That seems to sum up the day.  I feel exhausted.  I slept until 9:00 a.m.  I did hear Lori leave the house around 7:30 but I kept right on sleeping.

I did not go to the gym.  I did very little in fact.  I went and washed the beach off and out my car from weekend.  I managed to wash one load of towels and sheets and make a salad to bring for dinner.

Along with physical exhaustion is emotional topped off with impeachment proceeding announcement like the cherry on top of the exhaustion sundae.

Tomorrow hoping to have enough energy to get to the gym and check a few things off the weekly list.  Maybe a little less sitting on the porch watching the hummingbirds.

Brownie Fail

This week there has only been one workout that I have fit in, well one and a half.

My friend is coming to town for the weekend, she is actually getting to our place this evening while we are both at work.  So the week was spent getting ready for company and getting my list all “done” before the weekend.  The weekend usually holds a lot of my chores like laundry and changing bedding.  Friday’s are my usual stop at the dry cleaner to pick up last week’s items and drop off this weeks.  But who wants to do that stuff when company is in town.

I got all of those items checked off by the time I left for work today.  Including picking up some favorites from the Thai restaurant to be at the house tonight.  I also made some of the keto brownies I first made this Summer.  Luckily I was busy doing laundry and cleaning the bathroom and changing the humming bird feeders before heading to the store.

I was able to cut out the brownies and tasted a corner and I had forgotten the sweetener.  They were so gross.  I mean they are flourless and sugar free so they are not normal brownies anyway, but so so gross.  I tossed them in the garbage and when I was at the store and picking up the Thai I also picked up some more baking chocolate to try again.

I didn’t taste these but I do hope they are better then the first batch.  The photo is the brownies in the garbage and the second batch packaged up for company.

Three day weekend ahead, chores done, friend in town and lots of things planned.


And so it begins

Today was flex day.  The first day of school for Lori.  No actual students just required to be there for meetings and actually take different classes.

Tomorrow (Saturday) she has a meeting at school for the upcoming program she will be taking.

Today I had grand plans.  They included working out, working in the garden, cleaning house, washing the car.  Instead after I made Lori breakfast and she left about 6:30 I went back to bed, and slept, and slept.  I didn’t get up until after 10:00 and I was moving slow.

I managed to get the place vacuumed and my car washed and the bedding washed/changed but that is all.  I was able to work from home but that is almost worse because of all the things I want to do, just beyond the office door.  Just to busy.

The schedule starts full force on Monday.  Classes being taught, committees and meetings to be had, classes being taken and daily writing to be worked into the schedule.

Best Weekend.

What constitutes a great weekend?  Fun at the beach with friends.  Walk on the beach alone.  Going to a movie, a play, your childs recital?

What about a weekend at home, with no agenda?  This weekend was the only weekend for months on the calendar that had a completely empty day.  Saturday.  We left the house briefly in the morning and got tea and a quick run to Lowes.  But then it was a day at home.

I. Cleaned. House.  I had a very productive day and one that I loved.  Lori worked and I interrupted her quite a bit.  But I also dusted everything I could find included all four ceiling fans and frames on the wall and door casings.  I also took down the living room curtains and washed all eight panels and hung them back up.  Washing two at a time and no drying needed.  They hang in the very sunny window and dried generally before the next set when up next to them.  I cooked yummy meals.  I vacuumed, changed bedding, sorted and tossed lots of things that “do not spark joy” any longer.

One would think with a day with nothing on the calendar I would curl up with a book or something but by the end of yesterday I felt as though things were nearly back in order.

Today we drove out to Murrieta to sign the final escrow paperwork.  A drive we gave ourselves two and a half hours for and it took barely one.  The drive home we went through the Cleveland national forest and although it took a lot longer it was a beautiful drive.

By the time we got home I was able to make some frosting for cupcakes I’m making tomorrow and get the bathroom scrubbed.  Made a super easy yet yummy dinner and feel quite accomplished.

Now all that is left is finishing the laundry so I can pack for a business trip.  Tomorrow I’ll pack to go to Palo Alto early on Tuesday morning, returning on Friday.  But at least I’m leaving Lori with a clean house and a fridge full of yummy food.


I love lists.  I used to start every day with a new list.  Often transferring the incomplete things onto the new one.  The act of crossing them off and the feeling of accomplishment is always wonderful.

But I never have an empty list.  Because there is always so much to do.  Besides that I LOVE doing all of it.  I love being busy, I love projects.  There are family members who are often telling me to sit back and relax.  But being busy and getting things done is exactly how I relax.  I get pretty bored sitting and watching a program, not to say I don’t do that, but I would always rather have it running in the back ground.  Multi-tasking is my peaceful place.

So a while ago I made a “form” list.  On it are blank spaces for “this week” things but the top is for the things that have to happen every week.  The top is the constants of my schedule, the things that I fit into every week (Mon-Sun).

This was a productive week and having everything done except one more workout and the whole weekend ahead before the week is over leaves time for some special projects


I am also on call this weekend.  So I am on shift Saturday night starting at 6:30 until 6:30 in the morning.  Then back again at 2:30 on Sunday.  There is some work expected so I am sure I will be busy.

Maybe I will get a head start on next weeks list.  The week is already looking crazy schedule wise.

My friend is flying in on Friday to spend the weekend.  But just tonight I was told I am working at a client’s office in San Diego on Thursday and Friday.

This will mean 100 mile drive to the office on Thursday.  A 12 hour shift from 6pm to 6am.  Then Friday schedule still unknown even though I said I had a conflict with Friday.  But with people off on vacations among other thing this is my assignment.

We will actually know more on Monday after the planning call.  Maybe because so much of life is unplanned and out of my control I find comfort in the constants of my lists and chores.


Well November is done.  Today is the last day and I made it through with blogging every day.

The first few years I did this, I signed up on BlogHer and registered my blog.  It was a way to get blogging prompts and to also discover other blogs.

It doesn’t seem to be a thing over there any more but I am glad I am still doing it.

Some days it is much easier to get something down here.  But the one thing I do know with repetition it is easier.  Like drawing, meditating, getting to the gym, baking, anything, the more you do it the easier it is to do.

Oh yea, some of these blogs may be down right drab, but the stretching my brain and schedule everyday to get it done is certainly beneficial.

We will see if I can manage to keep up a more regular blogging schedule.  Already tomorrow we are getting up early and heading out to the house it Calimesa to do some work.  With the drive out, the work and the drive back I can see I’m already making it to hard to blog…..  How quickly that desire to keep this up is waning.

Sunday I see the chiropractor and hopefully can get my head back on my neck correctly.  It’s been a very painful month.

Hopefully you have some fun things planned this weekend.  Link your blog in the comments so I can check it out!

Here comes December, happy holiday’s everyone.