Simple Things

Sometimes it takes a while to get things right, that or I am now just old and prefer to carry little plastic purse like I’m 92 years old.  All I need is a plastic bonnet that folds up to the size of a quarter.

To be serious however. I first bought a little blue bag for $1.50 at Daiso (Japanese dollar store) to take to Italy and Portugal to carry my phone and sketch book.  Yes a little plastic purse.  It was PERFECT!  I used it every single day.  I could see what I needed through it, it was small enough to stuff in other bags and by the time I got back It was well worn (it is still in use however).

So I bought another one the next time we went and last week I found the perfect use for it.

After years of different bags for the gym, gym bags, mini gym bags, drawstring bags, backpacks they are all too big for my purpose at the gym.  I would lose my log or pen in between sets.  They would sometimes get in my way, or if hanging off a machine was just too much.

So last week I broke out my little $1.50 plastic purse.  In it fits my gym log, pen, phone, keys and card to check in.  I can hang it off the handle.  I can see everything without digging around and yet I don’t have to carry everything loose from machine to machine.

My little old lady purse is PERFECT as my new gym bag.