What a Great Series


Work has been a bit crazy tonight, not just because we are in peak and I’ve barely had time to think in between projects.  It was made a tad bit crazier by the 7th game of the world series and my co-workers who were both streaming it on their phones and running into the lounge to watch the close game.

Everyone at my office tonight was rooting for the Cubs.  I think because they beat the Dodgers and are in the same league.  A friend in Seattle, Paul, is a huge anything Cleveland fan.  I usually am an American league fan, I admit I prefer the designated hitter to the pitchers batting.

But this game was a draw for me. As I peaked every once in a while to the score board I knew someone who was going to be thrilled and someone who was going to be disappointed either way.

It feels like the country at the moment.  Half are thrilled and half are disappointed.

Go Hawks 

I am surrounded at work by Raiders and Ram fans!   

So of course I had to represent my Seahawks!

I put up this lovely streamer on my desk (not visible to clients).  If you peek between the monitors you’ll see the bright colors of the M&M dispenser.  The  blue, green and white are actually Seahawk logo’s printed on them. 

Now when my Raider fans stop by for treats I make them say “Go Hawks”.  

The shelf is also conviently out of my reach, even though it’s on my desk.


IMG_2002We headed up to the house yesterday, early, to get the painting going.  We managed to get the last bathroom and the laundry room painted.  The bathroom still had a wallpaper border around the ceiling that I had to get off and cleaned up first and the laundry room although it had been cleaned we still had to clean behind the refrigerator and the washer and dryer first.  Lori tackled the cleaning in the laundry room (bless her) and I painted it as she started on the doors.  She painted the front door this fabulous Blue.  We also had help as a couple of friends showed up to paint trim.  Jan got there about 9:00am and left about 4:30.  Kathi got there at 3:00 and we all left together just before 8:00.  All we have left to paint inside is trim and doors!

We got up early this morning and headed out into our own yard to weed the long neglected garden.  The rain we have had in the last month has really fed the weeds.  We worked right up until noon because ………….SEAHAWKS

What a game!  I was going just crazy.  Thank God the defense played so well and kept Green Bay to just one touchdown and a hand full of field goals.  We needed every single point, including the pass from the PUNT HOLDER on a fake while going for a field goal.  Even the offside kick and the two point conversion that both WORKED FLAWLESSLY were absolutely needed.  The overtime march down the field and touchdown were awesome.  I was just nerve racked by the end of the game.  The defense won this game by keeping score within reach, barely as we were still down by twelve points with only five minutes left when the offense started firing.  Marshawn ran with nearly all the defensive players on his back but he kept moving…..then that offside kick, the two point conversion, all of it.  I could go on and on.  I was very emotional and excited!

After the game we headed back out for another 90 minutes of weeding until we were out of light, but really who cares to read about more weeding, the SeaHawks are going to the SUPERBOWL!!!

Christmas Break

We are home safe from our travels.  Nine days or so in Washington.  We flew in on my sisters 48th birthday so we all met up for dinner before heading home.  Once inside the very decorated house I noticed the pathway to the front door was not clear and asked my niece how they were getting out to smoke.  That was when I found out they had all quit!!!!  Yep, my sister and both nieces have quit smoking!!!!  Best.  Christmas.  Present.  Ever!!!

We all spent lots of time playing rummy and farkle and even a little monopoly and there were no cigarette breaks needed that usually would lead to a derailment in the games but not this week!

I wasn’t able to connect with everyone I wanted but did managed to see Katherine, Tonya, Briana, Char & Dave, Linda, Albert & Allison, Diane, Shelly and Beth dropped in on Christmas day!

To round out the trifecta of Christmas was the SeaHawks clinching the division and playoffs.

Now that I am home and have my computer there will be more stories coming out of the break.  But now, off for getting ready for work tomorrow!


Yes, I realize that was yesterday’s date.  But it made me happy yesterday and since this post is about what we got accomplished yesterday that is my title!

