These are the before pictures taken after we cleared the porch on Friday morning.  The painters were coming on to pressure wash and we thought that meant early.  We got up again at 6:00 and cleared everything left away from the house.  Removed the mailbox and also the three window AC units from the house and waited.

Lori checked in with them around 8:30 a.m. and in fact they were not coming until the evening as they were finishing up a different job.

Friday I had also worked from home to give us an extra hour (commute time) to get stuff done.  The only problem with this plan was by evening it was so dang hot in the house.  It stayed this way all weekend, we couldn’t really keep doors or windows open either.

Saturday they were back bright and early.  Before 7:00 a.m. just as I got home from the store with ice for our cooler and beverages for them.  Lori had a class she was teaching so she was out of the house just before I got taped in.  They left about 5pm having the main color and the ceiling color on the porches, both coats of each complete.

Sunday they were back about 8a.m. and only had the trim and the garage to do.  The garage is the same color as the trim, just in metal paint.  They were so thorough and caulked, sanded the trim and put two coats on everything before rolling out about 7:30 p.m.

The “paint the house” has been on the list for at least a year and it is awesome to have it done.  Lori trusted me on the paint colors and I trusted her on the ceiling accent and I think it all pretty perfect!





bunny bunny

We hit the trail early this morning to beat the heat.  Getting to El Dorado Nature Park before the parking attendant was even there.  Luckily we have a parking pass.

We saw these two bunnies and a half a dozen more while walking.

We managed to get to the pet store and to Trader Joes as it opened and then home to make breakfast before it got too hot.  Tomorrow is looking a bit cooler, mid 80’s.  This is good news as we work more toward preparing for paint this weekend.


Vegas Vacation


One of the side events we did this weekend was going to Hoover Dam.  It is one of the coolest, remarkable things ever built and I really wanted to share it with Lori.  We took the tour and went through the remarkable timeline and feat of the building of the dam.


We drove up to Vegas on Friday, went to a lovely dinner to celebrate Lori’s birthday.  Our friends arrived on Saturday afternoon.  (We had done Hoover in the morning).  Both of our friends birthdays are this week as well and the event we were meeting for was a birthday surprise for one.

Sunday we went to see Cirque du Soleil Michael Jackson One show.  We had fabulous seats in the third row and the show was amazing.

Besides the show and the dam, the rest of our four days was sitting by the pool, relaxing at the resort, eating/drinking.  Pretty good time was had.  Now back to work today and back to reality as I catch up on the news from the last few days.


Road-Trip Recap

The weekend had a lot of driving and a lot of visiting.

After I flew up on Wednesday we visited with my aunt and cousins for a couple of hours then checked into a best western for the night.  In the morning we met Lori’s life long friend and her son for breakfast and then headed toward Nappa. We walked around Nappa (not big drinkers) we wandered through the shops and sat and sketched a while.

We then headed back toward Vallejo.   We checked into the travel lodge for the night and then went and met my friend Mike from 20 years ago.   We spent a couple of hours touring his lovely garden and house before walking to dinner.   It was so fun to catch up with him and there seemed to be no time that had passed since the last time I saw him.

The next morning we drove to Rocklin and see Lori’s friend Alice from grad school and see the baby and their new house.  We stopped in Sacramento on our way for breakfast and went to my favorite spot there the Fox and Goose.  Staying on Whole30 the whole trip while eating all meals out wasn’t too challenging but breakfast at the Fox and Goose was a breeze and so good.

We got to Rocklin early and went to a movie!!!  In the middle of the day!!!  It has been so long since we went to a movie, it was a ton of fun.  We saw Oceans 8 and enjoyed the downtime along with the cool theatre since it was 110 outside.

We stayed at their place, we would both rather stay in a hotel but they were expecting us to stay and the guest room was all set up.  The baby slept through the night and didn’t wake us and luckily we didn’t wake her either.

Our plan was to head to Tahoe that morning, but we were getting a much later start and decided to just head home.  A few stops along the way as it is a very long drive.  When we got back my brother was still there and two of the cats were no shows for the time we were gone.

The cat who usually comes in and sleeps in the house showed back up but is very apprehensive about coming in.  She wanted in about 2:00 a.m. this morning and slept for a couple of hours before wanting back out about 5:00 a.m.   The pregnant cat came around for dinner last night and is skinny again, so somewhere in our neighborhood there are kittens.

A rare day off

I had today off from work.  Technically we are still in peak and time off is not allowed.  The main SEC filing deadlines are over and we are on to the proxy printing portion of peak.

However I stopped accruing time in my floating holiday bucket in January because it maxes out at 32 hours.  So my boss let me have today off.

I slept in, until almost 10:00 a.m.  Granted I was up at 6:00 with Lori to actually see her for a moment and make her breakfast.  But when she drove off, I dove back into bed.

After I got up I baked a cake.  Yep, still on whole 30, couldn’t even taste it.  My co-workers daughter turned 22 today and he asked if I would bake a cake.  I of course agreed because I love to bake and it sounded fun.

While I was baking it I also cooked breakfast and sat outside and had a lovely relaxing breakfast.  Granted this was all before I would usually get ready for work, but just not having it out there was a nice change.

Once I was done with the cake I texted my co-worker that I was going to run a couple of errands and I would be back at 12:30.  He would be by at 1:00 to pick it up.

Off I went to wash the car and pick up tea.  When I got back I started working in the yard.  This is where the day off really starts because this is when I would be driving to work.

I finished the Agave project from a few days ago.  The pathway that has not been visible for a couple of years is completely usable.  I also weeded.  And Weeded.

My co-worker did not show up until almost 4.  He did let me know and asked if it was ok to pick it up after he picked his daughter up from work at 3:30.  Funny he is late almost everyday to work so I was not surprised at all.  I was weeding anyway, I did take a couple of cool off breaks inside and did things like vacuum and dust a little.

I finished in the yard close to 5:30 and came in for a much-loved shower with the new faucet that now puts out HOT water since it is no longer installed backwards.

I started some chicken marinating and got the laundry going, ran to target for a few things (nail brush being the most important).  Once I got home I prepped some food for the weekend and made dinner.  Finished the laundry (except towels and bedding that I will do this weekend) folded and put it all away.  Clearly I also found time to blog.

It was a fantastic day off:
Yard Work
Washed my car
Blogging and now to go read a little.


I was going to blog about this over the weekend.  But I was on call and it not one of those weekends that nothing happened.  Sunday I was on just after noon and almost eleven hours later I was done!

Friday I went for a walk at El Dorado. There were so many ducks.  Dozens of them.  Some coming in for landing, motor boating to a stop.  In one shot I had 20 ducks, in the water, around the shore.

There were also Snowy Egrets, and Hooded Merganser.  I was so thrilled with seeing the Hooded Mergansers.  I took lots of pictures but had to go look them up when I got home to double-check.  I think it’s the first time I have seen them in person.






Pick Up

We swung in and picked up our pottery yesterday.  Or most of it.  We went through many shelves and found most pieces but I believe I am missing 2-3 based on the previous photos.

It’s all good though, we have lots and each have favorites in the bunch.