Back to work

Today I am back to work.  I did have an 80 minute massage before work today which left me very relaxed and mellow as I went into work.  He also worked out the hamstring tie-in on my right side that was tweaked from the long flights.  It was the perfect ending to my vacation.

The last couple of days were a nice slow return to life after vacation.  We still had company for a couple of days.  Although I didn’t sleep much on the plane and fell right to sleep when we got home I was still awake super early.  We made it a full day, visiting with Vivian, going out to breakfast and then went out to get groceries and wash that were covered in pitch from being parked under the tree for two weeks.

Friday I was still waking up around 4:00 am.  We went to Seal beach on Friday and had breakfast before walking on along the beach and enjoying the ocean sounds.  Capped off the day with dinner with Kathi.

Saturday was another early morning as we were up at 4:00 to take our company to the airport.  After that we stopped for breakfast, picked up cat food, picked up e-waste from a friend about 8 in the morning and then went to a recycle event.  All seemed perfectly normal, we had been running errands for 5 hours and it was only 9:00 a.m.

We also saw Vicki and Emily for dinner and a little Farkle on Saturday night.  They made us yummy chicken tacos and Vicki easily won,  I couldn’t stay awake for another game so home we went and straight to bed.

Sunday although I woke early I forced myself back to sleep.  Trying to sleep in as much as possible but we were still up before 7:00.  It was a very very low key day.  We both worked on our sketchbooks.  I had a few sketches I added color to and we both glued some tickets and things in from the trip.  There is still more to add and I have some things I still want to draw in from photos that I just couldn’t draw on the spot.



Sketching in Bath

The sketching exercise today was on tone values, dark, medium and light.

Today we walked down to Bath to gather and sketch.  We met at the Abby and most of us got in line for the Roman Baths.  After we walked through and took a ton of photos there was no meeting up to sketch.

Lori and I walked down to a little tea shop, had tea and both sketched the scene across from us.  My focus was the bookstore across the street, Lori focused on the tree.

1) where we sat.  2) tea.  3) across from us,  4) my sketch. 5) Lori’s sketch

Travel Day and walking tour

Let’s just start with my feet, legs and buttocks hurt.  

The group headed out from the hotel to Paddington station for the train to Bath at 10:30 this morning.  The train was leaving at 11:51 to Bath.   Because of someone trying to open the doors after they had closed at one of the stops we ended up delayed at every station after as we had to wait for openings as we lost our “spot” in the line up.  

Lori and I had consolidated as much of our bags into the one on my back so Lori wouldn’t have to put any extra weight on her  feet.  We got both the contents of her carry on and the bag itself along with my day pack inside my big pack.  We only had my camera case and her roller bag.  Since all of these stations have stairs and very few lifts I would just carry the roller bag and camera up or down and then give it back to Lori to pull.  With teamwork we made it on and off the train, into the taxi and to our hotel.

We got checked in right about 2:30 and had to be at the walking tour at 3:30.  Lori did not go on this, instead she stayed in our lovely new hotel and napped.  After the walk into town and the 90 minute tour I know several comments were made that Lori had the right idea.

The tour guide was great.  So much information and time periods and dates and stories to make it all interesting.  After walking around Bath for about 90 minutes the group split up.  I know Char and Dave went to meet up with the sister/brother in-laws and the rest of the group dispersed for drinks and dinner.  I wondered around alone for a bit before trekking my tired feet back up the hotel to hang with Lori, bringing noodles with me for dinner.

Tomorrow we all are meeting after breakfast to walk back into town for our sketching class.  Then I think we tour the Roman Baths.  There is so much to sketch and not nearly as big an overwhelming as London’s sights.  I do think everyone in the group wants to sketch these umbrellas. 

86 degrees, 1,000’s of people, Natural History Museum

Today’s plans were changed because of the weather forecast. There were thunder storms predicted.  It was already hot and muggy so the thunder storms would just be extra fun.

Instead of our plans for the day we walked over to the Natural History Museum.  We never did have any thunder storms and it got up to the mid 80’s today.  It got pretty hot in there with the many many people, the heat and the minimal air conditioning.

In comparing this trip to last years it feels more like a sight seeing trip that includes sketching as opposed to a sketching trip that includes site seeing.  Today was actually the most sketching forward day we have had.

Because it was so hot and crowded I tended to look around and then choose a couple birds to sketch and then met up with others and painted them from a phone photo.  

We spent most of the day there before walking back to the hotel and then taking a little side trip to walk a couple miles to an art supply store since everyone in the group has the same disease. “CantHaveEnoughArtSupplies”. Since we would have to pack anything around and home I opted for just a new cool brush pen.  



Sunday we dashed off for an opening.  It started at 1:00 and I had to be back home for work a 3:00.  We were able to see the work, talk to the artist, talk to a couple friends and leave there to get home just at 3:00.

The artist Bradford Salamon, the show was at his home studio.  I did not take any photos of his work because that just felt inappropriate to me.  I did however grab a couple of his work space as drawing inspiration.  He paints in several mediums and does lots of utilitarian items like fans, pruners, dress form, along with portraits.

He has a show starting in July and hopefully we can make that.  It will be at a gallery in Santa Monica and will have much more of his stuff and a more formal setting.  I am glad this was at his studio however.  It made me want to draw, paint, be creative in general.  Great energy.

New Paint

I bought myself some new paint!  It arrived before I had to leave on this business trip so I haven’t opened the paints or used anything yet.  I did open it enough to look at it and take photos.

ooohhhh   ahhhhh   pretty paint

It certainly isn’t as easy to find time to sketch or paint while back to the life/chores/work/sleep routine as it was being away at an Italian villa for two weeks.  But time is being found.

New paints help keep the practice alive.  Also everything I bought when back from the trip has now arrived.  So new sketchbook, new pen, new paints in hand (well technically when I get back home) its time to keep sketching.  If I could only order the extra time from Amazon like I did these supplies.

The addiction is real folks

One of the items that was on the “must have” art supply list was a pen.  Fountain pen, not expensive, from Japan, super fine, waterproof and of course available from Amazon.

Lori bought us each a pen and extra cartridges before we left.  It is everything it was claimed to be.  While we were in Italy I gave mine to a sweet sweet woman on our trip, Marisa.  She had lost hers in Venice on the few days before meeting up in Verona.  I had other waterproof pens with me and could also use Lori’s pen.

However after getting home and looking for more drawing and painting supplies I bought myself two more.  Yes two.  One to keep in my new pen cup/carrying container that I also bought and one to keep in my bag for spontaneous drawing.  (Cause I’m like that now….ha ha ha ha)

So many of the folks on the trip had enviable art supplies that I found myself buying another sketchbook (needed obviously since mine is almost done); travel pen case that opens up and stands for easy access; a whole new paint pallet (!); and two of these pens.