiers from the city of Dunkirk after the German invasion.  It isn’t actually a move I had heard about but I found it very captivating.

Katherine also introduced me to Netflix and the show Call the Midwives. I realize “introduce me to Netflix” sounds like I am living under a rock, but the last time I had Netflix was when you got a couple DVD’s in the mail and returned them when you were done and they mailed out the next one on your list.  Needless to say, I’m almost through the first season.



Naming Conventions

I probably have at least one post a month that is titled or at least starts out titled Weekend Update.  That really leaves me no where to go except, guess what we did this weekend!

I was on call this last weekend, however our boss has re-designed the weekend coverage so that we have some off hours on our on-call weekends.  The trade off is we cover more sites.  So instead of being on-call from 7:00 a.m. Saturday morning to 11:00 p.m. Sunday night for Southern California.  I was on call from 7:00 p.m. Saturday night to 7:00 a.m. Sunday morning and then again from 3:00 p.m. Sunday to and I was covering both Northern and Southern California.

I have to say that for my first time up with this format it wasn’t that bad.  A co-worker in Palo Alto was on call for the first shifts and we work well together so hand off of jobs was smooth.

This also meant I was able to get some other things crammed into the off shift hours.  Saturday we woke and went to Tai Chi class, then rushed to return my rental car from last week and go sign paperwork and pick up my new Subaru.


We then picked up pizza and met my brother at our house for football.   He was there before us and had the game going when we walked in.  Unfortunately we lost and are out of the playoffs this year.  We did have a good visit and yummy veggie pizza.  Since there were a few hours before I had to be around my computer so we managed to make it out grocery shopping.  All in all a pretty productive day for an on-call day.

Sunday was pretty good too.  I did have to be on at 3:00 p.m. so there wasn’t as much time.  However we got quite a bit done.  Lori’s friend Jan came by early on Sunday and we all went to breakfast, of course taking my new very off-gassy car.  When we were done with that it was still early and with so many projects around the house we chose to go to a matinee of “Hidden Figures” which was fabulous and needs an entire post of its own.  But because I can’t be as eloquent as many of the reviews out there all I can add is, Go See It!

We stopped at DSW after and I picked up a couple pair of shoes for work.  We got home with just enough time for me to start a stew before needing to be “on” for work.

Nothing got done in the yard however.  Lori petitioned for us to finish off the mosaic on the other side of the driveway and I petitioned to put it off until morning so I could get some house chores done.  Sweeping and vacuuming happened and the kitchen started before work sidetracked me.  But a productive day.


This morning before work however we managed to get the last of the broken tile mosaic in.  We didn’t have any rain today but expect more later in the week so this was the perfect day.  As for the rain, it too deserves its own post, but I will just say we have received more rain this “year” then all of last year and we are only two weeks in.  It is fabulous and the weeds are loving it!  So is my purple Cauliflower this will be on tomorrows menu.  The rain is however not being so kind to my tomato plant.  It is seriously leaning, the tomatoes on it are getting pretty big because of all the rain but the whole plant is about to un-root itself.





Hello Blog

Hello Blog, you are boring and stupid lately.  There are so many photos in my phone for blog ideas and they are all buried in between sweet baby photos.  So to rid myself of them I’m dumping them in here.  Now to create a rambling, disjointed, completely random blog post.

Lori and I found a new theatre.  In fact it has been open for a while, about 4 miles from the house.  It is just we had not made it to a movie yet this year……yep, year.  However we did go and see Florence Foster Jenkins.  Now Meryl Streep was a fabulous as Meryl Streep always is.  She was authentic and played Florence as a brave and generous artist with a love of music.  But I would have to say that Simon Helbergs portrayal of Coseme’ McMoon made me the happiest.  I had to go look up and sure enough he played all the piano himself as that is one of his many skills.  His reactions to Florence were spot on!  Beautiful.

But wait….this blog is about the photos in my phone. So back to this new theatre, it has assigned seats!  Seriously.  So that could be both good and bad right.  You don’t have to be in a rush, however if you don’t like who is around you there isn’t much of an option.  But these are the seats!!!  They were two recliners to a set, large seats, cupholders where there is no question as to whose see it belongs to and the matinee was only $7 each!


There are also a couple of pictures of Cee Cee outside in her Kitty Condo.  These were a few weeks ago when we were getting ready to leave one morning.

