Sunday we dashed off for an opening.  It started at 1:00 and I had to be back home for work a 3:00.  We were able to see the work, talk to the artist, talk to a couple friends and leave there to get home just at 3:00.

The artist Bradford Salamon, the show was at his home studio.  I did not take any photos of his work because that just felt inappropriate to me.  I did however grab a couple of his work space as drawing inspiration.  He paints in several mediums and does lots of utilitarian items like fans, pruners, dress form, along with portraits.

He has a show starting in July and hopefully we can make that.  It will be at a gallery in Santa Monica and will have much more of his stuff and a more formal setting.  I am glad this was at his studio however.  It made me want to draw, paint, be creative in general.  Great energy.

New Paint

I bought myself some new paint!  It arrived before I had to leave on this business trip so I haven’t opened the paints or used anything yet.  I did open it enough to look at it and take photos.

ooohhhh   ahhhhh   pretty paint

It certainly isn’t as easy to find time to sketch or paint while back to the life/chores/work/sleep routine as it was being away at an Italian villa for two weeks.  But time is being found.

New paints help keep the practice alive.  Also everything I bought when back from the trip has now arrived.  So new sketchbook, new pen, new paints in hand (well technically when I get back home) its time to keep sketching.  If I could only order the extra time from Amazon like I did these supplies.

The addiction is real folks

One of the items that was on the “must have” art supply list was a pen.  Fountain pen, not expensive, from Japan, super fine, waterproof and of course available from Amazon.

Lori bought us each a pen and extra cartridges before we left.  It is everything it was claimed to be.  While we were in Italy I gave mine to a sweet sweet woman on our trip, Marisa.  She had lost hers in Venice on the few days before meeting up in Verona.  I had other waterproof pens with me and could also use Lori’s pen.

However after getting home and looking for more drawing and painting supplies I bought myself two more.  Yes two.  One to keep in my new pen cup/carrying container that I also bought and one to keep in my bag for spontaneous drawing.  (Cause I’m like that now….ha ha ha ha)

So many of the folks on the trip had enviable art supplies that I found myself buying another sketchbook (needed obviously since mine is almost done); travel pen case that opens up and stands for easy access; a whole new paint pallet (!); and two of these pens.


On to Milan

The Internet has been well, European the last few days.  As it was described to us before departing, it’s dodgey at best. 

Needless to say getting post up has not been working.  

We have been sketching and eating and touristing about. 

We leave the villa this morning all parting in different ways.  Lori and I are off to Milan for a day.   

Castle Vecchio

Our lesson from a few days ago was the “long drawing”

It is to spend several hours diving into the details of a subject. Going back after you have finished to see what else you can see. 

I used a photo from our first day here of Castel Vecchio.   I can’t get the photo I painted from onto the phone right now so I will upload it here in a day or two. 

Verona (again)

We had class this morning on long scetchea. We then had another cooking class with pesto and two pasta dishes.  

After lunch we headed into Verona and went up in the bell tower and through the museum.  

Following that we had a walk about and met for cocktails and dinner.  Over two bars and several hours I have had five mojitos.  Needless to say I have nothing else to say nor the energy to try and upload photos from my phone. 

It was a very fun day and my hiccups in the van on the way home were a huge source of comedy!!!

It’s hard to believe we only have a couple days left here at the villa.  

Montova on a Monday

We were all up and gone by 8:30 this morning.  We were on our way to the 9:30 train to Montova.  The day started with a little drama as half our group is taking a side trip tomorrow to Florance and were getting the tickets for that and barely made the train the rest of us were waiting on.  Quite an exciting start to the day. 

Once we got there we high tailed it to the meeting spot of our tour guide.  The next couple hours she went through the history, churches, piazzas and gardens. However it was Monday so most of the shops and all of the museums were closed.  The tour  guide was fantastic however and very knowledgable.  Luckily for us because it was Monday the places she did take is were virtually empty.

Lori and I had a lovely lunch and wondered around for a bit before being back at the train station two entire hours early for our meet up time.  We did have our sketchbooks with us and spent a while drawing. 

I have a bunch of photos of the building facades on my camera.  I don’t have any inside the churches although I sure wanted to.   The sign inside the door said no cameras or cell phones.  Not just flashes like some places but actually no cameras. Others in our group still took photos but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. My mantra this week has been “we all share space differently” so I just kept telling myself that as they snapped photos. 

I did get a couple artsy shots on my phone so I could use them in tomorrow’s water color class. (They won’t seem to upload on this mobile platform so I reduced the resolution – hoping they will look ok on your end)