Random pictures from the week

This lovely butterfly was on one of our morning walks.  It looked like it was drying its wings and may have been brand new.IMG_5155

We got paintings in the mail from Coral our 4-YO great niece and the first art we have is now prominently displayed on the fridge.  The card was for Lori, it was a thank you card for her school books and an impressively signed by her card, hand painted and titled rainbow tree.  The other was a Christmas tree and addressed to me.  Love!IMG_5158

And with a few apples that were at the end of there life, about a third of a cup of leftover cranberries and one left over frozen pie crust I whipped up half an apple pie thingy.  Too good to even describe.  IMG_5152

More Bread and some Walks

The school year is winding down.  It is finals week next week so lots of grading in the upcoming week but the all day prepping is currently done for Lori.  There will be more however, and it will start in just a couple weeks along with the classes she will be taking.  But for now it has allowed us a few walks this week.

In fact every morning except one this week we were up and walking a couple miles.  I am pushing for us to go earlier and earlier as I would like to be done before the neighborhood wakes up and before it actually heats up outside.

Our only two issues are actually getting up and getting out, along with food.  I would rather eat later in the morning but Lori needs fuel for her blood sugar before we head out.  This morning she took a granola bar as we left and ate it on the way.

It was a lovely walk and we were back home and I was making breakfast before 8a.m.  One of the things I am missing during this self isolation is the Jacaranda trees.  This time of year they are all in bloom and they are everywhere so usually I would see so many.  I snapped these on our walk yesterday and it just reminded me that all over the city these trees are in bloom and we are missing them.  Sadly the one that was directly across the street from us the city took out last year.

Besides the walks I have been weeding and working and weeding and working oh and baking more bread.  We seriously have eaten way too much bread this week.

Today’s loaf was the end of the dough I made earlier in the week.  It is a no-kneed dough but I did kneed it a bit this time,  maybe five minutes.  I also reduced the baking temp and upped the time by 5 minutes an it is definitely the best loaf of the week.   The interior texture was better and the sesame seeds I sprinkled on top did not hurt that rating either!



Figuring out a new routine

It was HOT here this weekend.  Today is blissfully down to 80 but Saturday it was almost 100 degrees.  During this early for the year heat wave I was also suffering from a major headache.  So Saturday when it was so hot I did laundry and changed the bedding and that is about all.  There was a lot of sitting still trying to stay cool.

Sunday morning we went for a walk at 6:30 in the morning.  Getting a couple miles in and still home before 7:15.  I then headed out in the yard and did about 2 hours of weeding before it was just to dang hot out there.  But I managed to get quite a bit done.

I then cleaned the filters in our window air units and fired the one up in the kitchen, kept the doors and curtains closed and read the entire paper and watched tv for a good part of the day.

I really did love that early morning walk and should have done that again this morning.  I had booked a virtual yoga class as our yoga studio is trying to give classes remotely.  I set up both of our yoga mats and Lori worked on her class work up until 9:00 and came out and joined me for some much needed yoga.


We are going to get more yoga added into our schedule because we both feel so much better when we do! (Did that sound convincing) So here is the real question. What is my problem with motivation at home?  Why am I willing to wait around for a class to start at a specific time given by one of the people from our studio?  Or when we are not in lock-down state of being, drive 30 minutes to the studio for the class and then back.  I own yoga DVD’s, I have a prime account and can stream yoga right in this very spot.  It’s ridiculous.

Since things are going to take a long time to get back to normal, if “normal” is even a thing anymore.  I am going have to power through this hurdle and figure this “at home” work out thing.  Because I feel so much better with the movement.

Midnight Randonmess

Here I am, it is almost midnight. I just got off work and it was a stressful shift full of print and press problems.

Although there are a lot of people working from home, my work is still on a shift. I really don’t even leave my desk for the 8 hour shift and I then turn all of my work to people who take over for third shift.

Friends who I’ve talked to who are also working from home have much less structure then this. I am glad for the work structure, because the other 16 hours a day reads like it structured and although it seems like plenty of time to do all the other things around here, I’m not getting those things done.

The lack of structure in the other 16 hours (well 8 if I’m sleeping for 8) is kind of mind boggling. I have laundry, cleaning, cooking, yard work and those things just never seem to end. Granted I’m glad to have them especially right now but monotony is creeping in.

I have been going on some walks and today broke out the yoga mat to try and get some stretching in. Here is a really strange thing. Although I love the gym (even though I currently don’t have a membership) I really suck at working out at home.

We have videos, we have mats and resistance bands, a peddler and oh so many books. What we don’t have is the motivation, or any sense of how to or desire to do this at home. We tried some salsa dancing a few weeks ago and with this small living room and our lack of skill was pretty darn hilarious.

I guess its time to go to bed, especially if I want to walk tomorrow. It’s going to be near 100 degrees so I’ll want to get that in early.