Kittens, Knots, Kneecap

Today’s post brought to you by the letter K.

The kittens are gone.  We paid my brother to come pick them up and take them to the animal shelter last Thursday. (Guild Money) Sending him with a blank check to cover the fees and if there were no fees to give them $100.00 donation.  Donation it was.  They took the little critters without hesitation. Cute, 9 weeks old, eating solid food, I had a litter box in the yard they were getting used to and I was picking them up at every moment so they wouldn’t be feral assholes like their mom.

Since they had not left our yard in two solid weeks because that is where the food source was, we didn’t even tell the neighbors who had no idea where they had gone.

So we are back to just the “usual” feral cats.  None of them were really thrilled with the kittens.  Even our CeeCee wasn’t going outside much because they kept coming into her cage, that or the ridiculous heat we were having.  The old guy we call Lionel wasn’t around much but he is venturing back now and even came to the door and meowed for food last night.

So that was Kittens, on to Knots.  I am super excited about an organization I found last week at the fair.  It is called Knots of Love and they are an organization where you donate your time, energy and materials to make hats for cancer patients and NICU blankets.  Since I am usually working on a blanket this gives me another option.  There are a few specifics for the hats and blankets, mostly an acceptable yarn list and 18×22 for the blankets.  Patters, colors and all that are up to the knitter or crocheter.  So when the blanket I have on my hook is done this is my next purchase will be some yard they approve and making some hats and NICU blankets.

This weekend I ended up being on call.  My regularly scheduled weekend is this coming one.  Saturday started early and there was lots of work the day was nearly over when I finally sat down.  But the laundry was done, I had run out to the notary for work and put in several hours of work.  Sunday morning started just as early.  Lori and I both had Chiropractic adjustments.  As I said to my niece this is not the Crack-a-lacky kind of adjustments they get.  They are full body and take an hour.

Lori has been coughing for nearly two weeks now.  To the point that she isn’t sleeping.  Which doesn’t help in the healing.  During her adjustment, she got her lungs re-aligned and the woman who does this adjustment says she had breathed in some spores.  We got home and she slept for a straight five hours while I worked and prepped food for the week.

My adjustment was slightly different.  My thumb had been hurting along with my left kneecap area.  With loud “Click” of the bones there a couple times a day.  I told her I was waking up every night between 3 and 3:30, she felt my knee, asked me if my right arm pit smelled more that my left (um yea) and said its your gall bladder.  Proceeded to adjust every one of my ribs and reach under (and when I say reach, I mean DIG) and adjust my gallbladder.

After some general other adjustments and a sheet of instructions, my knee 36 hours later does not hurt and for the first time in a month I didn’t wake up in the middle of the night, well to coughing maybe, but not to pee.