You can see Cee Cee in the bottom of the photo and the visitor just kind of blended into the gravel.  It startled me when I was getting dressed, but stayed long enough for me to get the photo before going over the fence.

Speaking of Cee Cee, this is where she insists on sleeping every day. Every Day. Yep, Every Day.

In the Saving the best photo for last category….  My darling friend Katherine took this photo while in Europe this Summer.  Had it printed and framed and shipped it to me.  Surprise.

It is beautiful and we made room for it in the living room.  It was hard to get a photo as it was showing my reflection or weird lighting reflection.  But trust me it is gorgeous.


Movie Release

My co-worker left early tonight to attend THE PREMIER.  Yes THAT premier for the long awaited and possibly even longer advertised movie that opens on Friday.

The Force and all of it’s cohorts are not my kinda thing.  Not in a shun kind of way just in a I haven’t really ever followed so don’t get all the hype kind of way.

In fact the first one was released on my mothers birthday in 1977.  Not that I really new that or followed it then, but have heard or read the date at some point and what can I say I’m good with dates.

I remember being in Haines, AK for the Summer and waiting for the movie to make it up there.  It didn’t make it up there until the middle of the Summer.  Della and I and probably mom saw it after pizza in the tiny theatre in Haines.  I remember being so excited because everyone else was excited and had been talking about it forever, at least to a twelve year old it felt like forever.

I don’t remember much of the movie and may or may not have seen Empire Strikes Back Movie.  I mean I don’t recall the plot but I remember certain elements but that clearly could just be from movie clips, previews or reviews.  The same goes with the Jabba the hut one (Return of the Jedi perhaps).  Parts of the movie I think I remember but not I’m not sure, although that came out my senior year in high school so I probably did see it.  All of the prequels that came out more than a decade later I know for sure I did not see.

Anyhow, I think that if there is ANY OTHER movie your interested in, this weekend would be a nice weekend to see it.  There will probably be empty theatres for other shows!  Just Sayin!

Whoa….three movies so far this year

We were up early on Saturday and headed out to Calimesa to help the girls get the yard cleaned up.  We weeded the gravel and weed-eated the side yard.  We started planning out the landscaping for the yard there.  We need low water, low maintenance but dog friendly plantings.  We will probably start with the front yard and add some curb appeal.

We drove home and managed to go out to dinner and a movie.  I mention this because we go to very few movies, mostly because of our schedules but this makes THREE movies for the year.  We went to one (Spy) with Dale was in town in June and one (Rikki and the Flash) when Vivian was here in August.   Saturday we went and saw Martian, actually in 3D.  It was pretty darn good and surprisingly funny. That wasn’t the movie we intended to see but there was 90 minutes to kill before dinner and the new Tom Hank  move Bridge of Spies.  We knew if we had to wait around for 90 minutes we would give up and go home. It was pretty darn good and surprisingly funny.

Sunday was busy and yet peculiarly un-productive.  We went to Lowes, Costco and the flooring store to look at tile for our house.  But getting any of our own yard work done, house cleaned or laundry done didn’t happen.  Lori is at a conference for three days this week and we have company this weekend.  I am working two jobs and already on the first day of the week have a schedule change.  It’s a good thing Katherine is coming to visit us and not measure the amount of weeds in the yard.  Who knows, perhaps we will see a FOURTH movie this year.

Show, and sorta tell

Katherine flew in on Friday evening.  The three of us went out to our newly found favorite tapas restaurant and had a very yummy dinner.  I found a new favorite and it really is enough in one item to just have that.

Saturday Katherine and I had a very slow leisurely start to the day.  Having breakfast at home and looking at photos from her Christmas Belieze trip.  We did a little garden tour so she could see what we were up too and luckily the lilac vine was in bloom.  The romaine has gone to seed and the swiss chard is nearly taller than me.

We then went out to lunch and then had a lovely walk around the El Durado nature park.  We spotted turtles of course and ducks.  The coolest bird was the tri-colored heron that flew in and landed right above us.

We headed home and took a little break before going out for a quick Thai dinner and then to the movie Imitation Game.  It was fabulous!!!

This morning we headed to Hermosa Beach where we met up with Katherine’s niece and had brunch near the beach.  We then walked down to the ocean and then wondered around for a couple of hours until we dropped her back at LAX.  It was a brief but fun-tastic weekend.

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