A new meaning to “milk” chocolate

I don’t eat a lot of meat, certainly not beef.  Oh it tastes good but my tummy doesn’t agree.  Actually the last few years I have cut more and more out of my diet that it is now non-existent.  There is fish a couple of times a month, bacon (without nitrates) but rarely any animal protein.  (oh wait, eggs, I eat organic eggs)

But one thing is for sure, if I do eat meat, it is organic.  I want to know it had a diet of organic feed as well.  Now more so than ever after reading an article this morning about farmers feeding cattle chocolate.  Yep!  The price of corn is so high that farmers are supplementing the hay with ice cream sprinkles, hot chocolate mix, breakfast cereal and chocolate bars.

You can’t say that it’s free range cattle if there is not an ice cream sprinkle tree growing in the pasture now can you?

Out of place

I went to the grocery store earlier tonight for some salad stuff and a few things.  One of the things were toothpicks to add color to frosting.  So I walked around and around and while I was there I picked up some Tab and next to it was a package of cheese (I left the cheese), further up the aisle I saw a roll of paper towels in with the chips.  The next thing I saw was carton of eggs with the lightbulbs.  I decided then it was time to start taking pictures.  I was not disappointed before I even put the phone back in my pocket there was a tea kettle and a plate in with the paper plates.  Then on the way out there was a gallon of milk in the freezer.  People are lazy and change their minds a lot.

IMG00670 IMG00671 IMG00672

So I’m walking around snapping these pictures thinking this will be a funny blog, but not so much in comparison to when I was telling Katherine about my trip to the store and I’m telling her about the eggs and she’s asking questions about my sanity and if I put them back and I kept going with the story and the cheese by the Tab and she asked if Mary was playing a joke on me.  Thats when I realized she thought I was talking about these things in my house!  Cheese with my Tab (understandable), Eggs with the lightbulbs, no wonder she thought I was having dementia.

Guest Blog

If I had a blog….

I would write 10,000 words today about how there is a limit to how many personal idiosyncracies we should have to put up with in the office. There’s a dude here who has more hair than Cousin It and who walks around in shorts and tube socks, even INTO THE BATHROOM. Every time I see him I gag a little.
But that would be right afer the blog about this:
Saturday: previously scheduled accup / massage appts at 9:40 and 11:15.
Rehearsal from 11-2 on the Saturday schedule two weeks ago
I note conflict, saying I can’t make it til 1:00
I’m asked to reschedule my appts.
I turn myself and my two practitioners into pretzels to get accu rescheduled for this afternoon at 5:00, causing me to leave work early, and massage on Sat at 3:45.
I notify SM I’ve resolved the conflict
SM forgets
SM produces new schedule showing my conflict so no rehearsal for our show (just for the other two episodes)
I remind SM that I resolved the conflict
SM changes the schedule so that all three shows are rehearsing–MINE IS CALLED AT 1:00
Now tell me, WTF did I do all the rescheduling for? Now I have rehearsal from 1-2, and a massage at 3:45. There goes the whole f’ing day.
No wonder I’m a crabby bitch today.
That’s what I’d blog about. You can post that if you want.

Air Conditioning…WHY

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) can bite me.

Air conditioning refers to the cooling and dehumidification of indoor air for thermal comfort.  Thermal comfort being a “state of mind” that expresses satisfaction with the surrounding environment.

Here I sit with not only an undershirt under my work blouse but the scarf/shawl I’ve taken to carrying with me over my neck and shoulders all the while wishing I had gloves with me.   I love the warm weather of summer, however find that I almost have to dress as warm for summer as I do winter.   So many cute light summer clothes but there is no way I can wear them to work in the summer because ASHRAE determines that anything above 70 degrees is to warm. 

Every movie theater, airplane and department store is chilled in summer and I find myself carrying a fleece around with me everywhere to put on as I enter the store and remove as I leave.  This is especially true when visiting Chari in Saramento and the difference between inside and outside is sometimes 30 degrees. 

I just have to tell ya ASHRAE, my state of mind right now is set to frigid, bordering on postal and I would do better if you let me regulate my own temperature instead of pumping refrigeration into my environment.

Off I go, chattering my teeth for another cup of tea to wrap my hands around…….grumble grumble

Octo-mom / branding

No I don’t mean taking a branding iron to her.  Her children (all fourteen of them) will be branded for life as it is.

Nadya Suleman, who does not like to be call Octo mom has filed for an application to trademark the name so she can attach it to childrens goods and make money to support her fourteen children. 

Maybe she should put in an application to also trademark the term  “Human Clown Car”

I can’t bring myself to actually post her pregnant picture on my blog.  But I will link to TMZ’s posted pic.

***I can not take credit for the “Human Clown Car” reference, that credit goes to Richard Caral, maybe he should trademark the name***


Why is the news calling it a winter storm warning?

I mean its spring and granted spring storm warning brings of images
of daffodils and bunnies raining down but what is wrong with that just Storm Warning.