I have been getting a lot of hits for the senseless death blog.
Just shows me even more how many people loved and miss Manuel.
Since the post has moved down the page now I thought I would put in a link so it is more accessible.

Manuel Iturbe.

One Response to “->MANUEL ITURBE<-”

  1. Brenda Says:

    This is awful, Manuel taught my son and we were looking for him so we called the school in Renton as was told that Manuel had died. This is very upsetting especially now that we have found out that he was hit by a car. My son’s name is Alex (ATL) and he is very upset about this Manuel helped steer my son in the right direction. He was able to talk to my son and always get him to see reason. This is very upsetting we just found out on the 3 of the month what happend to Manuel. Alex would like to talk or send a card to his wife. Please let us know where he can send his respect to Manuel’s family!! Alex has told me about the conversations that him & Manuel had and Manuel wanting to become a father and wanting a son. This is just awful.

    Were they able to catch the person who hit him?


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