Strange middle

I cut open a spaghetti squash today to put on the grill to roast (my new favorite way to cook them).  I had run out of propane a week ago and had to pick up a new tank this last weekend, so this squash waited an extra week to be roasted.  When I cut it open was the strangest sight.  The seeds in the middle were sprouting.  The squash was fine and is now roasted and in my fridge.  The middle looked like it was stuffed with bean sprouts.

Summer weather means grilling

Our weather has been so hot.  Last week was near 100 every day so we finally cleaned the filters in our window AC units and turned them on.  Opening up the house every morning to get some fresh air through until 10:00 a.m or so when the outside is no longer cooler then the house.

We don’t have central air, but we have a very small 700 square foot house so a unit in the kitchen, one in the office and one in the bedroom means we can have them on for the room we are in or all three at once and they meet in the middle and cool it pretty quickly.

It also means just about everything I cook except breakfast has been on the grill.  Just this weekend was a chicken, sweet potatoes, salmon and spaghetti squash.  Thing is I think this is the absolute best way to cook that squash now.  Luckily LA means I can generally grill every day except the four days in February when it rains.

I’m kidding, it rains more than that…..I’m pretty sure.

Summer also means early morning weeding.  Because really after 10:00 a.m. there is just no use.  Sunday morning I had to be up for work at 6:15 to turn to the next shift.  I had left my work clothes out and went outside and weeded for several hours before it was just too darn hot.  I also had to be back on line for work at 2:30 and that ended up being pretty much a full shift.  I was so glad I got something done in the morning.

Oh and there is yet another kitten.  My brother just took the three ferals to the shelter for us and one we had never seen before shows up.  My theory is that with all four nursing the momma was producing milk, once it was down to just this one she stopped so it had to come for kibble.  It is super skittish.  I can’t even get close.  I tried with treats and a rope toy and went around the shed back and forth it would dash the other way.  I’m sure it was quite comical.  Either way, we now need to catch this one and hope the mysterious 5th kitten never shows up.



Change, Change, Cancel, Change

and lots of cooking

We had plans on Saturday to go out to the girls house for a visit and the “auntie-do-list” of things like fixing a leaky drain and moving some items and doors around.

Well we changed that to next weekend because a co-worker of Lori’s and his wife were coming over.  I was going to cook everyone lunch and he and Lori were going to discuss the garden and some changes.

Friday I made a lovely gazpacho for the next day as the first course and the second change of the weekend came.  Their dog may have injured her back so co-workers wife would not be coming as she was going to stay with the dog. Guess I didn’t need to make as much salmon as I had purchased.

Saturday morning after I finished with breakfast I prepped the salmon and carrots for later and made a watermelon, lime and mint salad.  As I put it in the fridge Lori got a call and the dog needed emergency surgery and neither would be coming.

Sadly it was 11am and to late to go out to the girls but an empty calendar and a fridge full of food.

Lori has a horrid cold so her having a down day wasn’t a bad thing.  We left a voicemail for Kathi to see if she was available for dinner.  Lori and I ate the soup and watermelon salad for lunch and I trimmed a tree in the back yard and did things like laundry.

In the evening just as I put the carrots on the grill to cook we heard back from Kathi and she came over and we had dinner and someone to help us eat the food I made.  Salmon and carrots on the grill, nearly everything cooked on the grill this week because its too hot to put on the oven.

We sat outside and played with the three kittens that will be going to the shelter at some point this week.

I made the other half of the salmon on Sunday and more salad.  Left overs galore but at least they are yummy and all Whole30 compliant.