Productivity vs. Sleep

Today I chose quality time and errands over sleep.  After five hours of sleep the day started beautifully.  Lori and I went to breakfast at our favorite place and then for a walk through Eldorado Nature Park.  The Flowers today were just amazing.  All over the news are pictures of the “super bloom” in the desert because of all the rain we had this year.  I have to say that even the blooms at our little park were just beautiful.


It was a lovely morning.  Lately we see each other mostly on the weekend as we seem to just pass during the week.  After the walk we stopped at the pet store for cat food and then Trader Joes for people food.  I had enough time to bake some chicken and make a couple of salads before getting ready for work.  So worth the truncated sleep.

a little nature, oh and the kitty


I have 17 minutes….

The last week has been crazy.  Where do I start…  I have about 17 minutes before my blueline is up for review.

Lets see….Last week, Friday Lori bought a beautiful sculpture from a student at school.  She knew of the piece because she was asked to judge the competition last month.  It is a welded phoenix rising from the flames.  Looks kind of like a heron.  It is nearly impossible to get a good shot of it for the blog.

Saturday we went out to Calimesa for a maintenance day.  Things like cleaning out the last tool shed we hadn’t dealt with.  Making a new cover for the crawl space that had rotted out.  Hanging smoke alarms and broken shower parts and mounting the baby monitor because baby can stand and grab it now.

We got home late and were both exhausted from the week.  My work was/is busy and Lori had finals last week so we were showered and asleep pretty quick.

Sunday Lori had her own finals that were due by midnight and she worked straight through from 7:00 a.m until about 3:30.  I brought food and beverages but mostly ran errands to stay out of her way.  Hardware store, dry cleaner, car wash, groceries and did things like laundry and cleaning.  We had dinner with our friend Jan for her birthday at 6:00 and then the weekend was over.

This week,  It feels like one long day to me, is Spring break for Lori.  I have been working in a different office and have had clients in all week, lots of long hours.  In thinking back I can’t even tell you what Monday held.  Lori did get some yard work started and refreshed the oasis after I left for work.

Tuesday two of her students came and weeded.  Cut way back the plants in the front yard that had grown out of control.  I grilled chicken and burgers and made potato salad to feed them all.  Did my own weeding in the back and left them all still working.  The yard looks so different.  Great and different.

Wednesday, was that just yesterday, we went for a walk at Eldorado, stopped at the bank and pet food store, we also got Lori’s car washed and then I was off to work again.

Today one of the students was back at 8:00, he brought his truck and trailer and started off the morning cutting one big branch off the tree in the front yard.  Then we all moved to the back yard.  I did run to home Depot and picked up 21 more 16×16 bricks to finish the little patio Lori started on Monday with the bricks we were repurposing from the front.

Tomorrow is Friday, I may have to be in early.  My clients were supposed to be done tonight but that is not the case.  They are back tomorrow and its also the peak filing deadline.  Saturday which is already booked can’t come soon enough.  At least the yard work is all caught up and it was so worth the money to hire the students for help!  Sunday I may just sit in the yard and take it all in.

Blueline is up….gotta go, no time to proofread, but here are a few random pictures.

First Beach of the year

Well, Seal beach that is.  (I walked Long Beach earlier in the year, it was a cloudy day also.)

This morning after breakfast we headed to the beach for a  walk.  Parked down by the jetty and wondered up the beach and back a couple of times.

The weather was cloudy and looked of rain but not cold at all.  However because it looked like rain the beach was pretty empty.  The diehard surfers were there and other beachcombers like us.

Lots of shore birds, curlews, sandpipers, seagulls, two pelicans and a heron flying over!  We were walking past a section we had just passed and I saw this conch in the surf.  It was beautiful, I picked it up and it was completely alive, showed Lori and then she got it further into the water so those shorebirds wouldn’t tear it apart.  Simply beautiful!



8 months

Beautiful Day

It was a beautiful day.  A beautiful hike before work.  We walked Eldorado Nature park and then headed out for breakfast.



nablopomo_badge_2016Holy carp people its November!  The second to the last month of the year!  Just started peak at work! Still in nutrition class for a few weeks (final on 20th)!  The month of the year I participate in NaBloPoMo and clearly use a lot of exclamation marks!  !!

Let me just wrap up October first.  My great niece is 5 months old because time is flying.  We went out on Saturday to check out a sink and visit.  Luckily the repair was miniscule so more time was dedicated to visiting with the family.

Of course we worked up a bunch of other projects we want to get done and are planning on being back out this coming weekend, but hey its blog fodder at this point.


This month will include  a lot of random blogs because I am seriously busy.  I am also avoiding all news and most social media because I have hit my despair limit.