Fair Days


Yesterday I had a day off.  We met Vicki and Della at the OCC fair.  Vicki had purchased four tickets for a Fleetwood Mac Tribute band called Rumours.  They put on a really fun show.  Using period accurate equipment and costumes to capture the band.  They covered several time periods so the wigs and outfits changed mid show to a different era. They even called each other Stevie and Lindsey and stayed very much in character.  Although lots of people dancing and taking videos I did not take any pictures.  We had someone take this before the show and he clearly couldn’t focus but it did capture the moment.

“The moment” happened to be five hours after we actually got to the fair.  We wondered around and we all had different exhibits we wanted to see.  I wanted to see the cakes, my favorite in the buttercream category is attached. Della spent a good deal of time looking at the beading.  Vickie and I checked out the “table settings” display because her friend had an entry.  Very cool.  Lori was still sick but she powered through and is paying for it today.  She showed us the container and bonsai displays that she judges every Tuesday.  (I found out just yesterday that the fair is actually closed on Mondays and Tuesday’s.  Monday new entries come in and Tuesday the judging – I assumed all this time she judged while people where there.)

We all wanted to see the pigs and I have more goat photos and videos then I know what to do with.  We all split a turkey leg and fries.  We watched Ewes being judged and the guy explaining the judging was very interesting but the mic was so loud we didn’t hang out there too long.  We walked through the garden area and generally tried to find shade as it was 95 degrees and thousands of people.  Grand fun and always better than a work day.