We headed toward Calimesa pretty early in the morning.  Bypassing it completely and went to the outlet mall at the reservation.   I was finally able to exchange my defective running shoes.  Nike gave me no hassle what-so-ever.  I tried on several different styles before settling on the exact pair I was returning.  Because the price was different then when we bought them not only did I get the new shoes also a twenty-dollar credit.  The receipt, the box and the bag are in the top of my closet just in case this happens again.

We were then going to head for Home Depot for paint but Lori was pretty determined to go clothes shopping for me.  I need new work clothes and this was the easiest Christmas option.  So we went into the Anne Taylor Loft store, one of my favorite stores and I found a darling skirt, pair of houndstooth trousers a sweater and a couple blouses.  All very nice and Christmas done!

Then we went to Home Depot and got the last color of paint.  This is the color we are doing the kithchen, bathrooms and trim in.  We got the entire kitchen painted before heading back home.  Depending on jury duty for Lori this week, she may be driving back on Tuesday to meet with someone to measure and estimate the installation of the flooring.

A very busy day that ended early.  Even with the drive home we were showered and readying by 7:30 and Lori who has had a cold for two weeks was sound asleep before 8:30.  I read for a couple hours and listened the the neighbor (and by neighbor I mean at least 5 houses and around the corner away) playing very very very loud music.  It didn’t stop until after 2:30 and it might as well have been a stereo inside the bedroom.

Being have awake until 2:00 did not stop me from getting up for an inaugural run on my new shoes this morning.  Then we met friends for brunch and home in time to watch the SeaHawks knock the 49ers out for this season!

New Shoes

Don’t run a marathon in brand new shoes…….or so I’ve heard.

IMG_1836 I bought new Air Max shoes in August.  Giving me time to break them in before the marathon and still having low mileage on them so they have lots of support for the run.

Sometime on my long run last Sunday or the two runs I had this week the gel in my right shoe popped, or sprung a leak or somehow lost all the pressure.  It was feeling weird on my run Thursday but I didn’t really think anything of it.

I discovered the “flat tire” this morning.  Just before leaving to go downtown and sign up for the run tomorrow.

Because I can’t run in these and will be returning them.  I bought a ridiculously expensive brand new pair of Hoka shoes today at the expo.  Then I wore them all day around the expo, Costco and Trader Joes in an effort to “break them in” by tomorrow.

IMG_1837Mark, the man I’m running this thing with, guarantees me these are the shit.  That they are well cushioned and he would bring mole skin and blister stuff just in case.

I am a diehard Nike girl.  I have tried other types but always come back to Nike for running.  It is just an added bonus that the Nike chip in the shoe will talk to my iPod or iPhone and give me data on my runs.  There is nothing more motivating to me then the data.  I don’t know how or if I’ll be able to put the chip in these new shoes but I am running 13 miles in brand new shoes tomorrow.

We are meeting at the train station at 4:45 tomorrow morning.  If all goes well the shoes will be perfect and I will done and back on the train and home in time to lay on the couch for the afternoon football games.


Rest day

Today I didn’t go for a run and it really had more to do with the Seahawks being on Monday night football then it did my running schedule.

I did go for a good long run yesterday morning, probably just over five miles.  I left about 8:00 am and got back about 9:15.  I was trying to beat the heat and it was a draw in that department as it was nearing 80 when I returned.

IMG_1811So back to the “rest day”.  The first quarter of the game looked like this. The audio sounded like “he         like      ri     qksl   want   lsk   ore  sight”

I couldn’t get a complete or partial sentence or through a play.  I could tell there was a touchdown from the score block on the screen (oh and the texting I was doing with Dale, Vivian and Mary)

I tweeting the photo to Veriozon Fios and ended up being retweeted by others in the area with the same problem.

Just as I was heading to Applebee’s (the closest bar) I got a tweet back from Verizon and tada the problem was fixed.

It was a trying game, penalty, punt, penalty, punt, punt, punt, penalty.  But we won and tha’ts what matters.  Tomorrow I run again.