Requisite Weekly Blog

That is what things have come down to right now.  Everything is the same, day in and day out, day in and day out, and a blog titled V_Lo’s View when there is nothing new being “viewed” requires a little or a lot of “catch-up” posts.

  • Weeding
  • Cooking
  • Cleaning
  • Drawing
  • Weeding
  • Cooking
  • Cleaning
  • Drawing

I got more of the back section weeded last weekend.  I filled both large yard waste bins to the top with mostly grass.  I did have to cut the Portulacaria back quite a bit to get under it for the grass.  Luckily it will grow back.  So after days and days of weeding I didn’t do anymore all week.  Which just means I am probably behind again.

The cooking, cleaning, weeding, cooking, cleaning, cooking, cleaning circle never seems to end.  The thing is they never ended before this pandemic.  But there was some  variety in the process.  Going to the farmers market on a Saturday, going out to breakfast on the one day a week we had the same morning off, buying groceries every few days instead of bulk shopping or deliveries that some else shopped for.

This newest cycle however just has less variety and every single meal for months has been at home.  Same with the cleaning.  I am not sure why it just seems to never end.  Maybe because we are home ALL THE TIME now, maybe we just make more of a mess.

With all this “at home” time you would think there is actually more time to draw.  The classical drawing class is over, but I enrolled in the July-Aug Monday morning class for figure drawing.

I set up outside last weekend to get my last drawing done for the week.

I do have a 3 day weekend (not that I’m going anywhere), I am also on call this weekend, the 8:30 pm to 6:30 am shift but there shouldn’t be too much work.  But I can foresee some weeding, some cooking, certainly some cleaning and laundry and maybe some drawing.

Welcome July, which looks a lot like June.  I’ll try for more blogs and less “catch up” crappy posts.




More weeding today

This section in the back i started a few weeks ago, photo here.

But today I worked on more of this back section.  Disrupting the feral Farquaad’s nap (you can see him in the photo).  This section is no where near done yet, but I’m four hours closer.  I cut back the front of the Portulacaria so I could dig out the grass growing in it.  Propping up the branches with a stool and crawling under to dig out as many roots as possible.

Tomorrow I will work from the back in and hopefully finish this section.  With nothing else going on except working from home I plan to bore you with weeding photos a while longer.



This corner

Today was a pretty busy day before “going” to work.  I cleaned out the hummingbird feeders and made new food.  I scrubbed the feral cats water container and bowls and I weeded for two and half hours.  Just this corner of the back yard.

Now don’t judge this before picture too harshly.  A month ago this yard was done and pristine.  But this bindweed and clover has a mind of its own.


Tomorrow I hope to work on a different corner of the back yard.  I got the front done last week (again) and figure by the time I finish back here it wont look like it and I start over.  I am also going to take that palm out of the pot and put it in the ground.  It has outgrown the pot.  I may have to break it actually to get it out.

But if I sit at the table and face this way for breakfast tomorrow, the yard looks great.

Out and About

The title seems more adventurous than we actually are right now mid-Covid with our ever rising case numbers. But we have been out more in the last week then in all of the last couple months.

Saturday I went and did my own grocery shopping. SHOCKER!!!  Both to Sprouts and to Trader Joes.  I went early in the morning and was home just after 10:00 a.m.  Hoping to beat the crowds so there are fewer people to deal with.

The store was both exciting to be doing myself and overwhelmingly frustrating with people seeming not to care or notice what 6 feet is for social distancing.  One guy demanding to come “in” the “out” door even though they are only 25 feet apart and so many masks worn below the nose.

But it was nice to get out of the house.  I can see the appeal for people wanting to “get back to normal” as I keep hearing.  We are never going back to where we were, I just don’t see how.  In a society where we already seem to lean on distancing ourselves socially which makes it easier to not care or take responsibility for other humans we are now actually trying to stay away from them.

The rest of my Saturday was a good long phone conversation with my friend Katherine, doing a few chores around the house, drawing and late when Lori was done working we watched an episode of Hinterland on Netflix.

IMG_4876Sunday we had an early morning impromptu meeting with friends at a park.  We brought our breakfast (hard boiled egg and some watermelon)  We sat at one table and they sat at another and we chatted for a little over an hour.  It was nice to get out, it was nice to talk to other people.

The rest of Sunday was more chores, Lori worked and then we had what was going to be a 1-hour zoom call with friends and it turned into 2 hour call.

That brings us to yesterday we went and bought a grill.  There are so many more options at Home Depot but since I wont let us shop there we traipsed all the way to Brea to Lowes and got this tiny two burner, perfect size for us and our little house grill.  Seems strange that I got a grill for Lori’s birthday perhaps, but she does get to eat what I grill on it so we both win.  I was going to grill last night but work was too busy to break away so today I made Turkey burgers for lunch.


That brings me to today, today I went for a massage.  It was the first day the spa had  re-opened, I was also my therapists first massage and they had lots of new protocols.  Masks were required by both therapist and guest.  The Jacuzzi and Steam Room were not available.  They had removed all of the free toiletries and blow dryers they are there for common use (you can bring your own).  All of the water coolers, tea stations and sliced cucumbers for you eyes, all things that multiple people would touch were gone.  Also no magazines in the waiting area and fewer seats spaced further apart.  That along with most doors propped open so you didn’t have to touch them were just some of the physical changes.

Inside the therapy rooms, guests have to wash their hands inside the room before getting on the table.  Therapist keep mask on entire time.  I did too, which took some getting used to breathing while on my stomach but was happy I had it on when I turned over.  Instead of laying my robe on the table when done, she left it on the hook and therefore not touched and no glass of water at the end when leaving.  There were bottles at the front counter when checking out.

Along with fewer amenities there is now 30 minutes between each guest to fully clean each room (instead of usually 10 to change the sheets and reset), and there were new air filters everywhere.

So it seemed like a big outing, I also stopped at the vet after to get CeeCee more food since I was out and with the drive the errands and the 90 minute massage I was out of the house for almost FIVE HOURS.  It seemed like forever, by the end I was glad to be back home.  If you add up all of my little errands (public) together over the last 100 days I doubt I’ve been out of the house five hours.

So four outings for me since last weekend and two for Lori.  A new grill and plenty of groceries so no reason to leave again anytime soon.  And the massage was AWESOME!