I know I haven’t blogged in a while.

There is so much going on.  Work is busy.  The cat was sick.  Family vehicle broke down.  Basically every thing in life take priority over my blog.

I think I am just spent from work.  It is beyond stressful this month and I am even more thankful I have stuck with Whole30 through all of this because there has been no stress eating through all of the work issues.

There has been a lot of construction work in our neighborhood.  The freeway project rolls on and I just put together today our recent faucet issues with the water trucks that have been in the neighborhood.

I came home from the gym last week, probably the week before now, and the water company was changing out our water meter.  I asked him what was going on and the guy said something like “what do you need water right now”  I said in fact I did.  He was gone within 20 minutes.

We have had a dripping kitchen sink for a while.  We put a water can under it and dump it once a day on the plants outside.  However last week the shower started dripping.  Seriously dripping.  We are in SoCal, we still have water restrictions we can’t have this continue.

I am now wondering if the pressure in the neighborhood or our new meter is higher and causing these faucets to leak more.

Lori set up a plumber to come yesterday and change out the shower and kitchen faucets.  The window was from 1pm to 5pm.  At 4:52, he was on his way from Irvine so expected at 6:30 pm.  She cancelled.  I texted an acquaintance this morning to see if he wanted a side job.

I can change out a regular faucet.  But the kind with the valve in the wall I am just unsure about.  Either way we may be ripping out stucco on the outside of the kitchen or re-tiling the shower.

This weekend we shall see, either Robert will come help or do this job, or we will be attemping to change them.

That fourth picture is the faucet we just changed out for Vicki and Emily.  The install was easy the removal took me all day and resorted to a hacksaw to get it off.   That all seems easy at this point.

Catch Up

Work has definitely picked up for the season.  I worked until 3am last night (eeeerrr, this morning).  I had to work late because of volume and I had four major print jobs.  When I turned to third shift and headed home I got a panicked call that my coverage called out sick and the person calling “needed help”  So when I got home about 12:30 am I logged back in for a few hours.

That was just Tuesday,  both Monday and Tuesday there was barely time to think at work because of the volume.  Tonight is a bit better.  Three of the four jobs last night cleared to print today.  Two others have pushed and although there is an hour left of my shift I have enough time try to blog.

Saturday I drove out to see the girls.  Take the baby some clothes we had picked up and a new book on birds.  I spent about six hours visiting and then headed home.  On the way I stopped and picked up a painting we had re-framed.  The price was Cra-Cra and Lori got it for me for my birthday but I am loving it above my dresser.   We now have two very large paintings done by our friend Char in a very small bedroom but it is great.  Lori worked all day Saturday prepping for classes and grading papers.  Poof, Saturday was gone.

Sunday we had a concert downtown the Vox Womens Chorus was singing.  Initially the show was at 4pm.  We thought we might get dinner downtown after.  However they moved it up to 2 because of the Oscars.  So not much else happened on Sunday before and after I managed to get laundry done, a little food cooked for the week and visit with my brother who stopped by.  (It is an Oscars kinda town.)

Monday-Today is already recapped and I am running on four hours sleep and all of these days have run into one another.  I did manage to make my own Whole30 hollandaise sauce this week with Ghee.  I have enjoyed it with poached eggs, smoked salmon and avocado two days in a row and I just may again tomorrow.



And the week goes on.  Heck the month is over in just a few minutes.  What happened to February.

Work is crazy busy and the print jobs are piling on.  Tonight I had several jobs I was working on bluelines for and at that moment when you’re talking to print services about color breaks and looking through the document not able to see what the issue is because you are clearly in the wrong job.  Yep that’s how this work week is going.

The week just started, I mean I just dropped Katherine off at the airport, blinked and it’s Thursday.  March!

I was supposed to get my teeth cleaned at the dentist yesterday and just as I was getting up they called to cancel as the hygienist was out sick.  That worked out fine for me as  I needed to get groceries and do some veggie prep for the week.

The office rescheduled me for this morning am I had a different hygienist and I like him much better.  Just seemed to take more time and much less talky talky.  I also managed to get my car washed on the way home before making breakfast, lunch and dinner then getting ready for work.

It rained both Monday and Tuesday.  There was a serious downpour and thunder yesterday and I got pretty drenched unloading groceries.  The forecast has rain again tomorrow but I washed the car anyway.  My overcrowded brain was thinking, since we had gone to the beach on Sunday (or close enough at Balboa Island) that I wanted to get the salt off it that comes from being at beach.  You can always tell who lives near the ocean because their car paint is always peeling.  What my overcrowded brain didn’t really take into consideration until this post was the rain probably did the trick.

