Sucker part duex

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago my buying three kitty beds for the feral cats outside and letting them stay in the garage during the downpour rain.

Then I went on etsy and found this hand-made kitty box.  Weather proof, perfect for at least one of them to hide away from the rain.  All three if it is the kittens.

It is actually quite beautiful for what it is.  Very well made and hey I am supporting someones etsy shop.  Crazy expensive if you think that it’s just for some feral cats in our back yard.



The month is over.  With this post I managed to blog everyday for NoBloPoMo.  Granted there were much more important things going on in the world this month.  So much that has left me utterly sad.

With Paris, Beirut and last weeks Planned Parenthood shootings it feels a bit self indulgent to write about things like gardening, marathons and the new kitten.

Hoping for a brighter December.

Calli Cat

The kitten has started to come out of her shell.  She still is mewing at 3:00am every day waking us up. But she calms down pretty quickly with a little petting (once you find what she is behind.)

Lori has been able to scoop her up over the last few days and pet her.  Last night she even let me pet her.  Today I picked her up once and pet her for a little bit before she ran off.

She is exploring more and certainly playing.  We moved a cat tree over by the window and the curtains she was trying to climb.  She was playing with a toy we had tied to it.

I also tied one to a wooded spoon and hung it from the bookshelf.  One of he beds is right under it so tonight when she was crazed and dashing around I was able to get a few photos of her.

It has been less than a week, but it looking less bleak then the first few days when she wasn’t eating or coming out from behind the bookshelf.


3am mewing

I heard some scurrying about 3 in the morning.  Pretty sure I heard the litter box but I didn’t get up to confirm because I didn’t want to scare her.  There was some light mewing that started after that and I could hear her moving around.

At about 5 am I woke Lori and she mewed back and forth with her for a while and went and laid on the floor and talked to her.  The kitty ran behind the toilet and then into the bedroom and behind the bookshelf.

At a more reasonable hour this morning Lori reached in behind the curtain and petted her. She let off a motor full of purring and after a few minutes ran off behind the shelf again, only to come back behind the curtain a little while later.IMG_3001

Welcome Kitten

We brought home the kitten yesterday after the class at Huntington Garden.  We drove down to the school and Joe crated her up and we brought her home.  Lori had already picked up a cat tree and got dishes and beds from a friend who no longer has cats.

Well we brought her home and opened the kennel, she didn’t move.  About six hours later she darted out and behind the bookshelf.

When we got up this morning she was still in the same spot.  She had been in about the same spot for twelve hours.

We have climbed down and talked to her, tried to give her food and water.  We succeeded in sending her in the corner of the furthest shelf and the curtain.

Several hours later we tried a toy on a string but she didn’t move.  We let her be for a while longer.  She ventured out, only to get tangled up in the lamp and send it toppling over.  Tearing the lamp and freaking her out even more.

She ran around the couch and into the opposite corner behind the table and were we have a couple guitars.  She got caught up in the strap of the guitar case and Lori’s ukulele case.

When Lori tried to remove the ukulele, the kitty dashed out and is currently back under the bookshelf.  She has been here for thirty two hours and the only photo I have to share is this one of the busted lamp.