Fashion Week and Hostel Living

We traveled back to Florence today via train. Not to much drama there except close connections. Good thing we have experience with trains even if its a couple years old. Judy who was traveling alone and part of the sketching tour changed her ticket so she could travel in with us because she was nervous on just how to do it.

Good thing because as we are rushing from one (late) train to another that was to leave in three minutes I rushed up to the platform with my bag on my back and carrying Loris. That left her to help Judy with one of her bags. I jumped onto the car with Lori right behind me when the doors closed, leaving poor Judy outside. She couldn’t open the door from outside but I was able to open from inside and she joined us and her bag for the rest of the event-less trip.

We then got to Florence where it is fashion week and packed full of beautifully dressed people. Lots of us regulars as well but so very much fashion. Our goal in getting back early in the day was to make it to Boboli garden.

We dropped our bags at the only room we could find during fashion week (well there were severely overpriced rooms around) which is a hostel. Then we trecked over to and through Boboli garden. It is huge and it was hot and we found ourselves moving from one shady spot to another but I am very glad we made it.

We leave early tomorrow, we already have a taxi set up for 6:45 so for now we are just chilling in our hot hostel resting some very tired feet.

Wing Span

This Heron arrived near the end of my walk today.  Just as I was rounding the last corner to leave the park (Eldorado Nature Center) it swooped in and landed on the branch.  I was so thrilled to see the huge wing span and the graceful landing.  None of that is in this photo of course and although I stood there for a few minutes I didn’t even notice all those turtles until I looked at the picture later.

Today was one of those back-to-back days.  I got up and started laundry, headed out to the park for my walk stopping for gas and to drop off and pick up dry cleaning on my way.

Plenty of stuff to do today but it was just beautiful out and I wanted to get my walk in somewhere besides the neighborhood.  On my way home I stopped at both Sprouts and Trader Joes.

When I finally got home it was after noon.  But it being Friday I though I would be working from home so still a couple of hours to get some things done before work.  But I logged in and was told there was too much print stuff going on, most of it complicated and would be best if I went in.

So I tossed the load in the dryer, the perishables in the fridge and got in the shower.  My drive to work on Fridays is horrid, this is how I ended up working from home on Fridays.  Today was not any better. I had grabbed an apple and some of my home-made almond butter (so good) for we’ll call it breakfast as I hadn’t eaten anything yet.  Threw together a salad and got out of there about 1:15, squeaking in at 2:30.

If I had known this morning I would have had to go to the office today, I probably would have skipped the nature center and just walked in my neighborhood.  I’m so glad I didn’t know and enjoyed the walk and this amazing sight of the Heron landing.


Stepping it up

Since I haven’t had a gym membership since the end of January, I have been trying to get my exercise organically, it however has not been consistent.  Part of that is the time of year for me at work.  In February I was getting some a lot of yoga. I bought classes that expired in a month that kept me going to use them all up.  The next batch I bought was a 20 pack, they don’t expire and I think I’ve gone once.  I book and then cancel, repeat.  Part of it is my long hours, the timing in the morning and the extra hour needed to drive 30 min there and back.

My newest goal, one hatched on Saturday morning was that I was going to get up every single morning at 6:00 a.m. and go for a walk.  Before it gets hot out, before anything else happens, heck before I’m awake enough to cancel and then I would still have time for yoga or yard work or anything else scheduled for the day.

So I set my alarm 6:00 a.m.  I even put out my clothes and shoes.  Sunday morning 6:00 a.m. comes and my first thought was it is Sunday, I have lots of time to fit this in and hit snooze.  When it went off again I turned it off and dozed a bit more.  But I was up and out the door before 7:00 for a lovely 2.5 mile walk to the park and back.  It was a dream walk.  One that if every morning were like that how would you ever miss one.  It was cool yet sunny and oh so quiet and still.  A stillness that is never our neighborhood.

Monday when the 6:00 alarm went off I realized it was STILL DARK OUTSIDE and did the same thing.  But I didn’t get out of the house until 8:00 ish and I tell you an almost pre-dawn walk on a Sunday beats an 8:00 a.m., pushing 80 degrees, lots of cars, children walking to school walk on Monday.

I got home late last night and went straight to bed, but it was after midnight.  So I decided to change the alarm to 6:30 to take into consideration the light issue and give myself a few more minutes.  I thought maybe I had turned off my 6:30 alarm this morning while sleeping and just kept sleeping.  That is until my 6:30 alarm for this morning went off at work tonight.

I didn’t get up until 8:00.  Made Lori breakfast and talked to her for a bit.  When she left for school at 9:30 I headed to the car wash, then to the grocery store.  Once I got back home and got everything put away it was 11:00 I had to go then or miss day 3 of my new goal.  I walked the other direction, turned at the school and back around.  Still getting in two miles and luckily for me there was a nice breeze and not the 90 degrees out like yesterday.

I got back about 11:45 and whipped up some cornbread to bake.  Made my breakfast then and dinner to take to work and then got ready for work.  Pulling the cornbread out just before leaving.

Three days in and over 7 miles walked.  Also this lovely cornbread with roasted green chilis and vegan cashew pesto!  Lori says I’m Messing with an original….but I bet she eats it anyway.