Bonus day & school year list

This three day weekend was very low key.  I had to think twice if we even left the house on Saturday. As it turns out we did briefly but most of the day was spent at home.  Lori was working the majority of the weekend.  Sunday we did go to yoga in the morning.  Then in the afternoon I went and washed both cars.  I was able to check everything off my “weekly” list.


I got everything checked off, well except I didn’t go get a pedicure, but I did manage a polish change while watching hurricane Dorian updates on Sunday afternoon.

Today was the bonus day.  My list starts a new for the week.  We went to a chiro appointment* for Lori and then I went grocery shopping, which was a mistake.  I rarely if ever go on the weekend and generally go in the mornings before work.  So going mid day on Labor day was hilarious.


After grocery shopping I did a little meal prep for the week and made dinner, I didn’t do much else for the entire day.  It was too darn hot all weekend to work outside and the house was clean, laundry done.  The work week starts tomorrow and yippee its only 4 days.

*self care on Lori’s side of the list is usual acupuncture or massage, this week it includes chiropractic as well.

On a side note I love lists.  This is the revised one for the school year.  We added a section for Lori to write everyday.  She figures 10 minutes minimum every day will get her going and usually ends up being several hours.  Things like clean the kitchen are not on the list because realistically that happens every day!