I have a monthly membership at the car wash and for one price I can go everyday, so if it rains again tomorrow (which we desperately need) I’ll just go through again.

For now I better get to bed, today comes early and there is always a ton to do.  Hello March!

Weekend Company

In the “it takes a village” category, my good friend Katherine came to visit for the weekend.

Last week was a bit crazy and several late nights at work in a row, not getting home or off work until after midnight. With two tax appointments, an emergency dental appointment for Lori, a massage appointment and my weekly meeting with Maria the health coach in training all of my prep was relegated to Friday.

Friday Lori had an early morning meeting that I was not aware of so she was up and gone early which at least got me out of bed after almost fiver hours of sleep. After running to the store for eggs, avocado and limes I was able to clean the bathroom, straighten up the living room and make up a bed for Katherine on the couch before heading to work.

My dear brother picked up Katherine for me on Friday night and brought her to the house and let her in. She was already settled in by the time I got home from work.

Saturday was a blast, we went for a nice walk at Eldorado. Then we found a place and got manicures and pedicures. Pedicures I’m used to but having these painted nails as I type is a bit distracting. I like it, but I don’t see them lasting long as I already have a few dings. I am gong to see if I can get a full week out of them.

We also went to a movie Saturday night. We saw Three Billboards. It was a great movie, sad, desperate, encouraging and very raw. There was some hilarity but it had more to do with the audience and theatre we were in as opposed to the actual movie. In the cheapy 3$ theatre by my house we were surrounded by popcorn munching, comment making, blue color folks in my neighborhood that the majority are brown. The “Fat little Mexican on a bicycle” line brought a cacophony of laughter. As did the “Nooooo” at the end when there was no resolution.

Sunday Lori took us to Balboa Island. We walked around mostly admiring the beach houses and small yard configurations. We took at little time “ferry” that holds about 20 people and three cars across to the peninsula and sat in the sand. Katherine braved the cold water to put her feet in. Lunch in a very noisy Mexican restaurant and back on the ferry and then home.

The work week is starting again and Katherine is on her way home. All was great except for our crazy cats that wanted in and out and ran around chasing each other last night, all over and around Katherine as she slept on the couch. Dang cats had me up a couple times and I had to wake Lori for her help in closing the window after I went outside to heard them back in. Of course she didn’t get back to sleep for three hours.

No time for a cold

There you have it, I caught the cold.  Granted I am pretty determined to out run it.

There is just no time for a cold.  It came on Saturday afternoon, was full on by Monday and now Tuesday I am on the down hill side.  (determined to be)

Not sure if the serious heavy breathing from the hike on Saturday and breathing it mighty cold air deep into my lungs per-dawn instead of being curled up in bed had anything to do with it.  But either way there is not time.

Today we had a meeting with the tax person at 9:00 a.m.  Except Lori ended up with a 7:50 emergency appointment with the dentist so was out of the house at 6:00 this morning and down to Irvine.  I left for the tax appointment about 8:30 and she was heading back up at the same time and got there about 30 minutes into our appointment.  She then had to turn around and drive back to school for her office hours at 11:00.

Unfortunately we didn’t finish the taxes and have to be back there on Thursday at 9:00 again.  Tomorrow is scheduled with massages in the morning, which boo hoo we have massages, but it is a bit crazy this week and I think we have decided to do these on weekends now.  Granted they take up time on our limited weekends too, but there is just too much to cram into the work week.

My dear friend is in town on Friday night for the weekend.  So all the “to-do’s” on the list that one has before a visit I was trying to fit in.  However the week is gone, its only Tuesday but the week feels gone.  The house and yard will just have to “be” in its natural state and not so much company ready.  (I have let her know).


The hike before the cold

I went for a hike on Saturday morning.  Maria and I met at 6:30 before it was even light so I got to see the sunrise on this hike as well.   It is a place she hikes often and the best way to describe it is vertical.  It was a total of five miles and took just about two hours.





Did you hear, it rained

Just last night it sprinkled at bit, enough to make the outdoor kitty break in through the kitty oasis and make our cars filthy.  Should be all done now.

But no, a few weeks ago it rained a bunch.  For a day or two.  Lots of mud slides from the fires but nothing like that for us.  Just a good deep soaking for all of the weed seeds that hadn’t seen any rain since last Spring.

The weeds are popping up everywhere.  This is usually our worst time of year for weeds in our specific yard since we don’t water anything except the three relatively new trees (under 5 years) in the front yard in July and August.

They are just getting to the size that they can be pulled.  But dang they are growing fast and last nights little sprinkle did not help.