We have a ‘few extra’ items currently at the house

Lori brought home some avocados from a students garden.  At the same time I had a couple in our CSA delivery.

Besides the avocados I clicked on 2 for Meyer lemons when customizing my delivery box.  In my haste however what I didn’t see was they were per pound….not per lemon.  Guess I’m making a lemon something this weekend.




I’m ready.  It is still a couple of weeks away and there is a lot that will happen in that two weeks, that being said I am ready.  2017 really really sucks and I thought 2016 was bad.

In the next couple weeks I am traveling to Seattle for work.  Three days of which I work 7pm to 7am, but there is a slim possibility I might get to see some friends.

Then that buts up right to the Christmas holiday at a cabin in Big Bear which although I am on call, I am hoping I wont have to work much while up there.

We are already lining stuff up for 2018 however.  This morning we talked about taking a pottery class in January.  Its been YEARS since I have done any so that should be amusing.  We are also going to be painting the house, both inside and out, during the school break (so all of Jan).

My peak at work where I am not allowed any time off starts on Feb 1st and goes through the middle of May.  Seems like a perfect time to double up and try to become a Master Gardener.  Lori and I both filled out the app last year and we were not picked.  This year I alone am filling one out as Lori is going in another direction.  If I get accepted, I will be in class EVERY Saturday from Feb 17th to May 12th.  Fingers crossed.


Ikebana #3

I was not the star pupil last weekend.  I was having trouble starting from the beginning of class and it showed during the critique when my feedback was “that is not Ikebana”  because the three elements in my arrangement were not merged but three separate sections.

Granted it wasn’t that clear.  What I have learned from Ikebana in the last three classes has been sort of my watching, listening to others critiques and by osmosis.  Some of those things include:

The three main parts we are working on in the beginning class are The Shin, the Soy and the Hakai.  The Shin, is the longest part but it is not random, the length is determined by the size of the vessel.  The Shin needs to be twice the width and twice the height of the base.  Not longer, not shorter.  Then the Soy needs to be 3/4 the length of the Shin.  The Hakai is then 3/4 the length of the Soy and they all have particular angles compared to each other.

The advanced students in the class have the same materials but were on a free style day so theirs looked much more like sculpture.

Today I made an arrangement at home.  But cut everything way down from where I was starting to get the Shin measured against the size of the vase I was using.  The rest of the flowers went into a standard vase for a “western” arrangement in the bathroom, which I didn’t bother to photograph.

Fires and the Santa Ana Winds


IMG_3593I can’t describe just how smoky it is at work.  The fires are as close as 50 miles away and you can see and taste the smoke.

The dark band on the horizon is all smoke, there are no clouds out there.  My car was pretty covered in ask this morning at the house (25 miles further away).

There are so many structures lost already a many many more being threatened.  In a state where housing is already hard to come by every loss is devastating but especially the 60 unit apartment building lost today.

I checked in on a friend who lives closer, his in-laws had to evacuate and his car is full of belongings in case they get word in the middle of the night.

The winds are just fueling and feeding the fires.  SoCal needs some rain which is nowhere in the forecast.



Mish Mosh November

Well out of 30 days I managed to blog for 28.  Not bad considering this month started with our removing the tree in the front yard.  Starting a new Ikebana class on the weekends and my friend Katherine in town for a weekend.  A trip out to Palm Springs to see friends.  Going to the Vox Womens Courus concert.  Shopping, planning and cooking for Thanksgiving.  The sudden illness, decline and death of my dad.  Let us not forget about the outside kitty.  Needless to say, the month was packed.  December is shaping up about the same way, perhaps less blogging.


Outside kitty is still there and still outside.  Until we can get her to a vet and be sure she doesn’t have feline leukemia, outside is where she is staying.  She seems to have gotten over her trauma of us trying to cage her a few weeks ago.  She now runs up when I go outside and wants to be petted.  Today she was playing through the bars of the kitty condo and our skittish cat dashed out of the frame when I went to take a picture.

Besides outside kitty still happening so is Thanksgiving, sorta.  I made a Turkey breast today before leaving for work.  On our way out on Thanksgiving night we had very near zero leftovers.  I have been wanting a turkey sandwich all week so I made us a turkey breast for the weekend.  It may actually be better than the one I made on thanksgiving.  The sandwich I made before even taking a photograph was great!



Christmas Kitty

I have missed a couple days of the posting every day in November task.  It has just been too hard this last week to come up with things to blog about.  My mind has been quite preoccupied.    So here is a holiday picture of Cee Cee our kitty.  She was actually quite okay with this hilarity.


Decorated Up

Yesterday we decorated for the holidays.  Yep a wreath on the door that is not alive so the current 80 degree weather wont hurt it and some sparkly items and pine cones in the planter.

Done.  There really isn’t room in the house for a tree.  We sent our boxed fake tree out to the girls so they could use it this year.  It is relatively small and hopefully they can keep it out of the 18mo olds reach.