Behind the Blog

What a week.  I repeat, What a week.

It started with my working over 20 hours last weekend.  This was also the filing deadline for the SEC for 3rd QTR so I also had a ton of work during the week.  Then the other employee on 2nd shift had to travel to another site for a help out.  This meant I was alone on 2nd shift.  Lots of work, extra hours, and another weekend on call for me.

I missed all of my workouts this week.  I had a sore achilles and besides that I was just exhausted and getting  home between 1 and 2 a.m. I chose sleep.

I am way behind on the “blog every day” NaBloPoMo challenge and have several in my head.  Instead of trying to put them all up and back date them I hope I can use them as inspiration this week as it looks just as busy.

There were several things that I needed to do and wanted to do this weekend.  Talking to Katherine was on the list but since I just turned to 3rd shift and its after 11:00pm that didn’t happen.

I also had to find a window for my final.  It had a time limit of two hours and I needed to find a window in between my work that I could do it and not be interrupted.  I ended up no needing the entire two hours, I finished in one and a quarter.  My work email went off just as I was finishing.  I rushed it and missed a few mostly because I wasn’t slowing down to read the nuance of some of the questions.  One in particular was a formula I couldn’t remember and couldn’t find quickly in my notes.  But I passed!



nablopomo_badge_2016Holy carp people its November!  The second to the last month of the year!  Just started peak at work! Still in nutrition class for a few weeks (final on 20th)!  The month of the year I participate in NaBloPoMo and clearly use a lot of exclamation marks!  !!

Let me just wrap up October first.  My great niece is 5 months old because time is flying.  We went out on Saturday to check out a sink and visit.  Luckily the repair was miniscule so more time was dedicated to visiting with the family.

Of course we worked up a bunch of other projects we want to get done and are planning on being back out this coming weekend, but hey its blog fodder at this point.


This month will include  a lot of random blogs because I am seriously busy.  I am also avoiding all news and most social media because I have hit my despair limit.


First Quiz

I am well into the second week of my nutrition class.

The first quiz was today based on last weeks classes that covered: under nutrition; over nutrition; heart disease; diabetes; Macro-nutrients and Micro-nutrients.

Class yesterday was on healthy eating guidelines; servings per day; serving sizes; vitamins and minerals.  Tomorrows class is on weight loss and fad diets.

There is a lot of information in these classes.  Luckily the day after the class the slides and webinar is uploaded and I can print off the slides, watch it again and take more notes.

Today I took the quiz on last weeks classes.  I got 18 out of 20.  Although I got an A I was still a bit annoyed with myself because the two questions I got wrong, I seriously knew the answers.  Unfortunately I didn’t read one of the questions all the way through and one I missed the decimal point.

But I am having a great time and looking forward to both implementing these things and having the science behind so much of what I already knew.  So far I have been able to get the classes into my Mondays and Wednesdays and still find time to watch each class again.  Makes for a busy life with everything else but its a good life.