Prep, and more prep

This morning I made an apple pie, steamed my eggs for deviled eggs and prepped my turkey for tomorrow morning.  Then I got ready for a long commute to work.  Not only is it one of the busiest days on the roads here, but it also rained today.  Unless you live in Los Angeles, you may not understand this horrible combo.

I left for work before 1pm, giving myself over an hour and a half to get the 25 miles.  I made it in plenty of time, it did take just over an hour and it is so much easier if there is no rush or stress.  The average speed was about 35 MPH.  Actually not bad and I was thrilled.

After todays prep, tomorrow morning what I have left is to roast the turkey, make gravy, assemble the deviled eggs and put together my kick butt Charcuterie board.  Then pack it all up along with the gingerbread kits and drive to meet family for the day.

I do think Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday!  Not just the day, but the lead up and prep as well.


Tomorrow we will be loading up the turkey, two kinds of gravy, cranberry sauce, deviled eggs, charcuterie board, two pies, eleven gingerbread house kits, decorating items for those, games and my camera.   I am so glad I took Friday off of work.

Ready, Set, Decorate

Being a week from December you may think I mean Christmas.  But in fact I am still all about the gingerbread house decorating we are doing on Thanksgiving.  We will be in a house full of creative people and this should be a blast.

This morning I drug out my two decorating tool boxes and cleaned them out.  Putting cake items away and filling them with decorating bags, tips, colors and sprinkles.  I will bring these along with the kits on Thursday.


After playing with all the tools and cleaning up yellow spilled dye inside the box I did the laundry, changed the sheets and then we left for massages.  The once a month massages are such a treat and I’m already looking forward to the one next month.

We swung into Whole Foods and picked up my turkey.  I had ordered it spatchcocked but they hadn’t done it yet so that took a few minutes to do.  I didn’t bother to try and get any of my fresh items there today, the place was crazy.  Besides, there are “to-do’s” every day this week leading up to Thanksgiving.  Luckily Trader Joes and Sprouts are both near my gym so I plan on hitting up both of those tomorrow.

Granted I start thinking about what else I can get for these gingerbread houses and need to stop that, we have ENOUGH already!  Nobody needs a box of triple gingersnap cookies for the perfect roof shingles. (Adding to list)

Thanksgiving shopping week

I am very excited for Thanksgiving.  I’ve been planning and purchasing all week.  I even picked up a couple of games and for after dinner, along with ten gingerbread house kits.  There are ten of us for Thanksgiving and after thanksgiving dinner we will ring in the Christmas season with a friendly compitition.

The kits come with some royal icing and candies and I have a ton of materials left in with my cake decorating tools.  That doesn’t mean I dont want to swing by michaels for a few frosting tips for everyone to share.  Or is that just an excuse to buy more frosting tips???

I plan to get all of my shopping done before the weekend is over so any last minute things I come up with I can get in the mornings before work but mostly avoid the stores all together.  As it is now I only need the fresh items having wrapped up everything else this week.

It was one of those weeks that after the gym each day I was doing some kind of shopping, trader joes, sprouts, costco, bed bath & beyond for those kits.  Perhaps I’ll get away with only Whole Foods Sunday to get the turkey I ordered.



Family Time

We drove out to see my family today. Visited for several hours, had a tea party with the 3,5 year old. Good thing it was make believe tea because it would have been gallons of tea.

We all went to dinner when my sister got home from work, Then visited for several more hours.

Great day and this little darling is 3feet 8inches tall and is only 3.5 years. Looks like a five year old, but still has three year old melt downs.

She took pictures with me and we were posing in “baby shark” poses by her direction.

4 of 5

This is day 4 of 5 off in a row. We managed to go grocery shopping yesterday and today I did some weeding. Other then that its been a relaxing kind of time off. Some reading, some streaming and some sleeping and getting over colds.

I didn’t take the time off just to have a cold, but it has worked out that way. My colds generally follow the popular theory of a cold is 7-10 days. Since today is day 7 I figure mid week I am done! Mind over matter if I must.

Tomorrow we have some fun planned with family. Looking forward to that since I have been in the house so much this week.

In other 4 of 5 news…..we haven’t even gotten close to the new kitten. It is very very skittish. It reminds me of my first kitten ever when I was a kid. But this one I have been calling 4 of 5. Because the feral cat supposedly had 5 kittens. We took three to the shelter and then this one shows up right after. It camps out behind the big blue agave in the back yard, it it knows it is super thorny and it is protecting it.

I should Blog

The world is racing past.  Work has been insanely busy and blogging at work has been impossible.  There have been no lunch breaks, hence no blogging.  Hardly even eating.  More like stuffing apples and carrots into my mouth while working like a guinea pig.

Since I blogged last week about the humming birds.  THERE ARE SO MANY humming birds.  They slurped up 8 full cups of sugar-water in 7 days and I had to make new stuff and hang it out yesterday.  There wasn’t even left over stuff to toss out, those things were dry.

Work has been like I said busy.  I’ve gotten off late every day for the last week and although I was there late tonight, tomorrow I leave for another drive to La Jolla to work in a client’s office for a 12 hour shift and then drive back home on Friday.  Friday I get to work from home.

I do have a drawing class this Saturday that I am looking forward too.  Cause life balance man.

Besides being crazy busy at work the new CEO was in town and so my boss was in town on a week where my personal phone just did. not. stop. Because among everything else the sell a house, buy a house thing is moving right along.  It was slow going for months and since last week here is an abbreviated list.

1)Got an offer  (low but cash)
2)Counter offered
3)Got a higher offer from someone else while the first offer snoozed
4)Countered both of those
5)Non cash offer came back in
6)Cash offer came back in at our original counter offer
7)Agonized over and took lower but cash offer
8)Got list of houses to look at
9)Spend all day Saturday looking at houses  (Most of them ugh)
10)Find perfect place, new listing and lots of interest in it
11)Make offer and write lovely letter to owner same day
12)Wait, wait, wonder, anticipate
13)Offer accepted (This is now Monday two days ago; two days after making offer three days after accepting offer)
14)Inspection of property we are selling, Sister took care of meeting them.
15)Book inspection of property we are buying
16)Call Plumber to strap Water heater (more straps cause they were there but we are not arguing at this point)
17)Call HVAC to come look at Ambient temp
18)Both vendors and someone to look at garage door motor at house today.  Nieces took care of meeting with them
19)Forward pic of water heater and report from HVAC that all is fine
20)Go to bank and wire escrow money
21) Book electrician for Saturday (Actually my sister booked this, I just gotta paypal her some money for when they are there.
22-infinity) Tomorrow (today now) I have business trip.  Saturday my sister is going to the other inspection.  Monday is the appraisal.  All along there have been meetings with the bank, financial documents, approvals, adjustments and insanity.

The most bizarre part is during the inspection the buyer came along and while there asked for our washer and dryer (they are very new); the girls TV; my sisters coffee table; random tools and the lawn mower.  Also asked if he could start moving stuff over?  AWKWARD all around.   Our real estate agent texted my sister today, just to say, Hey can I have your TV.  It has been the biggest source of laughter out of the week.

Now you know why I haven’t blogged and with the business trip, driving both directions in two days and a class on Saturday I probably wont be blogging anytime soon either.



As Facebook Turns

My step sister posted a very offensive Facebook post last night.  I weighed a response, or to respond at all.  The actual only reason I knew is another step sister texted me to point it out because she was upset.

My heart raced as I responded.  But it went well, she commented back that we should talk about it because maybe she is misunderstanding what it is all about.