Middle Schoolers

Saturday morning was a volunteer day at a local(ish) middle school.  I say -ish because this is LA and there is a middle school near us but this isn’t it.  This was an LA-Central Middle school that serves a disadvantaged population.  So if you can get anywhere in 30 minutes which we did, its considered close.

One of Lori’s students has been helping them put together a garden area.  It used to be a horticulture department before funding was cut in the 70’s.  Then it was mostly ignored and overgrown.  The school uses the area and there are also some community members that garden there.  It sounds like one of the teachers spends every single free moment there and helping kids.  These people are rock stars.

There are a ton of fruit trees, a pond they have refurbished, lots and lots of vegetables growing and even more weeds and garbage.

We spent several hours helping 100 or so middle schoolers and kids doing community service, weed.  They were doing more, moving mulch, horsing around, watching the cinco de mayo parade go by, but we just weeded.  A few hours in and Lori’s student asked for her advice on some projects.  I thought I would just keep weeding but they drug me along.

I got to see the whole place this way, I guess about 3 acres.  It was a nice, albeit early, way to start the morning.  The kids were sure fun to listen to as they learned what was a weed and what was a plant.  I am sure some plants were mistakenly pulled as were weeds missed!