The writing assignment from this week was a difficult one (Dreams and Improvisations.) Lots of reading on surrealist poets and every time I sat down to write a blog, I needed to work on my writing assignment and one writers block equals blocks on everything….

But I did get my assignment posted tonight so I thought I would at least post a few pictures from last weekend.  We drove up to Malibu walked along the beach, went to lunch and then went to The Getty Villa and toured around there until they literally kicked us out.  It was a great day!

DSC_0412 DSC_0426 DSC_0432 DSC_0467

The next ten weeks

For my birthday Lori got me an on-line writing class.  It is through and is a Prose and Poetry class.  This class started today.  I am been going through the discussion posts, the first lecture and I have downloaded the seven reading assignments for the week. There is a lot to get through and my first assignment is due at the end of the week.

In fact I should be writing my intro bio right now but I am a bit overwhelmed by the people on there already who have such interesting bio’s and lives, places as far away as Scotland.   I will post when I have more than, um yea I’m unemployed and sorta write a haphazard blog and have had some poetry published including winning 2nd place in the state THIRTY years ago.

War Paint

Today requires make up
line the lids and color the lips
brush on a dose of self-confidence.

I’m off to battle.


I got a great email on Friday with a link to some writing prompts.  To paraphrase the email said, thanks for blogging it keeps me entertained….here is a link (to writing prompts.)  The email if from a dear friend who I don’t get to see very often and made me smile. 

The link is fantastic, in fact it will email me prompts.  The one for yesterday was “Sum up your year, via HAIKU”

Now Haiku is actually one of my favorite forms of poetry and I have several from the 80’s that were published however I hadn’t written any lately.

This was harder than it sounds, not the haiku but the sum up my year.  There need to be more adjectives to describe the year.  Seventeen syllables just doesn’t seem to cover it.  However……

A photo for each day
Hormones on a tilt a whirl
Several part time jobs

Long and cold Winter
Summer weather for a week
early and cold Fall

Living in poverty
and living within my means
personal growth

Clearly I couldn’t write just one to sum up the year so I jotted down three before bed.  I also texted the challenge out to a couple of friends, the only one I heard back from sent me this….

Twenty Eleven
A year of many changes
most for the better.

Thanks for the email and link -br  Miss you tons!


I am still working on the writing project.  Pulling three random words at the beginning of each day and letting them formulate in my brain during the day and writing something, anything with them in the evening.

Well yesterday the first word I pulled was ‘Ass’.
The next two words were ‘Scrap’ and ‘Any’.

I didn’t really have anything with these words until Yoga class.
This yoga class being all done with my eyes closed and being aware of you body and mind.  There was something about the way the cuff of my shirt was brushing my wrist, the being aware of that feeling that led me to thoughts of an Ex and this piece of writing when I got home with the words: Ass, Scrap, Any.



I wait for scraps
a word, a gesture

Anything with a hint
of kindness.

Your fists leave bruises
but they heal – kind
words follow.

Insults leave deeper wounds.
Name calling and insults leave scars.

Bitch and Ass are the nicest things
you’ve called me this week.

Kind words never follow the insults,
I wish you would just hit me.

Poetry Class

One of this years “goals” besides finding a job which, hey check that off the list, was to write more.

My favorite writing teacher used to do this exercise with the class.  He would tell us to start writing, anything, and use this word, ______ about two minutes later he would give us another word to work in and then again a few minutes later.   Not everything was worth keeping.  There were gems.  There were sections in the middle I could use elsewhere. Sections that were extracted later turned into something fantastic.  Also sections I just filed away, mostly because they stunk.

So I used a random word generator to pick three random words and wrote a poem today.  It’s not my best writing, it’s certainly not my worst.  I also emailed them to Chari and texted them to Vivian.   Todays words were: Cynic, Halt, Grief.  Everyone came up with a piece of writing today.  It is an awesome exercise and I will keep this up for a while.  Just like any creativity (painting, guitar, dance) the more you practice the better you get.

Some of the work will end up here, with permission work from anyone participating in my little exercise, their work  may end up here as well.

Market or Arts Festival

Choices Choices.  They seem to be all around me at the moment.

The most pressing is for this weekend.  Its only pressing because if I choose to do the market I need to buy, prep and bake everything in the next three days.  Also confirm some help as my usual helpers are away for the weekend.

The alternative if I don’t pick up the market (of which several customers expressed wanting me there this week) is to participate in a poetry reading on Saturday.  It is local and part of the Arts Festival.  I would have to have three minutes of poetry ready to read. I have gone through some of my writing and can come up with three minutes easy, it’s the choosing which to read that is difficult.

I can’t do both the market and the reading because the timing overlaps for the events.

I am leaning toward both options, for different reasons.  Guess I’ll keep thinking on it while I consider other choices on my plate at the moment.