Four day weekend and sprained thumb

I took a four day weekend last week.  There was a ton of stuff on the to do list with it being the last weekend before school.  Along with stuff to do around the house and studio to set up for drafting class in the garage, we also saw family!!!

Thursday we drove to Laguna Niguel where family just bought a new condo and we have not seem them in months.  With no one going to work or any where really we felt pretty safe.  We still didn’t hug or anything but we did get to tour the new place and ordered from from Door Dash so we ate food that we did not cook for the first time in a long time!

The trip down, visit and trip back was only a few hours but after not socializing for so long it was actually quite taxing.  Something I think is a side effect of this Covid.  I feel less and less social and more and more isolated all the time and am actually getting quite comfortable in the isolation.  I think both exhausted we were in bed at 8:00 pm.

Friday Lori had a full day of Zoom meetings for flex day as school.  I started to dig in the support beams in the back yard but only got an hour in, it was 9:00 a.m. and well over 90 degrees so that ended.  To get out of the way at home and see the girls I drove out to  see the family and it has been months since I’ve seen them.  Everyone has been home for the most part and it was worth the (low) risk just to get some time with them.

I played with Coral nearly the entire time, I was exhausted when we were done.  We played slime, barbies, kitchen, name the dinosaurs, horses (the plastic kind), hide and seek, keep away (with a jump rope), limbo (same jump rope), ball kicking, several other things and horsey where she rode around on my back.  This is where the sprained thumb came in.  As she started to slide off, I adjusted to try and catch her with my arm bent my thumb backward, then her 50lb self landed on my extended elbow driving my arm into my already bent back thumb.

That ended that game and I iced the thumb.  It was really swollen on Saturday and I ventured out (AGAIN) 3rd day in a row.  I made a trip to target to get a brace for my thumb and since I was there bought two containers of laundry detergent, four tubes of toothpaste, floor cleaner, the thumb brace and stocked up so it can be another 6 months before I need to go back.

For a four day weekend that had two family trips and chores with a gimpy thumb it was over in a blink.  Luckily I have a three day weekend coming up this week too.


Prep, and more prep

This morning I made an apple pie, steamed my eggs for deviled eggs and prepped my turkey for tomorrow morning.  Then I got ready for a long commute to work.  Not only is it one of the busiest days on the roads here, but it also rained today.  Unless you live in Los Angeles, you may not understand this horrible combo.

I left for work before 1pm, giving myself over an hour and a half to get the 25 miles.  I made it in plenty of time, it did take just over an hour and it is so much easier if there is no rush or stress.  The average speed was about 35 MPH.  Actually not bad and I was thrilled.

After todays prep, tomorrow morning what I have left is to roast the turkey, make gravy, assemble the deviled eggs and put together my kick butt Charcuterie board.  Then pack it all up along with the gingerbread kits and drive to meet family for the day.

I do think Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday!  Not just the day, but the lead up and prep as well.


Tomorrow we will be loading up the turkey, two kinds of gravy, cranberry sauce, deviled eggs, charcuterie board, two pies, eleven gingerbread house kits, decorating items for those, games and my camera.   I am so glad I took Friday off of work.

Ready, Set, Decorate

Being a week from December you may think I mean Christmas.  But in fact I am still all about the gingerbread house decorating we are doing on Thanksgiving.  We will be in a house full of creative people and this should be a blast.

This morning I drug out my two decorating tool boxes and cleaned them out.  Putting cake items away and filling them with decorating bags, tips, colors and sprinkles.  I will bring these along with the kits on Thursday.


After playing with all the tools and cleaning up yellow spilled dye inside the box I did the laundry, changed the sheets and then we left for massages.  The once a month massages are such a treat and I’m already looking forward to the one next month.

We swung into Whole Foods and picked up my turkey.  I had ordered it spatchcocked but they hadn’t done it yet so that took a few minutes to do.  I didn’t bother to try and get any of my fresh items there today, the place was crazy.  Besides, there are “to-do’s” every day this week leading up to Thanksgiving.  Luckily Trader Joes and Sprouts are both near my gym so I plan on hitting up both of those tomorrow.

Granted I start thinking about what else I can get for these gingerbread houses and need to stop that, we have ENOUGH already!  Nobody needs a box of triple gingersnap cookies for the perfect roof shingles. (Adding to list)

Thanksgiving shopping week

I am very excited for Thanksgiving.  I’ve been planning and purchasing all week.  I even picked up a couple of games and for after dinner, along with ten gingerbread house kits.  There are ten of us for Thanksgiving and after thanksgiving dinner we will ring in the Christmas season with a friendly compitition.

The kits come with some royal icing and candies and I have a ton of materials left in with my cake decorating tools.  That doesn’t mean I dont want to swing by michaels for a few frosting tips for everyone to share.  Or is that just an excuse to buy more frosting tips???

I plan to get all of my shopping done before the weekend is over so any last minute things I come up with I can get in the mornings before work but mostly avoid the stores all together.  As it is now I only need the fresh items having wrapped up everything else this week.

It was one of those weeks that after the gym each day I was doing some kind of shopping, trader joes, sprouts, costco, bed bath & beyond for those kits.  Perhaps I’ll get away with only Whole Foods Sunday to get the turkey I ordered.