Not a before and after

More of a finished section and a whole lot left to weed section…..

We have Portulacaria (Elephant food) along the back wall.  Now this plant is a quick grower and can get up over 8 feet tall.  I mean elephants eat it, it has to grow fast.  We started this back section of the yard with five or six cuttings from the front yard and it has fully filled in and I continue to cut it back.

We never water it back here. The neighbor has a pond on the other side of this wall and there is just enough leakage to keep it well watered (oh and a lovely mosquito home).

I am always cutting it back to keep it from overtaking the wall but this weekend I decided that the grass now growing up through it needs some work so I spent a good 6 hours out here and got this one section done.

Since there are cats that sleep under it, which was more obvious once I started to cut it back and pull out grass, I made a couple “caves”  They are easy to see right now, the good thing for the cats is the Portulacaria will grow back fast enough to make them perfect hiding places again….or maybe that’s purrfect.


The rest of the back is still chock full of grass to pull out, and its full sun back here so I put up a shade structure to move around over me while I weeded!





Saturday was for the yard

Not the whole day, I slept in until 8:00.  I had to work at the office yesterday getting home about midnight, so I guess 8:00 wasn’t too late.  Needing to use up some ripe bananas I made a loaf of banana, walnut and cranberry bread.  We had it for second breakfast mid morning, then headed out to run a couple of errands

Lori had read yesterday’s blog before I woke up, so she was on board for running to Michael’s.  We picked up some tiny frosting tips and a ton of sprinkles, sparkles and candies for the gingerbread decorating event.  We even stopped and picked up another kit so Coral could have her own.  She may only be three and a half but being the only child we wanted to be sure she was included.

We were home by noon and Lori spent the rest of the day working.  I pulled out a huge Agave that had gone to seed and about forty babies that were under it.  I also pulled out two large sections of Aloes that had multiplied to an extreme.

Once both yard waste bins were full I went to Lowes and picked up 8 bags of gravel.  We need to have some delivered but I really just wanted to cover up what I had dug out so it didn’t end of up being a large kitty sand box.  Eight bags were not enough and I went back for four more and got them all spread out.

The yard waste bins are already on the street for Wednesday’s pick up, but rain this week is already showing weeds.  So more weeding is now needed.

Since I was already dirty, I went and washed both of our cars and filled them up with gas for the upcoming week.  Leaving tomorrow free for a massage in the middle of the day, work out today’s heavy lifting!

Office View

Life is busy.  Monday was one of those days that I managed to go to the grocery store, credit union, gas station, and target all after I went to the gym.  Tuesday was food prep after the gym, more pruning and today was baking cupcakes prior to a walk.

But stories of food prep, weeding and house chores get quite boring.  But other then the crazy, depressing situation that the U.S. is in now and phone calls and letters for my representatives to Do Something! Anything!

So here is the view from my dinner tonight, our office kitchen has a pretty great view considering we have other high rises around us.  But this peak-a-boo view of the golf course is a nice change of pace.  (Ignore the haze, it is from the still burning wild fires)


That seems to sum up the day.  I feel exhausted.  I slept until 9:00 a.m.  I did hear Lori leave the house around 7:30 but I kept right on sleeping.

I did not go to the gym.  I did very little in fact.  I went and washed the beach off and out my car from weekend.  I managed to wash one load of towels and sheets and make a salad to bring for dinner.

Along with physical exhaustion is emotional topped off with impeachment proceeding announcement like the cherry on top of the exhaustion sundae.

Tomorrow hoping to have enough energy to get to the gym and check a few things off the weekly list.  Maybe a little less sitting on the porch watching the hummingbirds.