More Kitty Drama

I caught a cat, I caught a cat.  I caught Tugboat on Saturday.  (See cat page for key to cats)

It was completely spontaneous and we were unprepared.  I went outside because I heard him and he has been howling a lot.  I brought treats with me and set them down with my left hand and he walked up to eat them, face pointing away so I just picked him up by the scruff of the neck.

I walked into the garage where there are cat carriers lined up waiting for cats and put him in one of the cardboard types and brought him in the house. “I caught Tuggy, I caught Tuggy”.  Lori, completely confused got up to get her wallet and keys so we could get him to the vet and he was hissing and pawing through the box and as I walked him out the front door he basically broke through the box and ran off.

So, no more kitties have yet been fixed.  FOUR kitties need to be fixed.  I also need to re-think the carrying device, at least for this big Tom.  Granted, that box was one that sat outside for a bit last week trying to get a kitten in it, so it was a little weak from the dew and being knocked around.

In other Kitty nonsense, I  put together ANOTHER outdoor kitty house for the ferals to get out of the rain.  I know they have been in there because there is fur inside and the treats I stashed in there are gone.  They have now both been situated away from the house so they will actually use them.  Lori thinks I’m nuts, maybe I am.  If I could just get these four fixed so we don’t end up with more I will be thrilled.



On-Call Weekend

I was on call this last weekend so I had to stay near the house, especially on Sunday.

Great reason to move all those rocks we chose not to do on the 1st.  Five large bags (9 cubic feet each) into the wheel barrow and around the front yard.  Filling in bare spots, making sure every thing got a good solid covering.  It took us several hours to get it all done.  (photos are bad, too bright when I tried taking them)

Once my shift started that evening I was pretty tied to the computer even having clients send in copy at 3 in the morning.  But I got an 8 hour reprieve at 6:30 am Sunday until 2:30 while someone else was covering.  So New Project here we come.

We went to the hardware store and bought 5 pieces of bamboo fencing.  Removed two older pieces we had hanging from the oasis and proceeded to tear down all the broken down reed fencing we had up against the chain link and wire the bamboo to it.  It looks so nice, much cleaner look and should last a good long while.  The reed fencing lasted quite a few years but it was deteriorating and the cats (see guide to cats page) climbing it did not help.

We did however keep (make?) the kitty highway on the side yard.  The way it has been is they jump up on the window AC unit on one side, jump to the window AC until on the other side of the fence and go about whatever, terrorizing one another, eating, taking safe haven from the coyotes and dogs.

But with the fence there they can’t jump, so since this was an older piece of bamboo, we took out a couple pieces, and made a 2×4 bridge for them to walk through the fence from one unit to another. (Yes, we are being controlled by feral cats)

It was dark when we were trying to finish and I kept having to go in an work so we finished up behind the shed this morning before I had to go to work.  It looks very nice!


End of the month/year/DECADE

Here we are on the eve of 2020.  Remember when 2020 seemed like a ridiculous ways off.

In my New Years theory, you spend the year doing what you do on New Years Eve.  So I guess I’ll be working this year but at least from home.  That and grocery shopping, having breakfast with Lori and errands at the house.  Sounds a lot like this year.

Tomorrow is a lovely 67 degrees and I’ll be making my usual New Years day meal and my new-year birthday brother Dale is coming over.  Looks like a great start.

The week leading up to New Year itself has been a bit chaotic.  We had another lovely weekend weather wise and were able to get the front yard fully weeded on Saturday.  We do need to work on the back yard but since we had gravel being delivered for the front we worked on that instead.

Tomorrow we start new year off by putting these rocks in the front to fill in where we have moved plants and there is too much exposed dirt for this many feral cats…..if ya get my drift.  Rocks are my favorite mulch.  They don’t really move around, take hundreds of years to break down, add trace minerals to the soil and beats concrete for being permeable.

After weeding on Saturday we went for lovely massages on Sunday.  Getting the kink out of my neck was fabulous.  On our way home we were in a wreck.  EVERYONE IS FINE. But boy did it ruin that just massaged feeling.  We were traveling and a car in the middle of the row of people waiting in the turn lane decided that they no longer wanted to turn and pulled right into Loris car.

It is now in the shop, we wont know now long it will there.  We have a rental in the drive way and its more of a pain in the rear then anything else.

That wraps up the year and the decade.  What a way to end.



I send cards, Christmas cards, birthday cards, thank you cards, all kinds of cards.  (Technically I still write letters too)

We have received lots of cards this season.  This one from my dear friend Katherine cracked me up last night however, because of who she addressed it to…..


If you read/follow this blog at all you will know who all these characters are….oh so many cats.  If you don’t know who they are check out the Guide to the Cats  page at the top.

The card itself was also full of cats and a light up Christmas tree.IMG_3134

Christmas cards are the one tradition I keep going.  Long ago I used to throw Christmas parties and go to many Christmas parties, decorate the whole house and budget/save for months.  This year the big expenditure was the cards and postage.   So far we have sent out about 90 cards.  Its good to send and get so much joy in cards.