and Scene!

Well November is done, over, finished!

What a month, what a sad, stressful, disappointing month.

I did not blog every day for the NaBloPoMo.  I started out great blogging every day.  However the end of the month was just to busy and to sad.

Work is…..hard right now.  We lost two lead sales reps and now a project manager and possibly more.

My workouts have gotten lost in the last few weeks and I nursed an Achilles injury (sucks this aging thing).  But tomorrow is December.  A new month.  A good time to get everything moving again.



Thanksgiving Week(end)

Tuesday my little sister and her two children flew into LAX from Dallas, after driving 3 hours to get to Dallas that is.  Then my brother Dale picked them up and it took 3.5 hours in traffic to get out to Calimesa.

I had spent Tuesday loading the car and getting all of my salad fixings so they would be fresh.  I loaded up the cooler on Wednesday morning and headed out to Calimesa myself.  Luckily the hour I was traveling it only took me an hour and a quarter to get there.

I arrived before noon and we unloaded everything and I made pies. Which was clearly the last time I blogged.

The rest of the week is a blur.  Thursday Lori drove in.  My sisters and I were well into prepping the food when Vicky and Emily showed up around 11:00.  The day flew by, I gave everyone t-shirts I had made.  They were fun and everyone wore them.  The rest of the guests flew in and drove in and the house had 17 people in it by 3pm.

Dinner was completed and everyone was nice and full.  I was making the whipping cream when the buzz kill of the day happened.  All of a sudden the toilets started backing up… All four of them.

We had to call out a plumber, who came out in the dark, on a holiday and was able to clear the main line from the yard to the street.  I guess seventeen people all day was just too much for the day.

It did put a damper on the night, Lori called the plumber and described the problem.  Then when he arrived my brother Dale hung with him and handled everything.  The company did start to depart before the issue was finished and I did not get a group photo of the shirts so here are a few random photos from the day to show them.






Herby and Fresh

At the very last minute before heading out for Thanksgiving I picked these fresh herbs to cook with.  I am so Thankful for my herb garden.



I was also super happy about my salad bar.  So colorful and yummy.  I tried (did not succeed) to fill up on salad, but I did have a big salad as opposed to any seconds on the other items.


Pie Day

A very long day.  Yesterday I ran errands and picked up the last things I needed for Thankgiving.  I also loaded the trunk of the car with everything non perishable like my mixer and crockpot and a crazy amount of other stuff. 

Today I loaded the cooler wth the turkey and ham and other refrigerated items. Loaded the back seat and hit the road about 10 am. 

After I got to the house in Calimesa everyone helped me unload and I started right in making pies. 

Apple, sweat potato, pumpkin and persimmon. My little sister made us all dinner and my brother pulled my table out of the garage and into the house. He moved their table into the kitchen area and put the big table together for tomorrow.  

I am now down the road six miles, checked into a hotel and heading to bed.  Less than twelve outs after I left the house this morning.  

Bloom update

Well although I was super excited to watch this Agave bloom I had to cut it down today.

The bloom had grown up to touch the eve and had no sign of slowing down.   It could have done serious damage, as it was quite strong.  At first I thought I could push it out around the eve, however it was as solid as the porch support right next it it.  Seriously, I could not push it a bit, it had the smallest of give.


massage and vacation

Today Lori and I went for massages before work.  (The most decadent sentence I’ve written in a while)

Last year for Christmas I got her a year of massages, 80 minutes once a month.  We have supplemented with a few additional throughout the year as well.  Occasionally we will book me a massage and have now decided this is a necessary extravagance and will be re-upping for the both of us for next year.

Today however she booked me a massage as well.  We took our work clothes with us, took two cars and went for 10:00 am 80 minute massages at the spa.  No time for Jacuzzi or Sauna but showered and ready for work we actually did get to have lunch together.

I drove from there to work and got there exactly at 2:00.  Unfortunately my manager had sent my co-worker to Houston for a helpout so I was alone and crazy busy.  I was however all relaxed and zen from my massage and the knowledge that this is the only day I work this week.

We are completely short staffed with people on vacation, but I will not have to worry about that.   Besides, there will be other things to worry about and work on.  Family starts flying in tomorrow and I by Wednesday I’ll be well into baking and prepping mode!!  I doubt my zen will last through it all, but it sure did help today.


Behind the Blog

What a week.  I repeat, What a week.

It started with my working over 20 hours last weekend.  This was also the filing deadline for the SEC for 3rd QTR so I also had a ton of work during the week.  Then the other employee on 2nd shift had to travel to another site for a help out.  This meant I was alone on 2nd shift.  Lots of work, extra hours, and another weekend on call for me.

I missed all of my workouts this week.  I had a sore achilles and besides that I was just exhausted and getting  home between 1 and 2 a.m. I chose sleep.

I am way behind on the “blog every day” NaBloPoMo challenge and have several in my head.  Instead of trying to put them all up and back date them I hope I can use them as inspiration this week as it looks just as busy.

There were several things that I needed to do and wanted to do this weekend.  Talking to Katherine was on the list but since I just turned to 3rd shift and its after 11:00pm that didn’t happen.

I also had to find a window for my final.  It had a time limit of two hours and I needed to find a window in between my work that I could do it and not be interrupted.  I ended up no needing the entire two hours, I finished in one and a quarter.  My work email went off just as I was finishing.  I rushed it and missed a few mostly because I wasn’t slowing down to read the nuance of some of the questions.  One in particular was a formula I couldn’t remember and couldn’t find quickly in my notes.  But I passed!